Lenovo a60 Games

Lenovo a60 mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Lenovo a60 games channel to provide green, safe Lenovo a60 games download.

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Stompy v1.07

In a small but beautiful town factories making robots worked many years. Robots been designed to make life easier for the humans. But one day there was the grat explosion at the plant. Hundreds of robots and dozens of innovative programs have been lo...

Plane Angle

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Plane Angle v1.8

It is a live arcade game, a sort of hyid of the famous game Flappy Bird and such popular games in order to avoid collisions.A dynamic, spectacular game, mechanically complicated, but with a simple and intuitive control. Therefore, it is you never get...

Portal Rage

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Portal Rage v1.0

Its Easy... Just Get to the Portal. Of course, things arent that simple — make sure to avoid all of the dangers that youll come across! Complete 50 unique levels that will have you coming back for more....

Moto Fire

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Moto Fire v1.0.3

lots of levels and perform the most insane Moto flips. Choose among different Moto Styles and Drivers. Drive along the most extreme scenarios and try to complete each world with the best score possible. Earn lots of coins in each level and use them t...

Tanim Bala

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Tanim Bala v1.1.5

These greedy Administrators want to plant a bullet in your bag and if they succeed.youll end up paying $1000. Of course you would not let them do that!Now, youd have to move the cursor from left to right as fast as you can to avoid the bullets that f...

Grand Truckismo

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Grand Truckismo v1.7.2

Welcome to the crazy world of monster truck racing!Race through different stages and levels, upgrading your trucks and purchasing new ones as you go.Smash things. Lots of things. Earn money for smashing obstacles, which you can then spend on upgrades...

Blocky Car Racing Free

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Blocky Car Racing Free v1.0

Blocky Car Racing is a new generation of car racing game. Now a day, we live in the city with the awful traffic jam. Energy is running out and we have to rush to the checkpoint before we run out of the fuel. Show your skill by driving through the tra...

Just 5

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Just 5 v1.12

Just Five is a new timingdexterity-based single-tap game that will test your reflexes and reaction time. Shoot the small ball in the center of the screen at the right time to avoid the obstacles, repeat this five times in a row to complete the level....

Gekko Race

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Gekko Race v1.01

Come join Dasha, Drillax and others in Gekko Land on an adventure! Race through peaceful canopies of Savannah. Travel deep into the Jungle where you can feel the beat of the jungle drum! Escape the dangers of the grim Holeyland! Survive the arctic da...

Police Dog Simulator 3D

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Police Dog Simulator 3D v1.2

The rivalry between criminals and police takes a new TWIST! Use your canine’s instinct to seize criminals and save the city!It’s all about ave police dogs. Your mission is to chase the robbers and criminals, sniff out bombs, prevent street crime and ...

Spider Ninja Jump:The shadow

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Spider Ninja Jump:The shadow v1.11

Spider Ninja Jump - Become an american ninja warrior in game!★☆★MERRY CHRISMAS★☆★Welcome Santa Claus joins our team. Get him now for free!Thanks for millions downloads on Spider Jump game. We’ve created the and new game with combination of Spider and...

Brainiac Memory Match

Puzzle games

Brainiac Memory Match v1.0

Memory match is a vast category of puzzle games. Brainiac memory match is a pair up game which also falls in the category of memory matching games. Brainiac memory match is simple yet extremely challenging and enjoyable game featuring a lot of object...

Die in 100 Ways

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Die in 100 Ways v1.0.2

Die in 100 Ways is the #1 funny game that combines thrilling and horror! You need to work out Deaths plan or you will have 100 ways to die!The lives of the adorable characters are in your hands now! The villain of this game is not the stereotypical k...

Linear quest

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Linear quest v0.67

Linear Quest is an action rpg where you try to progress forward. Level up your character, gear up, learn new skills and fight tons of monsters.In this current beta version you can try out the first six areas and level up to 70. New content will be ad...

Space Transfer

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Space Transfer v1.0.0

you want to understand what Space Transfer is, you need to imagine the old electronic handheld game... combined with a freakin Space Station. Tapping left or right side of the screen, moves the top and bottom bars simultaneously and prevents astrona...

Miami Crime Gangster 3D

Shooting games

Miami Crime Gangster 3D v1.0

Here comes the most amazing Gangster shooting game of the year! In a city full of violence and criminals, a Gangster has come to take the revenge. The mafia people, mobster, bandits, robbers, muggers and gangsters are out spread in the city. There is...

World of Craft Mine Forest

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World of Craft Mine Forest v1.0.3

Forest - its a whole world full of life, but its inhabitants are not so friendly, bandits and wild wolves await you.Our hero is named Heroine - miner and builder, wandering the world in search of scarce resources, falls into a mysterious forest, wher...

Doors Escape 4

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Doors Escape 4 v1.0.6

Doors Escape 4Doors Escape 4: 100 floors for the puzzle game lover!Funny addictive game - Doors Escape 4 , 100 realistic scenes, 100 doors full of mystery, more thrilling soundtrack, make you addicted, make you crazy! And its free!Your aim is to solv...

Escape the Room 3

Puzzle games

Escape the Room 3 v1.0

In this all new version, try to eak out of each challenging room. Solve the mini puzzles and discover the hidden objects to use them to open the room and go to the next level. Each rooms difficulty goes up as soon you finish the previous one.- 5 supe...