Samsung GALAXY NOTE Games

Samsung GALAXY NOTE mobile phone main screen resolution is 800×1280, android system version 2.3. Samsung GALAXY NOTE games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GALAXY NOTE games download.
Battle for Big Blue

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Battle for Big Blue v4.0

Battle For Big BlueMade by RAW for the Oceans, featuring sounds by Pharrell Williams, Battle For Big Blue is the nautical journey teaching us a thing or two about the severity of pollution in our seas.Enter the underwater world in Battle for Big Blue...

Saiyan Warrior

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Saiyan Warrior v2.0.3

Dragon Ghost Saiyan Warrior Z is a mobile adventure is and new story about Super Saiyan Ghost. After Super Saiyan die, they still have to do their mission to fight to the Ghost Power to save the world!In this game we will give you a chance to TRANSFO...

Bump Race

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Bump Race v1.41

Slide down the ice slippery slope, collect checkpoints and powerups, bump into opponents and get ahead of them! Master your techniques to conquer friction and air resistance. Eliminate your opponents and dont let them eliminate you!...

Karate Dino

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Karate Dino v0.8.26

Karate Dino, first game by the small indie Studio Thinkmojo, is an 80’s inspired arcade video game where you, a Karateka, try to survive in a lost world fill with dinosaurs. React fast, stay focused, and you might become the most valorous Karateka th...


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Cutout v1.2

Cutout is a simple minimalist inspired platformer-puzzle game.Control your cube fit into the hole that is coming towards you! Sweet, short and simple gameplay allows anyone to pick up and go at anytime. Recommended for all-ages.Features-Multiple Game...

Apocalypse Runner 2:Volcano

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Apocalypse Runner 2:Volcano v1.0

We present to you the continuation of the wonderful game Apocalypse Runner. This time our hero has to avoid a huge wave of lava. The new game has got a lot of dangerous obstacles, improved graphics and performance, but still keeps an inexpressible at...

Jump Roll Eyeball

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Jump Roll Eyeball v1.0.8

YAY! Here is fun and enjoyable game JumpnRoll Eyeball! This game is simple, yet challenging!The most exciting and interactive mobile one-touch platformer game FREE TO PLAY!Are you interested in challenging game? Then look at how many wonderful things...

Out of Body

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Out of Body v1.0

Souls are on the loose! They need your help in guiding them higher and higher towards the heavens in this terrifically twisted and exciting endless Out of Body adventure!Being dead sure isn’t easy. These poor souls have to navigate tricky environment...

Chicken vs Fox

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Chicken vs Fox v1.3

While inspecting the colonies in space, Dr. Ghalon noticed that something was wrong. It was an attack of the Fox Globe ision that caused a huge disaster, and a rain of Gems on earth! The Gems must be recovered to continue the Gallinaceous race. Do no...


Shooting games

HoneyBattle v2.3.4

The Bear Parachute Squadron s again! Help the bees protect their hive and precious honey from the hungry bears. With some sweet new technology, bees are now able to shoot themselves across the sky and give the bears the bitter taste of their sting! B...

Belt Hunter

Shooting games

Belt Hunter v1.0

Test your skills as a mech pilot as you hunt the alien threat in a dangerous asteroid belt. Belt Hunter is an endless runnershooter featuring multiple types of enemies, and a difficulty level that increases over time. Prove that you’re humanitys last...

Angry Cop 3D City Frenzy

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Angry Cop 3D City Frenzy v1.0

After a long hard week at the job as a police officer on the streets of San Andreas, you look forward to one thing and that is to enjoy your donuts laying on the desk at the police station. As you walk to your desk you see some of your colleges runni...

Neon Hack

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Neon Hack v1.00

Neon Hack is a ain game inspired by your phone’s pattern lock system.Crack the pattern lock and hack into the system. Swipe the correct path to match the given neon light pattern and pop the lock. As a hacker, don’t expect a walk in the park. Some of...

Geometry Magnify

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Geometry Magnify v1.0

使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译Press and drag the circle to make shapes bigger and dont let them pass with incredible music harmony.Focus your finger and eyes, boost your speed...

Aces Vs Aliens

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Aces Vs Aliens v1.1.8

使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译Totally free! No in-app purchases and there never will be!Take your state of the art jet fighter into the big blue and ing an alien invasion to its knees in this next-generation top down air combat shooter!Loop, e and barre...

Out of Brakes

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Out of Brakes v1.0.1

Feel the Rush – Drive to Crash!Out of Brakes is an arcade-style racing game with destructible environments, eye-catching graphics, and varied vehicles.Out of Brakes offers a fresh gameplay mechanic that allows you to recapture the excitement you got ...

Smurfs Epic Run

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Smurfs Epic Run v1.1.0

*** SMURFS EPIC RUN: Experience the next generation runner game with gorgeous 2D graphics! Choose your favorite Smurf and embark on an epic adventure to free your fellow Smurfs from Gargamel!***Gargamel’s has casted an evil fog spell to capture all t...

Mad Day

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Mad Day v1.1

Battle the oncoming Alien Invasion of Earth in this epic racer to rescue your beloved pet Octopus Fluffy and escape. Mad Day is a combination of an awesome racing and alien shooting game. Upgrade your Car, Guns, Armor, Clothing and more to beat the b...

Spirit Island

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Spirit Island v0.2.2

Become a hero at high speed… Run, jump and dodge to save the Islands! Join Toru on his action-packed quest to save his homeland, Spirit Island. Across multiple worlds and seventy levels, you will swipe, jump and dodge your way into glory. Spirit Isla...