LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Smash all these animals

Interest games

Smash all these animals v1

Prince of darkness and lord of infernal creatures, your castle is under the attack of the terrible, monstrous, cataclysmic… army of tiny cute animals from the wood next door… okay, said like this, it doesn’t seems so bad but in fact it’s a serious pr...

Space jumper Free

Interest games

Space jumper Free v3

Feel the rush of adrenaline and get in the suit of a space paratrooper ready to eak all records. Throw yourself into space in a vertiginous freefall in this obstacle game. Space Jumper is an amusing game for the whole family! Only recommended for... ...

Women Football Penalty Champions

Sports games

Women Football Penalty Champions v5

Are you a fan of the soccer world cup? Do you love feminine football and you want to play ball as often as possible? If thats so Football Penalty world cup is the perfect game for you. Imagine yourself in the last minutes of the big game. You are tie...

Plane Heroes to the Rescue

Interest games

Plane Heroes to the Rescue v1.00

Are you tired of driving cars? You feel fire in your guts to conquer the air, to be the hero of the clouds and the blue sky? So dont hesitate, do it, like in the movies - be a Plane Hero! Fire up your expectations for the one of the biggest adventure...

ThinKill Puzzle Game

Interest games

ThinKill Puzzle Game v1.5

ThinKill DEMO Version:Combine, move, and destroy objects to find ways to kill yourself. This game is different than most other games. Its main objective is to die, to get killed.This game makes you think and trains your ain while having fun at the sa...

Crazy Stackers

Interest games

Crazy Stackers v1.3.4

Keep your blocks stacked high and dry!Tap the screen to place your adorable blocks, and stack them all up until there are none left. Keep your towers balanced though, because if the blocks fall into the water its game over.FEATURES- Delightfully cute...

Out of Wind

Puzzle games

Out of Wind v1.0.3

Help a village rebuild its windmills and wind farms. Complex puzzles await as you the player must repair each windmill and save the village from ruin....

Dreamjob: Kids Doctor

Simulation games

Dreamjob: Kids Doctor v1.0

Jump into the role of a kids doctor and treat the little aches and pains of your patients. While doing this youll learn a lot worth knowing about bodies, childrens illnesses, health and nutrition. YOUR OWN DOCTORS PRACTICE FOR KIDS Starting on the ve...

Little Tailor

Interest games

Little Tailor v1.0.1

Are you dreaming to have a closet full of clothes? Are you fancy for haute couture dresses on fashion show? Join this particular game and you can be a tailor to make whatever styles you like. You don’t have to covet beautiful clothes in shop window,b...

Fashion Designer

Interest games

Fashion Designer v1.0

Do you LOVE fashion? Are you in awe of the glitz and glam of the fashion world? Well now its your CHANCE to become the most sought after fashion designer ever!Are you ready to enter the world of the elites? Design gorgeous gowns, dresses, tops and sh...


Interest games

BoA v0.6

Monsters have come to terrorize each kingdom in the land, and the villagers need a hero!A hero has come, wielding a powerful shield and armed with magic spells to cast at the monsters and their battlements. Will the Hero prevail, defeating the monste...

Chicken Toss

Interest games

Chicken Toss v1.0.8

And who said chickens can’t fly? These gangling birds are ready to prove you wrong in Chicken Toss! Join now this fun bird launching game and help the chickens fulfill their dream of reaching new heights! With powerful cannons and a wide set of unusu...

Burn The Boards

Interest games

Burn The Boards v1.02

In the unique puzzle simulation game Burn The Boards you can not only experience the reality of an informal worker, who eaks down e-waste for a living, but also contribute to change. Features:- unique puzzle and simulation mechanic- insights into the...

Ragdoll Mania

Interest games

Ragdoll Mania v1.5.2

Create your own (crazy) toy collection! Ragdoll Mania is the funniest toy maker you will ever find, guaranteed! Have fun creating unique ragdolls and play with them as much as you want. Extra mini games are included for extra fun! Get crazy!In Ragdol...

Operation Deimos

Shooting games

Operation Deimos v1.1

Have you ever wanted to kill terrorists and defend us from the axis of evil? Join Operation Deimos in order to protect and serve your nation!...


Interest games

LASER! v1.0

One things for sure youll never put it down!How far can you get? #laserFeatures: • Simple One-Touch Gameplay • Endless Fun• Minimalistic and Escher Style Art• Awesome Soundtrack• Compete with Friends and Family with the Leaderboard...

Swamp Monster

Interest games

Swamp Monster v1.0

fly a cute creepy little monster on an endless journey through a colorless and abstract world composed of simplicity and filled with unexpected danger. It’s a challenge of anticipation and immediate reaction to dodge enemy shapes in a fast-paced sett...


Interest games

Goodies v1.0.1

In a surprising Kingdom Candies and Goodies, amongst Caramel Mountains, and Candy Plains lives a little dragon named Dino. He likes to travel around the Air Islands and collect candy and sweets. He is not afraid of the most difficult obstacles, can e...

Bubble Shooter Blitz

Interest games

Bubble Shooter Blitz v1.0.061

Cute dinosaur babies have been stuck on bubbles! Use your wisdom to defeat the Bubble Wizard and rescue baby critters! You need to shoot bubbles, try to make combinations of 3 or more with same color to make them burst, keep rescuing babies and drop ...

The Last Ninja assassinator

Action games

The Last Ninja assassinator v1.0.1

The last Ninja Assassinator is fast-paced action packed fighting game of ninja legend, climb your ninja assassin warrior on the castle walls, swim through rivers do whatever you can do be a steel avenger, it’s time to show your street fighting skills...