HTC One X Simulation Games

HTC One X mobile phone main screen resolution is 720×1280, android system version 4.0. HTC One X games channel to provide green, safe HTC One X games download.
Space Simulator

Simulation games

Space Simulator v1.0.5

Space Simulator : realistic full scale Solar System space flight simulator featuring historical Apollo and Space Shuttle missions and free flight missions; touch-enabled 3D virtual cockpits; emulated flight computers and high resolution planets.Featu...

The King of Love: DATING RPG

Simulation games

The King of Love: DATING RPG v1.3.4

Are you dreaming of such an intense love in the future?Here, we launched the dating sim RPG ‘The King of Love’ for you.The King of Love is tapping rpg gameThere are 30 charming characters who are willing to be your sweetheart!Girl friends thirtyChall...

Protect The Planet Episode 1

Simulation games

Protect The Planet Episode 1 v3.0

Protect The Planet is a 2D and 3D virtual reality game. This game uses your head movements and applies it to the player in a Side-by-side 3d stereoscopic view or play in 2d and use your finger to swipe across the screen to aim. For viewing in 3D use ...

Train Driver 15

Simulation games

Train Driver 15 v版本1.3.3

Train Driver 15 is the latest train simulator that will allow you to become the best train driver! Detailed maps, amazing trains, wonderful features will make you feel like driving a real train! Complete all the routes on time, by driving freight or ...

Xtreme Soaring 3D II

Simulation games

Xtreme Soaring 3D II v1.5.9

Have you ever dreamed of soaring the sky like a bird, circling on an invisible thermal and staying aloft just by your skills and the forces of natures?Or are you already a glider pilot who looking for more funs while youre not flying?Welcome to Xtrem...

From Farm to City: Dynasty

Simulation games

From Farm to City: Dynasty v1.17

REALISTIC GRAPHICS, FARM and CITY building!Join your friends and adventure through one of the best business simulation game!FEATURES- Play with your neighbors after inviting them and get free gifts!- Try to reveal the secret of your neighbors estate....

Arctic Bear

Simulation games

Arctic Bear v1.0

From the far reaches of the arctic circle, a young Polar Bear rises. You must help him survive and thrive against these harsh winter conditions. Hes strong enough to fish and hunt down rabbits. But you must build up his strength and stamina. When she...

Bridge Builder Simulator

Simulation games

Bridge Builder Simulator v1.0

Become the ultimate idge constructor in this super addictive Bridge Building Brain Teaser!If you have ever wondered how they build all those awesome Bridges, you now have a chance to take matters into your hands and build one for yourself!Discover 4 ...


Simulation games

Cupcakes v1.0.1

The rumor has it, your Cupcake Parlour is the best in town. New customers are coming in everyday and you need to keep it up to grow your business.Some orders are very specific and customized. Others will let your creativity get loose.You will be face...

Plane Simulator 3D

Simulation games

Plane Simulator 3D v1.0.4

Ever wanted to be a pilot and fly a real plane? Plane Simulator offers you the most realistic flying experience with 3D graphics and animations!Start the engine, unleash your inner courage, and feels the power of realistic planes while flying through...

Fix My Car: GT Supercar Shop

Simulation games

Fix My Car: GT Supercar Shop v1.01

Become the ultimate supercar mechanic! Build a concept Gran Turismo (GT) concept car supercharged for performance... fuel it with luxury racing upgrades in your very own high-tech research and development garage and shop; youll have all the high-tech...


Simulation games

Hmmsim2 v1.2.3

Hmmsim, the first train simulation game from Korea, became new and erse!In Hmmsim 2, advanced graphics, new map, outer view of train, dynamic trains and scoring mode has been added.Also, the performance in BVE Add-On operation has been upgraded, and ...

Wild Cougar Sim 3D

Simulation games

Wild Cougar Sim 3D v1.2

Become the ultimate hunter as the real cougar. Wild Cougar Sim offers the most realistic simulation experience for animal fighting games! Join the battle in this super epic adventure delivered in stunning 3D.Survive in the wilderness as long as you c...

Trex Survival

Simulation games

Trex Survival v1.0

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is known as one of the most powerful and frightening dinosaurs. A favorite among dino lovers both young and old, this fearsome creature needs your help in surviving the elements of the Jurassic environment. This 3D dinosaur simu...

Hill Driver Full OffRoad

Simulation games

Hill Driver Full OffRoad v1

As a player, there are several types of trucks, which must be delivered to 25different kinds of goods.The wide world of off-road more than 50 interactive eventsthe most unpredictable conditions and changing climate. Thus, delivery of a huge woodencon...

Lost Siberia: Craft Survival

Simulation games

Lost Siberia: Craft Survival v1.5

And youre ready to survive in the harsh and cold place on earth? Your plane crashed in western Siberia, you find an old abandoned village in which no residents. Lie just around the wreckage, things of passengers and a lot of predators who are very hu...

Plant Evolution World

Simulation games

Plant Evolution World v1.3.0

Nurture, evolve, mutated new species. A little strange, a little intriguing, very disgusting.A erse number of evolution possibilities, awaits your discovery!You will see unusual but astonishing new plants that can walk and talk.You will see peculiar ...

Pig Simulator

Simulation games

Pig Simulator v1.01

The craziest Pig game available on IOS!Play as a real crazy pig - run, destroy, demolish and make the biggest rampage this world has ever seen.- 5 huge levels to explore- Multiple pigs to choose- Interactive people and animals- Dress every pig as you...

Ultimate Lion Simulator

Simulation games

Ultimate Lion Simulator v1.0

Jump into a and new adventure as a ferocious Lion! Brave a dangerous new world to claim your place at the top of the food chain! Recruit, raise, and customize your lions, hunt down prey to feed your pride, and battle for your life against fierce boss...

Truck Simulator PRO 2016

Simulation games

Truck Simulator PRO 2016 v1.5

Start the engine and feel the power of huge trucks while driving through US cities and roads in this advanced truck simulator. Build and expand your transporting empire by unlocking new trucks, hiring other drivers and exploring new cities.Avoid coll...