HTC One X Simulation Games

HTC One X mobile phone main screen is 720×1280, Android system version 4.0. HTC One X games channel to provide free, safe HTC One X games download.
Teen Idol: Magazine Cover Girl

Simulation games

Teen Idol: Magazine Cover Girl v1.2

Stop dreaming of becoming a famous model and make it happen! In Teen Idol: A Model’s Dream, you get to have the whole fashion model experience from makeup to photoshoot! Feel the glam of beauty and fame as you become the poster girl of famous magazin...

Extreme Forklifting 2

Simulation games

Extreme Forklifting 2 v1.11

Always dreamed of becoming a forklift operator? Now you can!You get to drive a forklift, move pallets around and do crazy stunts.Features:- The forklifting adventure youve always been dreaming of!- Experience the glamorous life of a warehouse worker....

Real RC Flight Sim

Simulation games

Real RC Flight Sim v1.1.2

Real RC Flight Sim 2016 now for mobiles! Be amazed by the realism and controls of the Remote Control Flight Simulator 2016!You will fly with 15 different aircrafts in more than 14 high detailed scenarios! We included the virtual RC Controller on the ...

Lion Simulator 3D Adventure

Simulation games

Lion Simulator 3D Adventure v1.1

A Lion has been let loose in the medieval forest. Your soul has entered his body and you must go hunt to find food. This adventure game is not for everyone. This game is part free play and part mission based. This game is not easy and it will be diff...

Roller Coaster Simulator

Simulation games

Roller Coaster Simulator v1.1

Feel and live through the excitement of riding on a roller coaster only on Roller Coaster Simulator 3D. Control the speed of the rides and be careful to slow down while making sharp turns and at intersections! Chase the adrenaline rush as you drop fr...


Simulation games

Transversals v1.0

Beat this extra challenging action puzzler!The game is simpleJust left, right and jump.Get the three to the goal at the same time.It gets hard fast.You will have to run, jump, slide and thinkto make it through all the levels....

Ultimate Kept Man

Simulation games

Ultimate Kept Man v1.0.10

If you work,you lose! So maintain your kept man life and get lots of allowance!-FAQQ.DPS in background is incorrect.A.The behavior is by design.The reason is to keep the Game balance.In background, DPS will become 0.04 times.and money will increase f...

Petroleum Tycoon

Simulation games

Petroleum Tycoon v0.9.7

The history starts with the fact that you find an oil field in the yard of your house. You will be developing, purchase the new equipment, erect the buildings, hire the guards and personnel, make deals with competitors, acquire the skill of stock tra...

The Beggar King

Simulation games

The Beggar King v2.33

The Beggar King allows you to experience wealth like youve never dreamed possible! Start at the bottom, and work your way to fame and glory! Brace yourself for challenges and obstacles on your journey to greatness, and overcome the odds. Do you have ...

VR Car Driving Simulator

Simulation games

VR Car Driving Simulator v0.5

This is a VR car driving virtual reality game for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets.Use your VR headset to race a car off road and explore a desert.Get ready to drive a 4x4 pickup truck 3D virtual reality. Experience the r...

Phoenix Sim 3D

Simulation games

Phoenix Sim 3D v1.1

Have you ever wanted to live the fantasy life of a phoenix, battle with fierce enemies as you raise a family and conquer the fantasy world? Now you can become the ultimate phoenix bird in a simulator unlike any other – Phoenix Sim 3D!...

Star Chef Free

Simulation games

Star Chef Free v2.0.5

Grow from an Amateur cook to the Culinary Master as you cook a wide variety of mouth watering dishes from all over the world. Build your own classy restaurant in the heart of the city and maintain a high Star Rating. Run a bustling kitchen with speci...

Flight Simulator Free

Simulation games

Flight Simulator Free v2.3

Aerial combat flight simulatorAir Fighter Simulator is the flight and the fastest and most maneuverable fight ever created.The landscapes unfold so quickly...The first chapter is dedicated to learning to pilot ( First flight, takeoff, landing, etc......

Wasp Simulator

Simulation games

Wasp Simulator v1.0

Your Wasp nest has been destroyed and you must reestablish the colony. Control your very own Wasp in this huge insect world. Establish your new wasp colony, feed the Queen, find Worker and attack hornets, and go out in search of the insect bosses. Th...

Princess Band Pop Star Salon

Simulation games

Princess Band Pop Star Salon v1.0

Being a princess is a great treat, but even princesses have big dreams. Fancy balls and handsome princes can only do so much when you have the hopes to become a pop star! Your voice is amazing, your style is top-notch, and now the only thing missing ...

Drive Simulator 2016

Simulation games

Drive Simulator 2016 v2.2

Drive over 15 vehicles, operate large cranes and machines, complete easy and complex objectives and explore a large detailed open world environment. Drive simulator 2016 is like no other simulator, its the complete simulation package packed with vari...


Simulation games

HairSalon v1.0

Did you ever imagine of being a hairdresser? Trim, grow, style, dye... Well, we need one right now! If youre talented, prove it to the world. You see, we got a lot of guests with erse hair requests, long or short, curly or straight, purple or pink......

Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free

Simulation games

Flight Alert Simulator 3D Free v1.0.4

From the creators of Flight Pilot Simulator 3D, the best flight simulator of 2016! Now, be the pilot HERO that will save all the passengers: land your airplane safely despite the dangerous conditions!+ Immersive scenarios: bad weather, aircraft failu...