Sony LT26i Games

Sony LT26i mobile phone main screen resolution is 720×1280, android system version 2.3. Sony LT26i games channel to provide green, safe Sony LT26i games download.
New York Mysteries

Adventure games

New York Mysteries v1.0.16

Try new captivating detective adventure with elements of mysticism, telling a story of kidnapped children and mafia bosses.New York, 1955. Its become dangerous in the city. The mafia is trying to seize power. But recently, a new force appeared. A far...

The Awesome Adventure of Alfie

Interest games

The Awesome Adventure of Alfie v1.0

Meet Alfie.Alfie has a huge appetite for carrots and will do anything to eat every carrot that he sees. But in a dream, Alfie saw the carrot that could quench his appetite once and for all. The next morning, Alfie starts the biggest adventure of his ...

Rebel Hero

Action games

Rebel Hero v1.01

Original mobile hit finally available on Android!Not so long time ago, In a land, not so far away… Join epic battles in War like no other! Pick from loads of weapons, strategically spend money and try to save your homeland and your true love from evi...

Bubble Mania Galaxy Defense

Strategy games

Bubble Mania Galaxy Defense v1.1

Bubble Shooter Mania - Galaxy Defense is an amazing shooting bubble game with 600 levels in Arcade Mode Puzzle Mode for smartphone and tablet.You have to make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them pop and clear all the bubbles to level up. ...

Ghost Blitz

Interest games

Ghost Blitz v1.2.0

The world-famous game “Ghost Blitz”, played by millions of people, is now available for the smartphone and tablet!„Ghost Blitz“ is a game for all ages and for all occasions!Can be played alone or with friends, on the road or on a party – now “Ghost B...

3D Horror

Adventure games

3D Horror "A Cat Can See" v1.0.2

A cat screams in the dark closed school...Wandering the 3D of closed school,Find! and Escape!A cat can see something...If youve never seen a ghost , lets experience in this game.Japananese 3D horror game !!...

Aqua Trail

Interest games

Aqua Trail v1.0.5

Beautiful graphics, exciting visual effects, original soundtrack, and simple yet challenging gameplay will delight gamers of all ages and experience!Aqua Trail Features:- 140 FASCINATING levels (with more coming with each update)!- Simple to learn, b...

High Rise

Interest games

High Rise v1.00

HIGH RISE is an intense and challenging one touch stacking building gameTouch and hold the screen to move your drop indicator, let go of the screen to drop a piece of building.Try to stack building pieces on top of each other without your structure ...

Real 3D Basketball Full Game

Sports games

Real 3D Basketball Full Game v1.2

Real 3D Basketball is a game of perfectly tuned physics with real environment based on user skills with awesome opponent Ai. Standard game Scoring and standard game rules applied.Real 3D Basketball is a complete game for every kind of users varies a...


Interest games

Twins v1.0.0

Night and day, black or white. Jump between the two worlds, find your twin soul and resist in this deadly spiky world....

Angry Clouds

Puzzle games

Angry Clouds v3

Mr and Mrs cloud are in a war with the sky! Try to balance their relationship to keep their world away from rain. This game challenges your ain’s cognitive ability and your ability to multitask! Challenge your friends and family to see who can keep t...

Dinosaur:War in the Tropics

Interest games

Dinosaur:War in the Tropics v1.0.1

The ultimate Dinosaur simulator adventure game you have been waiting for : Dinosaur War in the Tropics. Take control of a Trex, Triceratops, or Dilophosaurus. It all takes place on a massive tropical Island with beautiful designed scenery . 15 ACTION...

Real Find Object

Interest games

Real Find Object v1.1.0

Find Object is a hidden object type of puzzle game. Find objects on the screen with hundreds of small doodle items.Your goal is very simple: given the object name, you have to find object on the screen. After playing a few matches you will find objec...


Interest games

Jumpers v1.1

Aidez les Jumpers à sauter dans leurs cages correspondantes, mais attention les cages changent de couleurs au fur et à mesure que le jeu avance et certains jumpers ne sont pas là pour vous aider !Mettez au défi vos réflexes grâce à Jumpers !...

Monster Trucks Unleashed

Interest games

Monster Trucks Unleashed v1.3

Are you ready to drive the Meanest Looking Monster Trucks in top gear!!Monster Cars Unleashed is a fun game with exhilarating levels and amazing game-play that will leave you wanting for more!!.Drive the Amazing,powerful and stunning monster Cars thr...

Big Jump Master 2015

Interest games

Big Jump Master 2015 v1.0

From the makers of Crash Master comes the next generation of one touch racing games - Big Jump Master 2015. Select your car, race down the track, jump just the right way to hit the target. Big jumps, big fun. Its even more challenging than Crash Mast...

Motor Hero!

Interest games

Motor Hero! v1.0

The creators of the #1 hit game, Hardest Game Ever 2, challenge you to be the Motor Hero!Conquer the risky platforms, and ride your way to victory!Hold to boost the bike to reach the next platform.Then hold in midair to flip the bike to get style poi...

Stan Lees Hero Command

Role Play games

Stan Lees Hero Command v43

Welcome to Stan Lee’s Hero Command, starring Stan Lee himself as the leader of Hero Command. Prepare yourself for an action packed thrill ride as Stan dispatches missions to his pantheon of heroes in a fight to save the world! Discover and become new...


Interest games

Sniffi v1.5.0

After an escape and a crash landing on a strange planet Sniffi needs your help on this exciting and cute journey.Run, jump and fly through four completely different worlds with over 100 levels! Edit the levels before each run, change the route, get o...


Interest games

Twenty v1.0

Watch out for imitations! This is the original Twenty created by Stephen French.Twenty is a colorful arcadepuzzle game that starts at 5, looks easy until 10, gets fiendish at 15 and challenges you to get to 20. Anyone can learn it, but youll have to ...