HTC Wildfire S Games

HTC Wildfire S mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. HTC Wildfire S games channel to provide green, safe HTC Wildfire S games download.
Infinite Slice

Interest games

Infinite Slice v1.0.2

Addictive minimalist game for all ages.[Features]- Free to play- Endless gameplay- score competition with players from all over the world...

Cake Land

Interest games

Cake Land v1.1.0

Cake Land is a fun match-3 puzzle game for all ages which will delight you with colorful effects and interesting puzzles. Match Cake by three or more to make them disappear.Features:- Many different levels.- Colorful graphics, amazing effects and ani...


Interest games

Reflectica v1.1

Reflectica is a very easy to understand but hard to master, physics based game dealing with the principles of “optics”. The player has to arrange basic geometric shapes to help the ray of light, to reflect off various surfaces and find its way to the...

Swipe Solving

Puzzle games

Swipe Solving v1.0

You need to control the robots to collect the energy and reach the exits.You are controlling all of the robots on screen at the same time, so it is really difficult.Campaign- 150 Challenging Levels- Control 2 - 3 robots at the same timePvP- Design yo...

The Dark Train Station

Adventure games

The Dark Train Station v1.3

Ive heard rumors that an underground society is operating at a train station.One day, after 2 years of service for the company, I finally got a chance to find out if the rumors were true......

Follow The Light 3D

Interest games

Follow The Light 3D v1.0

You need follow the light to be alive in 3D maze.Avoid darkness to reach the Portal and get out from the Maze.The Player Ball it is youThe Maze it is your life challengesThe Light is your destiny...

Hue Ball

Interest games

Hue Ball v1.2

Hue Ball is a chill-yet-challenging tap-to-shoot game with an intriguing mix of pinball, shuffle board, and bubble shooters. Also colors. And skulls. - The playing field grows and changes organically as you play - Use skill to earn extra points and e...

Space Outlaw

Shooting games

Space Outlaw v1.1

This is one of the many adventures of Kyira. A smuggler, ace pilot and damn fine engineer.Follow the story of her crew of Outlaws as they battle a nasty Corporation....

The Last Bet

Adventure games

The Last Bet v1.2

I oke up with my boyfriend several months, but he keeps pestering me about getting back together. He said he wanted to talk to me again today.I went to the room he had specified, but he wasnt there.Suddenly, the door was locked! I could hear my ex-bo...

Quad Bikin Safari

Interest games

Quad Bikin Safari v1.0.1

3-2-1 Race! Quad Bike racing like youve never seen it before. Its fun for all ages. Your kids are going to love it, and so are you. Race around the track as your favorite animal character. Finally, a true 3D quad bike racing app for all ages and play...

I saw that

Interest games

I saw that v1.0

“I saw that” is a single tap reaction game that requires very efficient hand eye coordination in order to overcome the continuous challenge in the form of dropping saws. The player will experience saws coming vertically from above, while also moving ...

Brain Dots

Interest games

Brain Dots v1.1.0

The only thing you need to do is to “bump two balls.”Will you be able to clear these simple-looking but actually difficult stages?This is a ain-training game that everyone from children to grown-ups will be able to enjoy!...

Darkling Limbo:Badland Effect

Interest games

Darkling Limbo:Badland Effect v1.1

Help! This poor Darkling is in limbo in the Badlands. Help him escape from all the terrible dangers that litter these Badlands.Enjoy heaps of fun in this intuitive game play. Its easy to start but be warned...its highly addictive.Darkling Limbo featu...

Quad Bike:Dino Woods

Interest games

Quad Bike:Dino Woods v1.0

Welcome into the Dino woods! Are you not scarred and can you handle this crazy racing game with a fast quad? Jump on your ATV and drive among cool and big dinosaurs to help them! Collect all the mini Dinos on the road and ing them back to their paren...

Adopted Monster

Interest games

Adopted Monster v1.0

Los Monsters son criaturas sorprendentes y muy avanzadas pero necesitan encontrar algo de gran importancia ¡En mundos originales y coloridos corre con astucia!¡Música original y con gran estilo!Es una gran misión y te necesitan para conseguirlo con g...

Dont Dont Dont

Interest games

Dont Dont Dont v1.1

Don’t Don’t Don’t is the ultimate indie game challenge, a one-touch arcade game that tasks you with tapping in rhythm with the circle to keep your bird flying! This minimalist arcade game gives you the ultimate challenge – touch the screen to make yo...

Four Boxes

Interest games

Four Boxes v1.0.1

Four Boxes is a puzzle casual games. The rules of the game is very simple, player need to put the boxes int the same color in a line, when the same color boxes in the line for four or more numbers, their will be eliminated, try to get a higher score ...

Clash Of Egyptian Archers

Shooting games

Clash Of Egyptian Archers v1.2

Clash of Egyptian Archers is an exciting game that will lead you into the World of Ancient Egyptian Civilization.What will be your feeling if you came back in your Empire after a long time and your enemies took kingdom from your ancestors and take yo...

Escape From Buckingham Palace

Puzzle games

Escape From Buckingham Palace v1.0.0

As part of his UK trip, a tourist trapped in the Buckingham Palace. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out....

Escape Giza

Interest games

Escape Giza v1.15

Classic escape game action downloaded over 100,000 times across mobile platforms! Play this devious escape game and solve puzzles to escape the Pyramids of Giza! You awake to find yourself trapped in the Pyramids of Giza! You will have to use your ai...