Samsung Nexus S I9020 Games

Samsung Nexus S I9020 mobile phone main screen resolution is 480×800, android system version 2.3. Samsung Nexus S I9020 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung Nexus S I9020 games download.
Bubble Shooter Blitz

Interest games

Bubble Shooter Blitz v1.0.061

Cute dinosaur babies have been stuck on bubbles! Use your wisdom to defeat the Bubble Wizard and rescue baby critters! You need to shoot bubbles, try to make combinations of 3 or more with same color to make them burst, keep rescuing babies and drop ...

The Last Ninja assassinator

Action games

The Last Ninja assassinator v1.0.1

The last Ninja Assassinator is fast-paced action packed fighting game of ninja legend, climb your ninja assassin warrior on the castle walls, swim through rivers do whatever you can do be a steel avenger, it’s time to show your street fighting skills...

Need For Feed

Interest games

Need For Feed v1.2.0

Are you craving for some action, and fun, while also being able to test your skill in a unique game, unlike nothing you have ever experienced? Then you are definitely in the best place, as with Need for Feed you will be able to get that and so much m...

Game Maker

Interest games

Game Maker v1.0.3

Game Maker: Create my Game is a progam of blocks and creativity in pixel art style, where you can create games survive, build, mazes, adventure, parkour, strategy, explosions and more.You can create games with all levels of difficulty you want, in Ga...

Amazing Run Free

Interest games

Amazing Run Free v1.0.4

Amazing Run is the #1 action adventure game show with 3D graphics and realistic physics. Feel the speed as you negotiate your way through obstacles in this unique sports game!Amazing Run offers a series of challenging obstacles for you to navigate an...

Mary X

Interest games

Mary X v1.0

Mary X is an original number puzzle game with royal themes.Combine numbers to make king and queen , to make Queen Marys dynasty continue.Easy to learn , but hard to master.Challenge your friends and have fun!...

Atlantis Jewel Worlds

Interest games

Atlantis Jewel Worlds v2.4

In ancient Atlantis, large collection of ancient treasures, waiting for heroes to explore.You need pass every level and get the star of ocean. Try to get all stars in each level.Game Features:- More than 100 levels and 3 scenes in the game.- Easy and...

Snake Scape

Interest games

Snake Scape v1.5

Snakes don’t like being shut in boxes! Break open the crate and guide the snake to freedom. Be careful though - dont touch the walls or you’re toast! The unique gameplay in Snake Scape is fast, easy to play, and exciting. How long can you survive?...

DOT-Space Hero

Interest games

DOT-Space Hero v1.03

In a far away galaxy lives DOT, a space traveller whom loves to play videogames and eat super delicious stardust. But one day, while he is asleep, somebody steals his beloved and shiny delight. When Dot realizes that he was robbed, he decides to go o...

Masha and the Bear: Kids Games

Interest games

Masha and the Bear: Kids Games v1.04.1507151137

new addition to the Indigo Kids’ world of edutainment apps, “Masha and the Bear” is a collection of mini-games based on the popular cartoon series that Russian kids love.If you live in the forest, you’re always busy. Masha and Misha the Bear have so ...

The Perfectionist

Interest games

The Perfectionist v1.0.1

Let’s come clean: you’re not really a control freak, but if there’s a right way to do or set something, then WHY NOT JUST DO IT ALREADY?! Finally put all your observation skills to good use in The Perfectionist! Or maybe prepare yourself for a sort o...

Witch Party

Interest games

Witch Party v1.0.0

Spring is coming, do you want to get a date with your friends? Or its a good choice to make a spring party. Its a good day today, little witch plans to organize a spring party in her castle. She will invite her friends to come, but before they coming...

Black Gold Plumber

Puzzle games

Black Gold Plumber v8

Become an oil tycoon in Black Gold Plumber and become the richest man on the Earth. Exploit all the oil reserve in Texas in this puzzle game that will put your ain to the test.Black Oil Plumber is an amusing game for the whole family! Only recommende...

Conquer the galaxy

Strategy games

Conquer the galaxy v2

Nothing goes right in the space! The number of extra-terrestrials is growing dramatically, and they are now starting to fight for every inch of land. Their plan is to steal your land. Dont let them do it! Increase your population and try to invade en...

Mission Oblivion

Interest games

Mission Oblivion v11

A black hole has appeared at Gardaland looks like it’s connected to another dimension through a space-time conduct. You have the possibility of experiencing the adventure of a lifetime...falling vertically through this mysterious portal...e...

Against the Darkness

Adventure games

Against the Darkness v1.0.5

This game is a real-time dungeon crawler with procedurally generated levels.All levels provide you with adventurous challenges, fighting not only against the dark... How deep can you go? How long will you survive?Against the darkness offers various o...

Bullet Boy Free

Interest games

Bullet Boy Free v1.2

Experience the thrill of shooting with both hands as a cowboy with enemies coming from both sides. It is a beautiful sunny day in Vegas desert and luke is fully loaded with bullets and all geared up to shoot his enemies, the only problem being that u...

Bullet Boy

Interest games

Bullet Boy v8

The coolest game youll play this year!An incredibly fun adventure across a floating world, where you fire yourself out of powerful cannons!Meet Bullet Boy, the courageous kid who rushes to escape a deadly tornado, while he tries to collect the missin...

My Doll House

Interest games

My Doll House v1.1.9

Create and decorate the dollhouse of your dreams with My Doll House! Pick your favorite houses or castles and give them your personal touch with over a hundred different and beautiful items for every kind of room you can imagine. Don’t forget to add ...

Wrestle Funny

Interest games

Wrestle Funny v1.0

This is an amazing and funny game, you will win once you could make your opponents head hit the ground, or you will lose.You could drive your legs by clicking the button on the screen. The funny point of the game is that people could rollover in the ...