HTC One X Simulation Games

HTC One X mobile phone main screen resolution is 720×1280, android system version 4.0. HTC One X games channel to provide green, safe HTC One X games download.
Triceratops Simulator

Simulation games

Triceratops Simulator v1.0

really amazing dinosaur simulator game: get around with your dinosaur, eat everything you find on your way!We took the best practices from each game group and make this Dinosaur game so exciting, adventurous and fun. Everyone (kids, teenager, even an...

Ninja Simulator

Simulation games

Ninja Simulator v1.0

ninja RPGits time to play a role of powerful ninjaExplore the real world of Ninja and experience the exciting adventure with level up, learn the ultimate jutsu and become the strongest Ninja.Build the strongest Ninja Village by winning in this epic m...

Gardens Inc. 2: Road to Fame

Simulation games

Gardens Inc. 2: Road to Fame v1.0.3

Jill and Mike are back and need your help winning a contest that will give an immense boost to their gardening business while at the same time reveal the plans of a dastardly thief in this time management adventure.Now their gardening business is wel...

Farming PRO 2015

Simulation games

Farming PRO 2015 v1.2

It’s time for you to start your agricultural career with this realistic farming simulator. Harvest fields, raise animals, walk around your farm to manage buildings, drive combines, tractors, trucks and semis and master over 50 farm tools and implemen...

Beauty or Brains

Simulation games

Beauty or Brains v14

Beauty or ains? Pick a team and see if you have what it takes to become the most profitable pizza professional in town!How do you establish and run your own successful pizzeria without drowning in mountains of debt? That’s precisely the puzzle that y...

My Salad Bar - Shop Manager

Simulation games

My Salad Bar - Shop Manager v1.0.1

It is time to eat healthy! Be a salad bar baster by running your own great salad bar and providing healthy, vegetarian and low fat meal options to your clients! With delicious ingredients, prepare different wraps and salads, with plenty of vegan opti...

Anna Growth

Simulation games

Anna Growth v1.0.4

Annas Growth is a baby game. Are you ready to be a mother? Have you bought all the tools and take care of your baby? Anna is a newborn baby, three steps of her-6 months, age 1 and age 3. Feeding her food, drinking and more delicious dessert. She got ...

Kids Eye Doctor

Simulation games

Kids Eye Doctor v1.0.0

There is a surgery doctor in all of us! Tipy Tapy is here with a and new hospital game, a baby doctor and a vet clinic. The game is all about baby birth, mommy doctor and her eye treatment. Maternity doctors have been popular in our recent games but ...

Calimeros Village

Simulation games

Calimeros Village v1.0

Life is just not fair for poor Calimero!Calimero just moved in the city of Hatchington to have a new start. It’s up to you to build a new city to gather all Calimero’s best friends.Recreate the world of Calimero, building the old mill and its incredi...

Potion Maker

Simulation games

Potion Maker v2.0.1

The first game of Sinsiroad! Animated characters in Live2D! Pio-chan cute! Enhanced potion to put the material to the cauldron! Infinitely becomes higher price!Potion making an increasingly developed in upgrade!Aim the millionaire Become a potion mas...

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

Simulation games

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy v1.0.2

FORGET EVERYTHING YOU’VE PLAYED! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE AIR COMBAT GAME thats taking the world by storm! Designed with the latest iOS technology and features, Air Supremacy is a never-before-seen 3D experience. With an extensive single player campaign ...

Island Castaway: Lost World

Simulation games

Island Castaway: Lost World v1.5

Being stranded on a remote island has never been so entertaining!After a shipwreck, your main goal is survival, although getting off the island would be great too. But first you must step up and become the leader of the castaways to prevent chaos and...

Fire Engine Truck Simualtor

Simulation games

Fire Engine Truck Simualtor v1.0

Love driving and Simulating Big Vehicles especially Fire Trucks, we will invite you to simulate a fire truck in Fire Fighter Truck 3D Simulator Code name Fire Emergency 911. There is a fire around the corner and your squadron is called upon to save t...

Dentist Salon 2

Simulation games

Dentist Salon 2 v1.0.0

Crazy Dentist Salon 2 is released! Do you get pain with your teeth before or all the time? That is really a painful experience. A good dentist will tell you how to protect your teeth. You want to be a perfect dentist? So many little girls and boys co...

Truck Simulator -City Free

Simulation games

Truck Simulator -City Free v1.4

Try to be the best Truck driver in the city, become a real trucker!Find a trailer with the red indicator on your screen and park your truck to the parking spot by following the green indicator.You can change position of camera by clicking camera butt...

PLAYMOBIL Luxusvilla

Simulation games

PLAYMOBIL Luxusvilla v1.1

Want to live in style? With the PLAYMOBIL Luxury Mansion, your dreams of a glamorous home are coming true!The residents and their guests have a lot of different things to do! Whether exercising, taking a shower, and changing their outfit, or making c...

Stray Cat Simulator

Simulation games

Stray Cat Simulator v1

Pick your favorite eed and live the life of a Stray Cat! Survive in a massive city filled with dangerous dogs, feisty felines, and tasty rodents! Raise your family, pounce on mice, and battle for your life against birds, rats, and dogs!Download the S...

Coffee Shop:Cafe Business Sim

Simulation games

Coffee Shop:Cafe Business Sim v0.9.16

Have you always dreamed of managing a cafe? Now you can, in a and new business simulator: Coffee Shop! Set off to a quiet country town to help Jo open a coffee shop and cheer up her customers with the aroma of fresh coffee day after day.Build your ow...

RC Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D

Simulation games

RC Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D v1.14

Helicopter game, RC Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D, is a new a exciting helicopter flying sim game. Take control of a super realistic RC helicopter and go on flying adventures in your house ! ALL 20 LEVELS UNLOCKED AND SANDBOX MODE !Amazing 3D Chinoo...

Car Driver 3

Simulation games

Car Driver 3 v3.22

Latest Car Driver series.180 Level and 3 theme (3 Car)Game properties* Multi language* Realistic car physics* 3 different vehicles* 3 different theme* 180 level and Updates.* Control selections* Wheel size and leftright selections.* Day and night the...