Lenovo a706 Games

Lenovo a706 mobile phone main screen is 480×854, Android system version 4.1. Lenovo a706 games channel to provide free, safe Lenovo a706 games download.
Secret Agent Stealth

Action games

Secret Agent Stealth v1.0.4

Agent Maxximus you are recruited and trained by secret service agency to keep your nation security intact. Live spies life operate under the radar; complete secret missions kill or be killed in challenging spy stealth games. Trained as ghost in publi...

Dark Dot

Interest games

Dark Dot v1.1.8

FORMATION BASED ACTION SHOOT EM UPDark Dot is a vertical scrolling action shooter that allows you to draw and manipulate your very own army of Darklets using formations....

Solar Siege

Strategy games

Solar Siege v1.0.6

Youre the Commander of a Deep Space Mining Station. Construct defenses to protect your miners and harvest the riches of the cosmos. Managing your power network is crucial to sustain operations and defend with maximum effectiveness against an alien fo...

Vegas Mafia Criminal Squad

Action games

Vegas Mafia Criminal Squad v1.1

Take part in the most challenging Vegas Mafia Criminal Squad Survival game. In a downtown full of terror and criminals gangster has come to take the revenge. This is a driving and parking game, in which you have to prove your gang boss, that you are...

Doom Racing

Interest games

Doom Racing v1.0.13

The revolutionary racing game DOOM RACING is now available!Tap the left and right buttons to race.Get more free coins in the GAMES.Select and build your dream car....

Beach Life Guard

Interest games

Beach Life Guard v1.0

Beach Lifeguard Rescue Team 3D is a wonderful beach emergency rescue boat game on the beach. Island Lifeguard Beach Rescue Boat is on duty, this is unlike normal boat racing games, but gives you a responsibility of lifeguard rescue, who has to manage...

Shadow Fighting Street

Action games

Shadow Fighting Street v1.1

Shadow Street Fighting is a Street of Fighter game. Let’s join to have a chance to role-play, get weapons and compete with other players over the world!Shadow Street Fighting is the first kombat fighting game to give players a choice from a variety o...

Heavy Crane Paint the Building

Interest games

Heavy Crane Paint the Building v1.0

Lover of crane games 2016 construction games? Enjoy the thrilling crane simulator experience in one of the best heavy machine operator games. This crane operator game is a perfect blend of crane machine games and building construction games. Our gam...


Puzzle games

Apart v1.01

Apart is a puzzle game where you control two lost characters, Red and Blue. Both characters move at the same time and both in the direction you swipe. Avoid obstacles and lead them together by using the surroundings to your advantage....


Interest games

StayZen v2.1

Use swiping motions to guide enzo through obstacles, solve puzzles, battle bosses, and stay on the line as you move through eight stages and 80 unique levels of this epic adventure game. stayZen will challenge your gaming skills in a new way. Do you ...

Gunner Battle Commando Attack

Shooting games

Gunner Battle Commando Attack v2.9

Gunner Battle Commando Attack is an action packed shooting war game. Shoot at site! Fight against tough opponents who will have you pay for every mistake. This is not a roller coaster ride, this is war! Luckily for you, you will have a vast arsenal o...

Rocket Ragdoll Sandbox

Interest games

Rocket Ragdoll Sandbox v1.0

Check out Kodiis newest installment of Rocket Ragdoll Sandbox!.. RRS3More Freedom! You can place as many ragdoll dudes as you want!place some crates and tether them together with some guys, add some rockets and you got endless fun!Get RRS3 free today...

Talented Pet Beauty Salon

Simulation games

Talented Pet Beauty Salon v1.0

After the eathtaking show, these little cuties are all tired out. Look at them, messy hair, blurred makeup, and even calluses on their feet. Worried about them? Dont be, sweetie. Heres a beauty salon right for them. Invite them in this fabulous place...

Ice Cream Bar

Simulation games

Ice Cream Bar v8.8.9.00

Miumiu is inviting you run an ice cream bar factory with her where you are in charge of making ice cream bars with tasty and funny flavors. Try out the cool machines and tools to make good looking ice cream bars with interesting taste. ...

Human Resource Machine

Interest games

Human Resource Machine v1.0.0

Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game for nerds. In each level, your boss gives you a job. Automate it by programming your little office worker. If you succeed, youll be promoted up to the next level for another year of work in the vast office buil...

Amargasaurus - Dino Robot

Interest games

Amargasaurus - Dino Robot v1.0.2

Assemble the parts are scatteredTry assembling a large and powerful robot dinosaur Amargasaurus.After assembling You can use a variety of techniques....

Choices:Stories You Play

Interest games

Choices:Stories You Play v1.5.1

One choice can change everything! Fall in love, solve crimes, or embark on epic fantasy adventures in immersive visual stories where YOU control what happens next! Current stories include:...

Mr Catt

Interest games

Mr Catt v1.2.0

Catt is traveling alone through the Milky Way. Help him overcome various difficulties while he finishes his journey.You will travel through a fantastic puzzle game world which blends together critical thinking elements and block elimination gameplay....

Wild Life:Wolf Quest

Simulation games

Wild Life:Wolf Quest v1.1

Welcome to your own wolf land full of beautiful wild wolves! Play Wild Life: Wolf Quest and be an amazing wolf living at wilderness and trying to create its own family. Your goal is to explore the forest as a wild wolf, meet and mate with other wolve...