HTC Sensation XL Games

HTC Sensation XL mobile phone main screen resolution is 480×800, android system version 2.3. HTC Sensation XL games channel to provide green, safe HTC Sensation XL games download.
Slender Man Dark Forest

Adventure games

Slender Man Dark Forest v1.0

Experience the game theyre calling The most scary game of all time - Now even more terrifying!*Intense horror atmosphere.Hear frightening sound effects and terrifying music.Feel the fear as the enemy is coming closer the beating of your heart.* Endle...

Amazing Breakout

Puzzle games

Amazing Breakout v1.0

Locked in a Museum - youd better escape before you become an exhibit yourself...Youve decided that evening is a great time to visit a museum. Being the only visitor in a huge building is really great, but chances are a guard will forget that you are ...


Adventure games

Nihilumbra v2.2

Discover the beautiful world of Nihiluma and join Born on his adventure to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse. Born was created from the absolute nothingness: The Void. But somehow he separates himself from the black empti...

Goose Jump

Interest games

Goose Jump v1.0

Super fun goose jumper! Adventure of goose at the dark forest. Mega jump and doodle....

Time Clickers

Interest games

Time Clickers v0.9.2

Your mission starts now! Collect gold, upgrade your click pistol hire a team of elite sharp-shooters to help with defeating the enemies in this free shooter idle game....

CrazyChicken Invasion

Interest games

CrazyChicken Invasion v1.2.0

A whole armada of technically advanced alien chickens attacks with their UFOs and beams everything away that does not find shelter fast enough.Let them come, you are prepared. Many traps and extras help you to repell the invaders before they abduct e...

Loot The King 2

Puzzle games

Loot The King 2 v1.0.0

LOOT THE KING While the greedy King sits in his castle with more treasure than you could possibly imagine, but the poor people of the kingdom are starving. How about we teach that greedy monarch a lesson? In the fun-packed sequel to the hugely addict...

Beach Ice Cream Delivery

Interest games

Beach Ice Cream Delivery v1.2

Paddle your way around the beach selling Ice Creams to the tourist. Delivering Ice Creams in the scorching sun is never an easy job. Ride the Tricycle around to find the customers.Make sure you reach the Ice Cream freezing points on time so the Ice C...

Bridge The Gap II

Interest games

Bridge The Gap II v0.1

Return to Buccaneer Bay and set sail with everyones favorite Pirate, Captain Sneer!Bridge the Gap 2 has a boat-load of Puzzling, Pirating Adventure for all ages!IndieGameMagazine: Visual upgrades in tandem with simple, well-realized gameplay ensure w...

Ultra Drift

Interest games

Ultra Drift v1.0.6

Take yourself a new challenge with the most addicting car-running game ever!Ultra Drift is an amazing fast pace running game with very simple design and extremely challenging gameplay. Get into action by pressing on the screen to sling your car aroun...


Interest games

Totome v1.0

Totome is a beautiful, backwards game of reflex timing, endurance, and immersion. Run deeper into the woods as you dodge the oncoming arrows by disconnecting your structure.The music ought to you by the composer of the original Crash Bandicoot and Ja...

King of the sea

Interest games

King of the sea v1.05

King of the sea - Steal Pirates Coins is a new generation of projectile shooting game. With a simple cannon controller, sinking down the opponent’s ship is like a piece of cake. Destroy their ships as many as you can, to prove you are the real King o...

Blocky Car Racing

Interest games

Blocky Car Racing v1.04

Blocky Car Racing is a new generation of car racing game. Now a day, we live in the city with the awful traffic jam. Energy is running out and we have to rush to the checkpoint before we run out of the fuel. Show your skill by driving through the tra...

Bike Baron Racing

Sports games

Bike Baron Racing v1.0

Citizens of the Gaming World, Go Dhoom game with Bike Baron Biking. If you grew up liking Road Rash, you are going to love Bike Baron Racing! First time in the history of Android moto racing, there comes a extreme bike game that is the perfect answer...

Gardens Inc. 2: Road to Fame

Simulation games

Gardens Inc. 2: Road to Fame v1.0.3

Jill and Mike are back and need your help winning a contest that will give an immense boost to their gardening business while at the same time reveal the plans of a dastardly thief in this time management adventure.Now their gardening business is wel...

XON Episode Three

Interest games

XON Episode Three v1.0

XON is a puzzle adventure game inspired by games like Myst and Riven.Explore a unique world and reveal its mysteries......

Spooky Run

Interest games

Spooky Run v1.01

Run through the dungeon as fast as you can in Spooky Run! Tom the Skeleton has found himself lost in a dungeon and its up to you to lead him to safety. Use the power of touch to dodge and jump over obstacles to increase your speed and score even fast...

Roll My Raccoon

Puzzle games

Roll My Raccoon v1.0

Roll my raccoon is a gravity puzzle game!Let small raccoon to eat delicious crisp surface, the game you click you want to the direction of rotation of the button, the screen will be along with the rotation of the!Small raccoon and obstacles just fall...

Mafia Shootout 2

Shooting games

Mafia Shootout 2 v1.0.1

Welcome back to the mean streets of 1940s New York in the best shooter on the Google Play Store! You are a contract killer and mob leader of an up-and-coming criminal organisation and are rising in power by making money through smuggling operations a...

Push Morty Push

Interest games

Push Morty Push v0.18

Do you still remember the game” Push Box” ?Do you want to relive your childhood fun?Come on and download this game now!Push Morty Push is a 2D puzzle casual game. It aims to training your ability of logical thinking.You have to control a robot to put...