Samsung GT-S7500 Action Games

Samsung GT-S7500 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S7500 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S7500 games download.
Ahri League Of Legends

Action games

Ahri League Of Legends v1.0

In LOL League of Legends Ahri , the player plays as Ahri and hunt monsters. Kill monters to earn gold. Kill and survive. Use positioning and strategy to destroy your foes while surviving and avoiding danger.Your skills and flexibility are decisive fa...

Experiment Z:Zombie Survival

Action games

Experiment Z:Zombie Survival v8

EXPERIMENT Z IS HERE! Stay alive in the most anticipated mobile multiplayer zombie survival game, just like DayZ for your android!!!! Also with features from Rust, GTA, and The Walking Dead!Play with friends, scavenge and loot buildings, find food, g...

Death Arena

Action games

Death Arena v1.0

Enter the Stickman Death Arena, but be warned its not a friendly place! With all the blood flying around youd do well to ing goggles (also a machine gun and some grenades wouldnt hurt)! Find other stickman and shoot, and slice them to pieces as you m...


Action games

Exsilium v1.0.1

After the invention of the warp drive, humanity had reached the era of space exploration. The V.E.P., Voluntary Explorer Program is aiming at discovering new possibilities in the outer space.As one of the explorers of V.E.P., you have been assigned t...

Vendetta Crime Empire 3D

Action games

Vendetta Crime Empire 3D v1.3

WELCOME TO OYSTER BAY, THE CRIME CITY OF THE WESTVendetta Crime Empire 3D is the second game within the vendetta mobster wars series, in Vendetta Crime Empire 3D you will find loads of improvements. With more in depth mobster driven gameplay that wil...

Dark WereWolf - Assassin 3D

Action games

Dark WereWolf - Assassin 3D v1.3

Assassin WereWolf - crime control a strong WereWolf defending its territory from humans. Sneak up on enemy soldiers and kill them wit your strong hits. In this Android game you have to control a huge gorilla male, who is infuriated by the fact that t...

Angry Stickman

Action games

Angry Stickman v1.2

One a day, at the countryside far away light of the city. The legend Stickman with his family have been living the happiest days together. The Gangsters of Evil Stick Band is finding him to revenge for all the things he done for them. After found out...

Block Ops:Divergent Games

Action games

Block Ops:Divergent Games vc6

Welcome to the world of Block Ops: Divergent Games, a weapons FPS simulator game for you phone or tablet. This totally free app creates a fully interactive block world experience that puts you right at the center of the action. Explosive head-to-head...

Vendetta Miami Crime Simulator

Action games

Vendetta Miami Crime Simulator v1.4

WELCOME TO MIAMI SET UP YOUR CRIME EMPIRE IN THE 80’S Go for the total Vendetta Miami Crime Simulator experience in the beautiful city in Miami style. Experience the legendary mafia years in the late 80’s, steal cars everywhere in Vendetta Miami Crim...

Woman Fists For Fighting WFx3

Action games

Woman Fists For Fighting WFx3 v1

The girls are not the weak sex. Meet this girls, each one fighitng for dreams and defeating fears. In WFx3 you can choose from many ave womans and know why are they fighting and giving the best for beat all their opponents.In this game you go to find...

Rebel Hero

Action games

Rebel Hero v1.01

Original mobile hit finally available on Android!Not so long time ago, In a land, not so far away… Join epic battles in War like no other! Pick from loads of weapons, strategically spend money and try to save your homeland and your true love from evi...

Super Adventure Pals

Action games

Super Adventure Pals v1.0.0

Battle monsters in this epic adventure quest. Your task is to escape from a computer eating mad man. Your best friend, a giraffe is your link and is going to help you through your tough contest of defeating the many challenging levels filled with act...

Shadow Ninja Attack 3D

Action games

Shadow Ninja Attack 3D vv1.3

From the creators of Vector: Shadow Ninja Attack 3D is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical fighting. This game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts t...

Dead or Undead

Action games

Dead or Undead v1.3

At the end of time in a bloody nights mysterious phenomenon this day of full moon zombies come ghostly character haunted hotel on Route 66 in Dead Undead Or you are a Former police officer came in civil revenge ca little girl is eating by this horrib...

G.I. Joe:Strike

Action games

G.I. Joe:Strike v1.0.1

G.I. Joe: StrikeDISCOVER THE HERO WITHINExperience the visceral thrill of combat in this fast-paced, cinematic action game. Your nemesis Storm Shadow has rounded up an army of deadly Arashikage ninja and must be stopped!Lead your own covert mission a...

The Last Assassin HD

Action games

The Last Assassin HD v1.0

China has been a huge territory occupying country, famous due to long wars and battle between enemy tribes. The war in china has been a profession of ave men. They used to invent new weapons, new ammunition and war equipments and tools starting with ...

SaiYan Dark Strom

Action games

SaiYan Dark Strom v1.1.3

This is the dragon ball game. if you like Songoku do not miss.You will be able to play as goku for Fight with many enemies and transform into Super Saiyan....

Falling Dwarves

Action games

Falling Dwarves v1.0.2.0

This is a new game from Kuma the Bear that anyone can play. Escape from the Cave Monster in Falling Dwarves!A group of dwarves heard rumors of a cave full of treasure.However, to the dwarves terror, it is not treasure that they find inside, but frigh...

Shadow Avenger

Action games

Shadow Avenger v1.1.9

It is a free game that can be done easily in a short time. In situations where assassins come to attack from both sides, you must clear all the enemy of two-way blow speedy. There is no place to retreat more to you was born for revenge.Code name is y...