Samsung GT-S5300 Shooting Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Blocky Copter in Compton

Shooting games

Blocky Copter in Compton v1

Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the world. Blocky commando, in a gunship helicopter is on a deadly mission on the battlefront to defend the city.Brings misery on the evil block Commandos. Be the Trained Fighter Pilot an...

Marbel Magic Space

Shooting games

Marbel Magic Space v1.0

Marbel Magic Space is one of Marbel games for kids aged 6 - 10 years old. This game is good for kids to stimulate their adroitness. The adventure began when Marbel and friends were in outer space. Unfortunately, a huge meteor hit their mother ship ca...

Super Gunner Fighting

Shooting games

Super Gunner Fighting v1.0

Super Gunner Fighting - complete difficult battle missions as an elite special unit sniper. Destroy terrorists, groups of criminals, and other enemies. In this Android game you are a professional sniper. Develop your skills by completing various trai...

Operation Deimos

Shooting games

Operation Deimos v1.1

Have you ever wanted to kill terrorists and defend us from the axis of evil? Join Operation Deimos in order to protect and serve your nation!...

Storm the Train

Shooting games

Storm the Train v1.6.1

Send your agents on a rampage of destruction against unending hordes of zombies, robots, ninjas and relentless boss battles in this explosive, guns blazing side-scroller.Recruit new agents with special abilities and gadgets to lay down the law to the...

Gunshipper Counter Attack

Shooting games

Gunshipper Counter Attack v1.1

Gunshipper Counter Attack is a top free gunner shooter war game. There is a terrorist enemies attack on our cargo sea port. Enemy has attacked with the fully loaded military AK-47 guns, loaded machine gunner jeeps and helicopters and it time to show ...

Shootout:Modern Battlefield

Shooting games

Shootout:Modern Battlefield v1.0

Shootout: Modern Battlefield is an action packed first person shooter game that puts you directly in charge of an assault unit whose mission is to ambush incoming enemy columns of tanks and soldiers. You will hide in strategic vantage points to to t...

99 Bullets Bird Shooting

Shooting games

99 Bullets Bird Shooting v1.1

You have 99 bullets. Shoot as many birds as you can in the fixed amount bullets.99 Bullets: Bird Shooting is one of the series of games 99 bullets. This is a fun physics shooting game. You will shoot the birds to achieve more score. You only have a l...

Space Invasion Combat

Shooting games

Space Invasion Combat v1.1

The Aliens from Azguardu Planet have launched fierce attack on the planet Earth. They are on a mission to extinct human race and you are on a mission to hunt aliens – the battle is on!The Monstrous Aliens army has landed on their space shuttle, and y...

Cannon Hero

Shooting games

Cannon Hero v1.0

Join Rocket Boy as he saves the world from evil forces!Tap and hold to target the evil trooper, then release to shoot.Aim at the evil troopers head to score more and get rewards!Shoot three headshots in a row to enter Fever Mode!Enter the FEVER MODE ...

Gun Upgrade

Shooting games

Gun Upgrade v5.0.1

Every time you finish a level you are put in a new location with a new gun, and you must survive as many levels as you can. Every five levels you must face more enemies. It has a zombie mode, game pad support, a custom rules mode, leader boards, and ...

Spin Commander

Shooting games

Spin Commander v0.9.2

1) Spin to rotate your avatar, (2) shoot incoming enemies and (3) survive as long as you can. Sounds simple? You should find out!*This game requires a Gyroscope (G-Sensor) on your device*This game is a unique experience! There is nothing similar out ...

Real Sniper Shooter

Shooting games

Real Sniper Shooter v1.0

Real Sniper Shooter is an amazing and thriller shooting game. Complete the mission as per instruction and own a big money.Kill some criminals to make the world better place....

Apple Shooter 3D 2

Shooting games

Apple Shooter 3D 2 v1.3

From the makers of Apple Shooter 3D, here comes the second version of the game with amazing Game Play – Apple Shooter 3D - 2 in Casual Game Category. APPLE SHOOTER 3D – 2 is the best archery game ever, let’s try this exciting game now on Android, Goo...

Invasion:Alien Attack

Shooting games

Invasion:Alien Attack v1.0

This is not one more arcade for killing aliens… this is the arcade for killing humans that the whole galaxy was waiting for! Survive -if you can- to the violent and angry humans and save the cows of the world with a wide range of weapons and ufos....

Boot camp

Shooting games

Boot camp v1.4

The Doodle Army wants you!Get the full version for more missions, boss battles and mini games!Enlist today and cut down wave after wave of enemies in this endless shooting adventure! Hear the sweet screams of your victims as you strafe them with subm...

Archery Free

Shooting games

Archery Free v1.0.2

Brush up your Archery skills with this app. Unlock new bows arrows as you earn more points. Get more challenging levels ahead with moving and dynamic targets. Change the environment as you go up the levels with additional environmental props like wi...

Space Outlaw

Shooting games

Space Outlaw v1.1

This is one of the many adventures of Kyira. A smuggler, ace pilot and damn fine engineer.Follow the story of her crew of Outlaws as they battle a nasty Corporation....