Samsung GT-S5660 Games

Samsung GT-S5660 mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.2. Samsung GT-S5660 games channel to provide free, safe Samsung GT-S5660 games download.
Ice Cream Paradise

Interest games

Ice Cream Paradise v1.0.1

Ice cream! Ice cream everywhere! The residents of Savoreaux should be happy in their world of sweet, delicious treats. Instead, everyone’s got a case of the Blues, a terrible condition that makes them want to stay inside and mope around all day. Ther...

Turbo Car Toy

Interest games

Turbo Car Toy v1.6

Be the fastest driver on the kids playroom race track and burn the asphalt under your wheels in one of the best fast-paced car driving games for kids and adults! Drag your car left or right to avoid obstacles and collect pickups on your way to becomi...

Pixel Fodder

Shooting games

Pixel Fodder v0.7.335

WARNING: this game in development!Pixel Fodder is a old school platformer with a fully destructible world, a large choise of characters, incredible dynamics and gigaliters of 8-bit meat. Use all power of the pixels to defeat the bad guys and restore ...

Roid Runner 2

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Roid Runner 2 v1.0.15

Roid Runner! is back and better then ever! Play now!In this sequel, game play has been changed up drastically changing from a endless runner to a arcade style game with power ups, different ship types with there own unique stats, and an awesome dubst...

Hate Snake 3D

Interest games

Hate Snake 3D v1.1a

Youre a space-snake in a box, every 10 seconds your tail becomes a wall, you can use bombs, and the colors are pretty strange. There are other snakes and boxes and wtfMade for IndieBuskers, as as of 24th November 2014, its completely freeee...

FLEE Lost Memory

Adventure games

FLEE Lost Memory v1.0

When you woke up, scenery opening there does not have the recognition,And you did not know who oneself was either.Escape from here!!Only this word is incised on a head.Tablets support.Escape adventure FLEE!.You wander in the very large world.You make...


Interest games

FlickPig v1.0.0

Three little piggybanks are out to retrieve their stolen coins from a pack of thieving wolves...Flick the screen and the chase is on![ An Enchanting World ]Once upon a time, there were three little piggybanks who lived together in a big, ick house.On...

Monster Ball Maze 3D

Interest games

Monster Ball Maze 3D v1.0

★ ★ GooglePlay exciting action platform game balance monster ball ★ ★ Monster is a balanced bowling ball maze adventure game, Is part of the test of balancing skill game. Gameplay is very simple, shake the phone trying to get through the maze and col...

Bounce Free

Interest games

Bounce Free v1.0.1

Bounce is officially here. Battle friends for the high score in this never-ending game of grabbing power-ups, taking down enemies and climbing to the top.Simply touch the left or right side of the screen to move your character and eak the green lines...

Football Cannon Flappy

Interest games

Football Cannon Flappy v1.0.3

The original football cannon game!!Football cannon is an intelligent mixture of two of the most awesome games Flappy Bird and Angry Birds. Combining the mechanics of these two popular games with a football is what sets this game apart and is apt for ...

Jumping Granny

Interest games

Jumping Granny v1.6

How high you will jump for your loved one? how much obstacle you will through to save it? join grannys struggle to retake her loved one in Jumping Granny. show your highscore to the world and compete with other gamer by online leader board....

Ruben is sleepy

Interest games

Ruben is sleepy v2.2

From the creators of Help Volty, the award-winning puzzler, comes a completely new adventure!Ruben is sleepy. And when his eyes finally close, a dark pit with an endless stream of TVs awaits. Help Ruben survive his ain freezing nightmare!-One big wor...

Farm Games

Simulation games

Farm Games v1.12

Farm Games fun games we planted vegetables, farm management to grow and thrive on it. By planting corn, vegetables To yield the most And the yield was up to town. To finance the management of the farm to the next....

Hit the weirdo!

Interest games

Hit the weirdo! v1.0

There is a guy called Xiao Jian Jian. Knowing that there are many people living in the sorrows, he determined to entertain them. So he opted to anger you (hippo) in order to make you hyper by chasing and attacking him with different spooky weapons. S...

Bomber Dude

Interest games

Bomber Dude v1.2

Get ready for Bomber Dude! Inspired by BombermanPave your way, collect power-ups and improve your skills, place bombs strategically and blow the opponent away!Lets ing you into the world of Bomber Dude! Experience Non-Stop fun and cool 3D graphics th...

Probe the Humans Free

Interest games

Probe the Humans Free v1.1.2

The most scientifically accurate alien abduction simulation!*According to our researchers at GameResort.Have you ever fantasized about piloting a spaceship? Have you ever felt the urge to wreak havoc on a small rural farm town? Have you ever wanted t...