Lenovo a690 Games

Lenovo a690 mobile phone main screen resolution is 480×800, android system version 2.3. Lenovo a690 games channel to provide green, safe Lenovo a690 games download.
Supper Rush

Interest games

Supper Rush v1.0.0

Do you hate your veggies? Fortunately, so do we! Supper Rush provides endless amounts of fun through the simple elimination of grumpy vegetables. A lonely vegetable wants to bathe in the river but is afraid of deep water. He would like to play with h...

Death Racing Fever Car 3D

Sports games

Death Racing Fever Car 3D v1.0

Get ready to enter in furious death race arena simulator, crash burn modified armored cars and face ruthless bosses in every tracks. Fire missile use gatling machine gun to destroy rivals racing cars and flip them in ashes in the air.Jump behind stee...

Royal Pet SPA & Princess Salon

Interest games

Royal Pet SPA & Princess Salon v1.0

A beautiful princess needs a royal court, and whats better than a court of cute animals? Nothing, thats what! In Princess Royal Pet, girls get to dress up and take care of their royal pets while enjoying the cool palace life! Choose from a kitten, po...

Big Leap

Interest games

Big Leap v2.1

ASH, a weird creature wandered in the universe, which was attracted by a star named Rainbow by chance one day. As he landed, he found endless resources there, as well as dangers. Unstable molecules float in the air, unknown meteorites drop from the c...

Crazy Skydiving

Interest games

Crazy Skydiving v3.3

The Parachutist is back! This time he is going to jump from the sky and avoid all the obstacles on the way down with his consummate skill. If you are strong, to accept the challenge! Be careful or you’ll die!Wait, where did his parachute go? Huh? Wha...

Cookie Clickers

Interest games

Cookie Clickers v1.34

Cookie Clickers! Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment!The game is very simple:- Bake as many cookies as you can by clicking or tapping on a giant cookie as fast as you can.- As soon as you have enough cookies take a trip to the shop...

Jet Flight:Space gold miner

Interest games

Jet Flight:Space gold miner v1.01

Jet Flight. Space gold miner is a fun game where you have to fly on a jet device, search, collect and transport gems and gold coins to the base. For each gem delivered to the base you get a certain amount of points which depends on its color. Also is...

Mega Shooter

Shooting games

Mega Shooter v1.0

Mega Shooterits free an action game, to defend your self, use a big powerful Cannon against many waves of enemies,you will fight tanks and vehicles. you should use your canon wisely.also you will be promoted after each wave,that allows you to upgrade...

Toysburg:The Monumental Adventure

Interest games

Toysburg:The Monumental Adventure v1.0.1

Theres a new maker in Toysburg; someone who possesses the arcane artistry of mystical manufacture that allows Toys to be made. Thats you Im talking about; surprised? Me too, I nearly sheared my moustache off. Im Mr. Mustard. I have been a maker in To...

Crazy Twist Truck Racing

Interest games

Crazy Twist Truck Racing v1.0

Crazy Twist Truck Racing game is the superb game of Allied Apps for android users.A graet challenge for truck drivers all over the world.Come on and test your driving skillsKey points for driving:. Control the speed of truck using the race and ake. K...

Battle for Donetsk

Strategy games

Battle for Donetsk v1.0

Leaders of several countries and continents are arguing. People are speaking of a new Cold War. Yet thousands of civilians in eastern Ukraine are facing a war that is anything but cold, every day. One million people are on the run. During the many fi...

Car Racing Simulator 2015

Simulation games

Car Racing Simulator 2015 v1.0

Car Racing Simulator 2015 is the best free game of the year 2015!Drive the fastest sports cars of the world at extreme speed and feel the asphalt of the track burning! Drive like a real professional racer to leave your furious rivals behind! Feel the...

Corny Crush

Interest games

Corny Crush v1.0.8

How far can you go before you CRUSH CORNY!From Shane Dawson, YouTube star, bestselling author, and famed street magician*, comes Corny Crush, a fast- paced arcade game starring Americas Favorite Dog, Corny! Tap buttons to have Corny interact with his...

Command Strike

Shooting games

Command Strike v1.1

The coolest new 3D first person shooter game. Explore the enemy territory and eliminate all enemy robots. Clear the area to complete your mission. Play for hours and challenge your friends in this epic battle. ...


Role Play games

Sproggiwood v1.2.9

*** Designed for newer devices. Requires minimum 1GB of RAM. See list of tested devices at the bottom. ***Bring civilization to Sproggiwood, a story-driven, turn-based roguelike set in a humorous world inspired by Finnish mythology. Grow your civiliz...

Escape: All-consuming Love

Adventure games

Escape: All-consuming Love v1.2

In a first-rate resort apartment, the man I dated in college committed suicide. Unable to comprehend the reason behind Kengos death, I absently wandered to his apartment. Standing there, I was suddenly hit in the head from behind, causing me to lose ...

Clone Factory

Interest games

Clone Factory v1.0.3

A new game from the developers of Flying Fox!A newly-made clone, the result of an “unsuccessful” experiment, escapes, ruining the evil plans of Professor Spook, who has been secretly working on creating an army of mutants in an abandoned biochemical ...

Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D

Sports games

Fast Rally Racer Drift 3D v1.5

Everything related to rally racing game which you ever wish for is available to you for FREE download and NO IN-APP purchasesChoose from a lot of available 3D cars and 4x4 trucks. Customize with your favorite colors. Choose the beautiful environment ...

The Branch

Interest games

The Branch v1.0

Stay on the anch as long as you can!Tap the screen to rotate the world and keep Mike safe.Get higher scores and collect gems to unlock new characters....