Samsung GALAXY NOTE Games

Samsung GALAXY NOTE mobile phone main screen resolution is 800×1280, android system version 2.3. Samsung GALAXY NOTE games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GALAXY NOTE games download.
Escape Dark Carnival:Freak Show

Puzzle games

Escape Dark Carnival:Freak Show v1.2

Spend entertaining moments, trying to get out of the levels of horror, find items and solve puzzles.ExcitingEntertainingChallengingGreat 3D graphicsEnvironmental sounds FXUpcoming updatesEnjoy it nowIt is free and requires no additional permissions t...

Clown House

Interest games

Clown House v1.2

Face your fear of clowns in this horror game!You are trapped in a darkened house with lunatic clowns, due to a meaningless reason. You need to find the key to escape the house. Hidden in a random spot. Some of the clowns are evil and they want to kil...

Zombie Hazard

Interest games

Zombie Hazard v1.1.1(2)

Shoot tons of bloody cute zombies and defend your home!Tons of zombies are coming… can you protect your home and survive...?Zombie Hazard is a bloody cute action shooting game.Select weapons to shoot incoming zombies, get coins and play through 2 dif...

iCola Free

Interest games

iCola Free v1.2

Drink Cola on your phone!This hilarious trick looks like your phone is filling up with Cola. You can then “drink” it by tilting the device. Amaze friends and family with a phone so smart it actually makes Cola!...

Panda Chunky

Interest games

Panda Chunky v1.0.2

Chunks Panda loves bamboo sweet and ready for any adventure for your favorite goodies! Travel in space, solve puzzles, avoid traps and find a treasure map!...

World of Warriors: Quest

Role Play games

World of Warriors: Quest v1.5.8

Vikings, Romans, Ninjas! Let battle commence in this epic RPG quest across the mysterious Wildlands.Discover lost stories from the amazing World of Warriors as you attempt to save this war-torn realm from destruction. WORLD OF WARRIORS QUEST: CHAPTER...

Super Grav

Interest games

Super Grav v1.0

Super Grav is a retro gravity cave flyer for 1-4 players, featuring single player or co-op multiplayer missions, racing and dogfighting.With fast-paced, super smooth 60fps gameplay, pixel-perfect collision detection and that ‘just right’ feel to the ...

Set Sail: Caribbean

Interest games

Set Sail: Caribbean v1.1

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE - 30% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY!Rebuild your family business and defeat the pirate king to save your father in Set Sail: Caribbean!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME!Hard times have come for th...


Action games

WAA! VR v1.0

The little Astronaut is back!This time as an exciting virtual reality 3D Experience for Google Cardboard.Jump into his spacesuit and defend him against the incoming Asteroids.Seek and destroy them by sending out your homing missiles. ...

Never Go Home

Shooting games

Never Go Home v1.0

Lost in the clutches of the endless void of space the experimental starship the Aeternum has suffered a critical meltdown. You must join the crew in their struggle to survive. Explore vast procedurally generated galaxies, full of planets, moons, aste...

Color War In Notepad

Shooting games

Color War In Notepad v1.0

War in a small city which was painted in notepad. You need to survive as long as possible. Guns and cars should help you to do it!Features:- Cool dynamic gameplay- Big open world- Pretty graphic...

Rowdy The Head Hunter

Shooting games

Rowdy The Head Hunter v7

Earn Achievements and Post Your Score On The Leader Boards!!! Rowdy The Head Hunter is a 3rd Person Shooter with a Wild West theme. The player is Rowdy a bounty hunter who is looking to fill his bounties. Each unique boss controls their own type of e...

Monster Shooter Mania

Shooting games

Monster Shooter Mania v1.0.14

✧ Fun crazy action gameplay! Insane HD graphics, sounds, and effects! - Droid Player Arena ✧ An innovative hardcore shooter mixed with the cuteness of monsters! - Android Gamer✧ Much more grim and funny monsters like the ones in monsters inc! - Chuc...

Tigers of the Pacific 3

Shooting games

Tigers of the Pacific 3 v1.0

Take to the skies on a death-defying journey across the Pacific War of World War II with the Tigers of the Pacific 3! Join the dogfight against fleets of ruthless fighter pilots, ground, and sea targets like battleships and destroyers in the China an...

Elite Spy:Assassin Mission

Shooting games

Elite Spy:Assassin Mission v1.7

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN THE COUNTERINTELLIGENCE SERVICEIn Elite Spy: Assassin Mission you get recruited by the American Counter Intelligence Service. They ask you to join their agency, and train you to become an Elite Spy with phantom killer skills. Yo...

Flying NinJa

Interest games

Flying NinJa v1.0

Different from the precious Ninja games,amzaing Flying Ninja doesn’t run on the ground, but fly in the air.Drawing a line before the Ninja falls down, he will bounce to rush in air.Adjust the position and length of the line to control the direction a...

Square Move Free

Interest games

Square Move Free v1.6

Drag left and right to weave your way through a maze of dynamically changing puzzles.The main character has a few colors.These colors give character some features,how speed, size, magnet features and other....

Poo Escape

Interest games

Poo Escape v1.0.1

Poo Escape will find you helping a lovely poo to collect gold by guiding him through a fast streaming rivers in two different episodes. Tough an odd place to find a poo, expanding his piggy bank and later spending all those golden rolls on some much ...

Hare In The Hat Free

Interest games

Hare In The Hat Free v1.1.1

Fancy Point Click cartoon adventure with puzzles and mini-games of varying difficulty. Game combines Hidden Objects and Room Escape mechanics among with traditional puzzlers like chess game and Hanoi tower.Action in this chapter takes place in magic...

Rockstars of Ooo: Adventure Time Rhythm Game

Interest games

Rockstars of Ooo: Adventure Time Rhythm Game v1.0.0

Calling all rockstars! Feel the rhythm in Adventure Time Rockstars of Ooo!TAP TO THE BEAT!Get ready for a new musical adventure in the Land of Ooo! Tap to the rhythm to sing and play with Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, and Fionna!ROCK AROUND OO...