Samsung GT-S5300 Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
All Right:Line Up Free

Interest games

All Right:Line Up Free v1.1

All Right - Line Up! is a puzzle game in which you will have to fling all the circles in their right place.You must be clever, to guess which is the correct path to reach a line, and you must be skilled, because some levels require correct aiming and...


Interest games


Just flick the AMEDAMA in the hole!Different colors are worth different pointsAnd the rainbow ones are …?...


Puzzle games

EXITs v1.0.4

This is a free room escape game.You are locked up in a strange room.Explore the room, find hidden items and solve riddles.Then you will be able to escape from the room.Lets escape!...

Cube Survival

Interest games

Cube Survival v1.5

Feel like a blocky man awakening on strange cube island, don’t remember who you are and how you got there! Where your home is? Escape from this strange island and get home with Cube Island Survival Simulator in 3D!Explore the vast blocky island and e...

Laserbreak 2

Puzzle games

Laserbreak 2 v1.04

asereak 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the very popular Lasereak - the highly addictive and original puzzler that has hooked millions of players worldwide.Control your laser and use various physics objects to collect the coins and destroy the ta...


Puzzle games

Amaze v1.1.1

Ever been to a real life maze and thought it wasnt big enough? Well, now you can get literally lost on multiple levels. Experience and find your way through huge glass mazes, watch out for the dangerous enemy and try to get your head to move you in t...

Cat Hotel

Interest games

Cat Hotel v1.0.13972

Manage your very own cattery:Mrs. Miller has to go on an urgent business trip and the Smith family are looking for accommodation for their house cat while theyre on vacation.Your cattery is the purrfect place for them! Care for the kitties, feed them...

Have you seen CAT

Interest games

Have you seen CAT v1.0.3

Please be sure you are bored and have a lot of time really! Because Have you seen CAT? will kill your time too much!Have you seen CAT? is the SIMPLEST but the best TIME-KILLING GAME as you can continue playing forever!...

Avalanching:snowboard slalom endless runner

Interest games

Avalanching:snowboard slalom endless runner v1.0

Avalanching: snowboard slalom endless runner!Can you escape the Avalanching?Avalanching is a new game made by Chin Games Studio. Descend as fast as you can through the slalom and try not to get swallowed by the Avalanche!Avalanching has a new and uni...

Arcane Knight

Interest games

Arcane Knight v2.1

A MOUNTED COMBAT CHALLENGE!The horde has returned! They are here, marching on our lands, plundering villages and cities, lying in ambush on roads and crossings. Even more are coming from every direction. And worst of all, our armies were defeated!We ...

Fight Kub

Interest games

Fight Kub v1.2

Aim and shoot your enemy. In Fight Kub, you play your Kub in a real time pvp game. Fun and Innovative gameplay.GEAR UP: With hundreds of additional items.SKILLS: Play in practice matches to increase your skill.GLORY AWAITS: Enter the arena and duel o...

Retro Rat Race

Interest games

Retro Rat Race v1.1.2.0

Some users are having problems entering their names into the first screen due to the keyboard not appearing. ...

Speed Night 3

Sports games

Speed Night 3 v1.0.3

This is a simple mobile platform racing game64 different stages, raising difficulty. Ultimate high-speed racing experience, getting better carsSimple to control, Boost your speed with nitrous oxide, enjoy the gameWin the game, and become the most fam...

Fly Wings 2016 Flight Simulator

Simulation games

Fly Wings 2016 Flight Simulator v1.1.1

Flight Simulator 2016 FlyWings is the ultimate simulation for your mobile! With a large selection of aircrafts - 50 - and more than 10000 airports around the world, be prepared to be amazed with the beautiful landscapes of the simulation.The physics ...

Ball For All

Interest games

Ball For All v1.0.6

Do you like ping-pong? Hmmm, anyway you should try!What if we combined ping-pong, jo-jo and basketball in one game? Yeah that is epic but awesome!Absolutely insane collaboration for your pleasure. Download and enjoy it!...

Fat City

Interest games

Fat City v1.3.27

Use your cunning and ain power to plan and execute heists and getaways to rake in the big bucks in the city that never sleeps. Lead a crew of former special ops personnel to take back what is rightfully owed to you and your fellow veterans from those...

Pharaohs Lock

Puzzle games

Pharaohs Lock v1.0.34

Pharaoh’s Lock is a difficult and addictive puzzle game. Play the first 15 levels for free, without ads! The free levels will last you a while, but please consider supporting this game by buying the full game via in-app purchase.As a late pharaoh beg...

Magic Academy:hidden castle

Puzzle games

Magic Academy:hidden castle v1.6

Magic Academy is a hidden object game with a mysterious mix of puzzles and adventure! A sorcery detective story, magical items and mystery are woven together to produce an enjoyable mix of charmed seek find crime adventure and a hidden object story!...

Dandelions Chain of Seeds

Interest games

Dandelions Chain of Seeds v1.0.0b

Dandelions: Chain of Seeds is an addictive ambient puzzle game where players connect dandelion seeds to solve the puzzles. The game features 3 flower worlds with a total of 60 levels of Zen. Experience beautifully surreal worlds and lose yourself in ...