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Hisense e926 mobile phone main screen resolution is 480×800, android system version 4.0. Hisense e926 games channel to provide green, safe Hisense e926 games download.
The Wind God

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The Wind God v1.02

Your people need you. Because they dont have any legs, they cant move around on their own. so they have ought you, THE WIND GOD, in to existence. Use your powers to help your people conquer 60 physic puzzle levels.Help them get to the top of their zi...

Super Arcade Machine Ultra

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Super Arcade Machine Ultra v0.1.2

this game include 8 different mini games and more will be added soon!-featuring:*Stunning retro art style*Cool music*Eight different mini games *Ideal for Hardcore gamers*art gallery *Over 10 unlockables characters*Cameos from characters from other g...

Crazy Offroad Hill Biker 3D

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Crazy Offroad Hill Biker 3D v1.0

Get ready for the wildest and craziest Bike Racing experience!Crazy Offroad Hill Biker 3D ings you a mind-blowing motorbike game filled with fun! Here, you get to ride super cool motorcycles cross-country and up vast mountains, while dodging trees an...

Zombie T-shirt Store

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Zombie T-shirt Store v1.1

Job opening at the Zombie T-shirt Store!Are you a service-minded multi tasker who seeks a challenge at the workplace? The search is over - weve got the job for YOU!Clock in for the night shift at the trendy Zombie T-shirt Store and be in charge of re...

Crazy Tower 2

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Crazy Tower 2 v2.2

Build tower game - occupy planet to build the highest tower!Dreaming about being the King, but have no princess in love by your side? Too pretty for you, they say?Its time to show them, whos the Boss! Grab your own luck! Build the tower!Steal the pri...

Halloween Monsters

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Halloween Monsters v1.06

So SPOOKY! It’s time for a real halloween party with magic PUMPKIN, spooky jewels and mysterious skulls! Imagine the scary masks and dark fantasy. Feel the fright, feel enchanted and SCREAM! Wear your perfect costume and enter the grave of the vampir...


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Parigami v2.53

Come and join us on our cosy paper forest, where many new friends are looking forward to meet you! Every day is an adventure in the world of Parigami!Slide rows and columns to match colourful animal pieces. Make your way through paper scenarios by ma...

SHAH The Game

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SHAH The Game v1.0.1

Best clicker game ever with an objective to destroy as many opponents as possible, and rise to the top of the leaderboards. Pump up your adrenaline and get ready to unleash a flurry of jabs, hooks, and uppercuts to thrash the opponent! ...


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MonaTap v1.7.5

The worlds first!? Multiplayer able tap and idling game!!Lets defeat a fanny huge enemy! Can you fighting to cooperate if you collect a fellow. Lets use a deathblow to remember the skills! Encyclopedia and ranking also ultra-rich. Aim Certification!...


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SPOT v1.1

★★Test your senses with SPOT★★Test your reaction time and accuracy with the game modes:★Classic: tap the smallest circle at the right time.★Reflex: tap the dot that will appear at a random position and time.★Slalom: dodge obstacles accurately.★Memory...


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Zubababa v1.0.4

From 3 types of attacks by tapping the enemy weaknesses!Lets get rid of Devil lord that was resurrected from a 100-year-sealed....

Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness

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Glory Warrior:Lord of Darkness v1.011

This is the time when you step in as a ave blessed legendary hero who will rise a counter force. Unleash your power and clash your strenght with pure demonic evil. Beat the legion of inviders, push them to exile, reclaim the kings dark throne and res...


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Stompy v1.07

In a small but beautiful town factories making robots worked many years. Robots been designed to make life easier for the humans. But one day there was the grat explosion at the plant. Hundreds of robots and dozens of innovative programs have been lo...

Plane Angle

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Plane Angle v1.8

It is a live arcade game, a sort of hyid of the famous game Flappy Bird and such popular games in order to avoid collisions.A dynamic, spectacular game, mechanically complicated, but with a simple and intuitive control. Therefore, it is you never get...

Portal Rage

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Portal Rage v1.0

Its Easy... Just Get to the Portal. Of course, things arent that simple — make sure to avoid all of the dangers that youll come across! Complete 50 unique levels that will have you coming back for more....

Moto Fire

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Moto Fire v1.0.3

lots of levels and perform the most insane Moto flips. Choose among different Moto Styles and Drivers. Drive along the most extreme scenarios and try to complete each world with the best score possible. Earn lots of coins in each level and use them t...

Tanim Bala

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Tanim Bala v1.1.5

These greedy Administrators want to plant a bullet in your bag and if they succeed.youll end up paying $1000. Of course you would not let them do that!Now, youd have to move the cursor from left to right as fast as you can to avoid the bullets that f...

Grand Truckismo

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Grand Truckismo v1.7.2

Welcome to the crazy world of monster truck racing!Race through different stages and levels, upgrading your trucks and purchasing new ones as you go.Smash things. Lots of things. Earn money for smashing obstacles, which you can then spend on upgrades...