Samsung GT-S7500 Action Games

Samsung GT-S7500 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S7500 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S7500 games download.

Action games

Lamphead v1.1

Presented by Oriplay Games.The protagonist of this game is a strange man with a lamp instead his head who needs to each out of the darkened and dangerous odd place at whatever cost. Are you ready to prove that your reaction is outstanding, shunting b...


Action games

Spartan v1.6

MegaManX inspired platformer game! Just jump and shoot! Available for both Phones and Tablets.STORY★A great shadow has descended over Olympus the mythical land of the gods, chaos creatures born of the darkest parts of the void defile this once peacef...


Action games

HERO-X v1.0.1

Unknown army occupies the city and all the building and roads got oken.HeroX moves to save the Earth.The Costumes:-Make the super power heroes by Power-up! -Change the costumes by Power-up!The Combo:-The special attack by each hero.-More than 10 Comb...

Robot Conqueror

Action games

Robot Conqueror v1.0.4

Play as a Robot Conqueror and enslave worlds! Destroy your enemies in a way you like: Exterminate with Drill, burn with Flame thrower, annihilate bosses with Uber Laser. Feel total control of a giant mech which ings chaos and demolition. With the uni...

World of Warriors: Duel

Action games

World of Warriors: Duel v1.1.2

Whose finger’s fastest? Let battle commence in this simple but fist-bitingly tense reaction game! Ready… Steady… FIGHT!Defeat countless warriors as you tap your way to triumph. Make mincemeat of Vikings, Romans, Ninjas and more! It’s hilariously ruth...

Knee Kick Girl

Action games

Knee Kick Girl v1.5.3

Welcome to Knee Kick Girl. You are now logged in to the world of purgatory.[Introduction]Knee Kick Girl is an action RPG about a girl who must conquer the Devil’s purgatory using only her main weapon – her ultra-powerful knee-kick. Knee Kick Girl fea...

Callys Caves 3

Action games

Callys Caves 3 v1.0.2

ts time for the epic conclusion to Callys battle with the Nefarious Herbert! Callys parents have been kidnapped again, as Herbert tries to take control of the Caves to perform his evil experiments. Join Cally in this action-packed run and gun platfor...

Vikings in Love

Action games

Vikings in Love v1.2.3

Vikings in Love is Cabbagemans newest title.Get ready for an adventure with your friendly viking Björn! Whos he? Hes a real viking womanizer, sharing his love all around the village!And you know what? Now all of his love affairs want more and this vi...


Action games

WAA! VR v1.0

The little Astronaut is back!This time as an exciting virtual reality 3D Experience for Google Cardboard.Jump into his spacesuit and defend him against the incoming Asteroids.Seek and destroy them by sending out your homing missiles. ...

Bleeding Edge

Action games

Bleeding Edge v1.0

This bleeding edge of mine will never be pristine againe.Run, dash and slash your enemies in this fast paced action game....

Stick Em Up 2

Action games

Stick Em Up 2 v1.0.3

Stick Em Up 2: Paper Adventures is a runngunplatform game of stick figure characters fighting through beautiful paper and card levels.Fly across city rooftops firing rockets from a helicopter, leap between pirate ships with a sword, race buggies on t...

The Last Ninja assassinator

Action games

The Last Ninja assassinator v1.0.1

The last Ninja Assassinator is fast-paced action packed fighting game of ninja legend, climb your ninja assassin warrior on the castle walls, swim through rivers do whatever you can do be a steel avenger, it’s time to show your street fighting skills...

Russian Crime Cartel Genisys 3D

Action games

Russian Crime Cartel Genisys 3D v1.0

REVENGE IS SWEET, WHEN PROMISES ARE NOT CAPPED.Take on the role as Nikolai a russian crime family muscle. After being thrown out of the family after a saving the life of a infant baby. You start take out the mobsters of this russian mob family. Killi...

Stick Fight

Action games

Stick Fight v1.2

Welcome to the Stick Fight! We are giving you a basic 2 key fighting experience with sweet, sweet animations and endless action. Your objective is to fight the never ending waves of stick figures.Super easy, Super addictive!You should not waste your ...

Crime City Cop

Action games

Crime City Cop v1

Crime City Cop is a best Crime City Police Driver game available on Android. If you love killing terrorist or pull over people and get into any cop car and chase criminals? Then this is the best most real cop simulator game you can find on store. Fea...

Rise of Hell Fire Fighter

Action games

Rise of Hell Fire Fighter v1.0

The hottest and newest fighting game Rise of HellFire Fighter, with 5 different scenarios and abundant levels enable you to enjoy a fantastic fighting experience.Upgrading skills comes with unbelievable changes! In this blood tear utal world, only f...

Miami Vendetta Furious Crime

Action games

Miami Vendetta Furious Crime v1.0.1

Miami has become hell after a crime spree overtook the city last month. In Miami Vendetta Furious Crime, you play as a undercover police officer who has taken up the challenge to clean up Miami city of these crooks. Play missions in a massive open wo...

Airport security

Action games

Airport security v1.4

Are you ready to take the security inside out on this airport. in Inside Airport Security you will play as a security guard and you have to make sure the people will be safe and sound on the airport and at the airplanes. Do you have what it takes? Ca...

Proud Saiyan Warrior

Action games

Proud Saiyan Warrior v1.0.1

DESCRIPTION- This is a game of DB from the famous anime series. However taking the control of Vegeeta the game takes place in a fantasy world exclusive from the anime series where Vegeeta will train hard in order to beat Gouku by becoming a SS3.KEY F...

Afro Fighters

Action games

Afro Fighters v1.2

AFRO FIGHTERS is a fighting tournament set-up to thwart the plans of Dark Lord Oti to rule the world.A prophesy of young fighters was told, that they will emerge from the ruins of Africa to challenge the evil plans of Oti.Watch how things unfold as y...