Huawei Y210 Games

Huawei Y210 mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Huawei Y210 games channel to provide green, safe Huawei Y210 games download.
Hare In The Hat Free

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Hare In The Hat Free v1.1.1

Fancy Point Click cartoon adventure with puzzles and mini-games of varying difficulty. Game combines Hidden Objects and Room Escape mechanics among with traditional puzzlers like chess game and Hanoi tower.Action in this chapter takes place in magic...


Role Play games

Macabre v1.0.12

What is Macae?Macae is a post-apocalyptic, old-school JRPG in a medieval setting. It also features some modern mechanics, such as in-game achievements, crafting, and a unique random encounter system.Synopsis“An earthquake of cataclysmic proportions a...


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XTRIK v1.0.4

Put to the test your ain-finger coordination in this and new endless tapper game! Collect coins and unlock themes to personalize your XTRIK experience. Challenge yourself and the world with achievements and leaderboards....

Shadowgun VR

Shooting games

Shadowgun VR v1.3

This app is for phones using Opene VR Googles and it needs a gyroscope and bluetooth controller.This is sample level from a Shadowgun game (courtesy of Madfinger games). I made this simple demo to showcase VR Capabilities on the Unity engine using Op...

Ocean Fairies Adventure

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Ocean Fairies Adventure v1.0

Ocean Fairies Adventure, from the creators of most popular entertaining Drawing App with Millions of user downloads worldwide on Apple AppStore, Drawing Desk.Most lovable puzzle game for mobile with ocean adventure.Collect ocean friends along the way...

Math Academy

Puzzle games

Math Academy v1.0.5

Find the right math operations and zero in to win !No need to be a math wiz, enroll in Math Academy and earn your diploma!The goal is simple: find mathematical operations that result in 0 to make all the squares in the grid disappear!Its easy in the ...

Smash Way

Shooting games

Smash Way v1.0.3

You have to go into an unknown world where you can blow up the pyramid, dodging all sorts of obstacles admiring the pretty graphics, as well as listening to good music.* They fly over beautiful designs by clicking on the pyramid, which will give you ...

Paper Train:Rush

Interest games

Paper Train:Rush v1.1

Hop into the engineers cab of a paper train, and travel through a cardboard world where toys come alive to race along a plotting boards railway! Dodge oncoming trains, collect shiny coins, jump over dangerous obstacles and enjoy the speed of a runawa...

Guitar Flash

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Guitar Flash v1.28

Hit the notes at the right time and show for everybody that youre a great guitarist. Choose between 3 difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard)....


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Faraar v1.07

THE OFFICIAL GAME FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE OF 2015-FARAARFaraar is an upcoming punjabi film Directed by Baljit Singh DeoProduced by Sippy Grewal Nitin Talwar. Featuring Gippy Grewal.The film is scheduled for release on 28 August 2015....

Aztec Free

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Aztec Free v1.0

In Aztec you are Coya, an eagle warrior who was looking for his monkey friend. But suddenly, someone mysteriously steals the mystic emerald which controls the nature of animals and leaves them with a very aggressive behavior. Now its up to Coya rescu...

Wild Hunter 3D

Shooting games

Wild Hunter 3D v1.0.2

Aim and Shoot! Wild Hunter offers you the unique game-play that you can hunt wild animals not only on foot but also on a fast moving vehicle!Wild Hunter lets you hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals in the world. With access to powerful guns y...

Bloom Blast

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Bloom Blast v0.1.2

Get ready for whole new take on the switch-and-match games you love to play! With hundreds of stages for you to beat in a mysterious fairy-tale world, Bloom Blast is as exciting and fun as it is challenging.And it’s packed with a ton of special gems ...

Finger Paddler

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Finger Paddler v1.01

Slide the water fall in Finger Paddler! Avoid bloody ducks, dont splash! New cool endless one tap arcade game which is very hard addicting. The hardest of all fun and free games, might be the best of stupid games that are addicting !If you like hard...

Scribbled Arena

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Scribbled Arena v0.8.0

Disguised in the playful doodle is a thrilling multiplayer experience where high skills are rewarded. Take charge of your tank and head-on for real-time challenges with your facebook friends or any other player. ...


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GLTCH v1.1.2

GLTCH is a frantic, die-and-retry arcade game with intentional glitches where the longer you survive, the more unstable the game becomes. Use swipe gestures to navigate the grid, collecting fragments as fast as you can, but beware of the enemies that...


Interest games

WITM v3.0.0

This is very difficult puzzle game.Dont try this If you have easy mind and think this is simple casual game....

LaraaN Episode III

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LaraaN Episode III v1.0

LaraaN is a game about exploration in a desolate world. Created with a minimalist colors, style Low Poly.Accompanied by a splendid movie soundtrack S T O R Y01. This was back in the days, and also later, when there were giants in the land. The giants...

Pocket Shrek

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Pocket Shrek v1.23

Gross out at the swamp with everyone’s favorite ogre! Shrek is back and he’s living on the touchscreen in your pocket!Keep him happy and he’ll reveal the magic of Far Far Away through a series of hilariously engaging experiences that will leave you s...