Sony LT22i Strategy Games

Sony LT22i mobile phone main screen is 540×960, Android system version 2.3. Sony LT22i games channel to provide free, safe Sony LT22i games download.
Defend the Planet

Strategy games

Defend the Planet v1.24

Protect your planet from asteroids! Tap to rotate defence! How long you can stand? Explore the galaxy to find new planets! Enjoy the game!...


Strategy games

GrowCastle v1.1.1

It is a defense game to protect the castle from enemy attack.If growth can be placed in the castle tower and the hero on each floor.Archer of the town is becoming a lot more more powerful the more upgrades.More than 12 heroes can use their own skills...


Strategy games

PsyCard v1.1

PSYCARD is a minesweeper-like game set in a cozy cyberpunk dystopia.Use your psychic powers, and some risky luck, to determine the position of the hidden cards and become the champion.- story mode with 4 selectable characters- a mysterious dungeon cr...

LOUD on Planet X

Strategy games

LOUD on Planet X v1.0.12

LOUD on Planet X is an arcade-style indie music game featuring Tegan and Sara, CHVRCHES, Lights, Metric, METZ, F*cked Up, HEALTH, Purity Ring, Little Dragon, Austra, Shad, Cadence Weapon, July Talk, Monomyth and more.Choose from a cross-section of to...

Hex Defender  Free

Strategy games

Hex Defender Free v1.27

Hex Defender is a tower defense game with a difference. With most tower defense games the turrets are placed and the position of that specific turret is fixed. With Hex Defender the six turrets are rotatable around a hexagon. There are six colors to ...

Pirate League

Strategy games

Pirate League v1.0.6

Pirate League is the next generation of mobile sea combat! Its easy, deep, fast and most importantly, its fun as hell! You will compete against other players in this real time naval mayhem, picking up power-ups, gaining wealth and sinking opponents. ...


Strategy games

LineClash v1.1

3D STRATEGY DEFENSE GAME★ 3D graphics The hero meets a distinctive★ various heroes foster system★ depth strategy★ Multiplayer Support...


Strategy games

Cyberpandemic v1.2

Are you sick of plainsimple mobile games? Have a feeling nothing can tease your ains anymore? I am happy to tell you that has changed. Enter the world of infinite strategies where so many of them are decent, even more are bad, but only few are optima...

Rabbit Island

Strategy games

Rabbit Island v1.0

Dear King of beasts,We invite you to join a trip to little islands of jolly forms. We will be thankful to you, the great strategist, if you help us to get rid of gluttonous rabbits. Our resources of carrots and flowers are drying up. You will get acc...


Strategy games

REDCON v1.1.1

Command your own battle fortress! Assemble the mightiest artillery force and bombard your foes into oblivion! Lead the Empire State offensive against Traitor General and his foul rebellion.★ Build and customize your battle fortress as you wish★ Use A...


Strategy games

Tresbeum v1.0.2

DOMINATE THE GALAXY!Choose a faction out of three, each faction has their own specialty.Choose your ships and go try to dominate the other factions. There are 4 class of ships, each class has several type to choose from.Randomize planets position eve...

Tomatina Defense

Strategy games

Tomatina Defense v1.0.5

The world’s most famous tomato fight now has its very own official game: welcome to Tomatina Defense!The participants of La Tomatina are out of control and are trying to seize all the world’s tomatoes. Keep these rebel Tomatineros at bay by pelting t...

Alien Defense

Strategy games

Alien Defense v1.6

Get ready for the alien defense battles!Defend your country against the alien invaders.Your team besthet of the most modern flamethrowers, missile defense systems, guns and artillery continued.Fighting for the freedom of your country. Holding off the...


Strategy games

ZombWar v1.0

With 90 Levels Story Mode Gameplay, command and perfect your strategy to conquer the zombies that have taken to the world. Test your real skill in the INFINITY MODE and battle against other players worldwide for the best High Score....

Star Dancer Space War Game

Strategy games

Star Dancer Space War Game v1.30g

Command:Blue 6 - come in blue 6?Blue 6:Ive lost my targeting computer, engines at 50 percent - going down!Love space battles? Space Dogfights? Beam weapons? Frantic Pilot Chatter?Then Star Dancer is the game for you.Star Dancer is a space strategy ga...

Roll The Wall

Strategy games

Roll The Wall v1.4

Tap to rotate defence! Roll the Wall! What is your best score?! Play with friends and be the best!Enjoy the very addictive and fun game!!!...

Zombie Guard

Strategy games

Zombie Guard v1.61

The city is under attack! Grab a nail gun, top hat, and ing an ally because these civilians need your help. Defend against an onslaught of zombies using a personal arsenal. Upgrade your equipment and abilities. Find allies and unlock all the loot!Zom...

Tap Cats:Idle Warfare

Strategy games

Tap Cats:Idle Warfare v1.0.5

As part of an elite force of tap cats, you must hire unique cats to help you stop K.R.I.M.E from monopolizing the diamond resources across the galaxy....

Tower Defence Heroes

Strategy games

Tower Defence Heroes v1.5

Protect military bases from the enemies who do not want to pay for travel on your road! Use all possible modifications of the towers, in order that no one would have been able to reach your base!...