LG F100 Games

LG F100 mobile phone main screen resolution is 720×1280, android system version 2.3. LG F100 games channel to provide green, safe LG F100 games download.
Dubai Racing

Sports games

Dubai Racing v1.4

Can you handle the G-Force? Experience the most unique, thrilling, super fast, nerve racking game that takes racing drifting motor sport to a completely new level. Own your garage, cars, and crew. Be a racer within your team or let them race in your...

Plucky Rush

Interest games

Plucky Rush v1.3

Plucky Rush is the second in the Saga of the fearless Plucky. This episode introduces The Pluckers, Plucky’s evil nemeses, whose sole purpose is to capture, and kill Plucky.Help Plucky avoid his evil nemeses by guiding him around the track. Successfu...

Daily Card Pairs

Puzzle games

Daily Card Pairs v1.0

Pretty Animals, Fresh vegetable and mystical Monsters help you training. Whatever you are a great memorizer, Daily Card Pairs will provide hours of fun and addictive gameplay to you. Simple concept, but Plentiful funny. More mechanism, More Challenge...

Bottle Vs Bullet

Shooting games

Bottle Vs Bullet v1.0

Bottle vs Bullet is a fun physics bottles shooting game. You must shoot as many bottles as you can in the fixed amount of time.A very addicted shooter game is out now on the market! Your challenge is to shoot bottle and can as fast as you can.And for...

Monkey Catapult

Interest games

Monkey Catapult v1.0.1.1

This is the newest game in the Kuma the Bear series! A fun and easy-to-play game for everyone! With just one finger you can enjoy our new action game Monkey Catapult!Pulling the monkey and making him fly is so much fun!Where have the bananas from Mon...

Fighter Jet Attack 3D

Shooting games

Fighter Jet Attack 3D v1.0

Ever dreamed of being a Fighter Jet Pilot? Here is a chance to live your dream! Suit up for dangerous adventure with Fighter Jet Attack 3D.The battle has just begun! Fly your fighter jet straight to success! Declare war against your enemies! And shoc...

Spin Mr.Nut!

Interest games

Spin Mr.Nut! v1.0.1.1

Spin Mr. Nut! is a new swiping action game from Kuma the Bear. Make the first mission to launch a nut into space a success!Simple Controls①Swipe Mr. Nut to make him spin.②Form combos by making long, horizontal swipes.③Use combos to make him spin fast...

Necro Phase

Shooting games

Necro Phase v1.0.0

Necro Phase is a challenging zombie action game.Survive a hordes of undead creatures on the streets of american town. Game features:=====IMPORTANT NOTICE====Before purchasing a game, we suggest that you first verify your hardware capabilities.The min...

Hipster Jet

Interest games

Hipster Jet v1.00

Save the Hipster imprisoned in the 80s 8-bit world.8-bit 4D hi-tech future retro mega pixel arction!- Easy to learn, difficult to master (tap, tap, tap and hold)- Retro gameplay- 3 pixel-art environments- Ride trough the mountains, desert and the cit...

Doctor Mad 3D VS Plague PRO

Interest games

Doctor Mad 3D VS Plague PRO v2.41.87.54

Welcome a new runner game for those who cant imagine their spare time without some 3D action! Now you can play as Doctor Mad, a real life-saviour for all the plague-stricken. He runs through the dark joyless city and treats those who lost the hope to...

Drop Stack Free - Block Tower

Interest games

Drop Stack Free - Block Tower v1.0.3

Drop Stack is an endless block tower stacking game.Just tap to drop blocks and stack them up into an endless tower of blocks!Line up the block carefully before you drop the block to create towering stacks of blocks. Stack the blocks densely if going ...

Triceratops Simulator

Simulation games

Triceratops Simulator v1.0

really amazing dinosaur simulator game: get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!We took the best practices from each game group and make this Dinosaur game so exciting, adventurous and fun. Everyone (kids, teenager, even an...

Ninja Simulator

Simulation games

Ninja Simulator v1.0

ninja RPGits time to play a role of powerful ninjaExplore the real world of Ninja and experience the exciting adventure with level up, learn the ultimate jutsu and become the strongest Ninja.Build the strongest Ninja Village by winning in this epic m...

Phone Grab

Interest games

Phone Grab v1.0.1.1

The latest title in the Kuma the Bear series! A cheerful and easy-to-play game for everyone!A game that can be enjoyed with just a single tap: Show your reaction speed in Phone Grab!Battle against the cute forest animals: Take the calls quicker than ...

Kitty Solitaire & Sweeper

Interest games

Kitty Solitaire & Sweeper v1.0.3.1

Try to become the top cat collector! Introducing Kitty Solitaire Sweeper, a game that lets you enjoy both the Solitaire card game and Minesweeper puzzle game in a single app! Its free to play and theres no need to register or learn complicated contr...

Ruins Run

Interest games

Ruins Run v1.0

Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping alcatraz, turning and sliding you love in Temple Endless Runner! Navigate perilous cliffs alcatraz, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol gauntlet. How far can you run...

Fish Crush

Interest games

Fish Crush v1.0

Fish Crush is a new elimination game. Each level has a different mission and goal in the game Fish Crush We can only achieve the goal to win itAnd we have different condition to make it not that easy to finish the missionSo for this popular game Fish...

Hook Hero

Interest games

Hook Hero v1.0.0

Tap the screen and release your spinning hook. Try to stick to the higher platforms and stay ahead of the rising fruit juice!How high can you get your ninja hero?...

Jewel Cubes

Puzzle games

Jewel Cubes v2.06.04

A beautiful world of jewels and its shiny, courageous citizens need rescuing from a dark spirit monster! Introducing a NEW and FREE dazzling match 3 game full with cascades of fun and mystery from the makers of Juice Cubes!Story:Welcome to a sparklin...