Samsung galaxy y Games

Samsung galaxy y mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. Samsung galaxy y games channel to provide green, safe Samsung galaxy y games download.
Field Goal Tournament

Sports games

Field Goal Tournament v1.1.2

Discover this top free American Football game with endless ranking and tournament modes, great performance, and amazing features!- Intuitive and addictive gameplay, feels like realistic field goal kicking, easy controls, fun for the family- Multiple ...


Adventure games

Shapecast v1.13

Shapecast is an innovative take on dungeon crawler type games, with its unique spell casting system, that allows you to cast spells by drawing them on screen. Explore the ancient maze, gather runes to increase your power, and fight the horror that dw...

Air Craft Warrior 3D

Shooting games

Air Craft Warrior 3D v1.0

Air is an unity 3D airplane game with great 3D graphics where you have to fly as fast as you can and destroy all your enemies with your rockets and bombs. Prove you skills once again by finish alive all missions....

Hyperion IV

Interest games

Hyperion IV v1.0

Hop into your spaceship and fly out to the Stardust belts! The more Stardust you collect the more powerful space rockets you can purchase, and if you bet some of the Stardust you have already earned you can quickly multiply your profit! But beware of...

Escape From Graveyard

Adventure games

Escape From Graveyard v1.0.0

A man sheltered in the graveyard was got locked there. There are puzzles,hints and objects left. Find the hints, solve the puzzles and help the man to come out of it....

Commander Birdies

Interest games

Commander Birdies v1.0.7

Its a plane... its a bird... and... wait a minute its another bird and another one.... and it seems they all have the same target: To ing down Commander Birdies and his plane.Hi, the Commander here and I would love to get some help from you: I need t...

Brutal Swing

Interest games

Brutal Swing v1.0.4

Birds stole your burger, so now what are you going to do about it? Its time for a utal revenge! Swing from bird to bird and try to find your burger. A funny and addicting game of high scores and tapping fun! Tap anywhere on the screen to swing to the...

Crazy Traffic

Interest games

Crazy Traffic v1.0

This is a game about cars and traffic. What you have to do is control the cars and make them drive in double speed and make sure they cross the intersection safely, without crashing into each other. In this game, you need to make sure everything runs...

Your target is Apple

Shooting games

Your target is Apple v1.0

Drag your finger to shoot the arrow targeting the apples. But beware of missing it or you might end up killing the man!The first level of this game places you quite close to the man. If you hit the apple successfully without shooting the man then you...

Risky Rescue

Interest games

Risky Rescue v1.01

Get into your helicopter and rescue the people. Fly as fast as you can and as carefully as you can to not crash in the mountains.Avoid wind mills, cranes, planes and balloons! Explore all the beautiful, flat designed worlds, unlock all the choppers ...

Puzzle Of Tribes

Puzzle games

Puzzle Of Tribes v1.0

Meanwhile, [Puzzle of Tribes] is one of Cool Puzzle Game. If you are a fan of Puzzle Game, it will provide hours of fun and addictive gameplay. So take your axe, remove all “Things” in front of you. We have optimized the Game Control for mobile devic...

Endless of Endless

Interest games

Endless of Endless v1.0

Endless of Endless is an awesome racing game, featuring superior physics, gorgeous graphics and of course easy gameplay.Drive your car through sky highways. Speed up like a gust of wind! Wanna be a top racer? Come on, this racing game has them all. ...

Building Demolition Gun

Shooting games

Building Demolition Gun v1.5

Created on different types of structures and relations, use weapons and explosives for demolition and have a fun time.There are 18 game levels and for kids a special level.(Building destroyer)...

Escape From Solomon Island

Puzzle games

Escape From Solomon Island v1.0.0

As part of of trips to Papua new guinea a tourist visited the Solomon Islands archipelago trapped inside a cave. There are puzzles, objects and hints left. Find those objects, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to come out of it....

Risky Waters

Shooting games

Risky Waters v1.0.6

A thousand years ago, the Pagans tried to enslave the Elves. With the strength of a higher power, the Elves overcame all odds... But the prophecies said that one day, there would be a final war... A spell cast by Pagan necromancers is inging dragons,...

Underwater Fantasy Ride

Interest games

Underwater Fantasy Ride v1.0

The ocean swallowed everything-You’re about to start an underwater ride. Explore the Atlantis city and search for gems and golds!Get over obstacles and kill giant monsters on your way.Awesome Features:★Engaging fantasy storyline.★Modern Action and st...

Outside World

Interest games

Outside World v1.0

Lost and bewildered in an exotic world, Kyrsten wishes nothing but a way home. With the help of a newly-met ghost-like friend Jaynie, her surreal journey of exploration begins. Travel through the strange land and solve puzzles to get Kyrsten home....

Earth Roads

Interest games

Earth Roads v1

Hop from platform to platform through the infinite space and decimate your friends!Features:- Grab coins and buy new vehicles for extra agging rights!- Travel through erse biomes- Infinite level generation- Easy controls to learn, hard to master!- Ge...

Major Tom

Interest games

Major Tom v2.1

Jump, Fly, Tap and Bounce your way through the planets with our Hero.Introducing our happy Hero, the most awesome and cheeky Major Tom.Travel with him through the planets collecting all the atoms along the way.Jump crazy from spinning planets, avoid ...

Woman Fists For Fighting WFx3

Action games

Woman Fists For Fighting WFx3 v1

The girls are not the weak sex. Meet this girls, each one fighitng for dreams and defeating fears. In WFx3 you can choose from many ave womans and know why are they fighting and giving the best for beat all their opponents.In this game you go to find...