Samsung GT-S5300 Shooting Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.

Shooting games

Tourney v1.0

Tourney is an old-school shooter, like one of those where you fight face to face with your friends. ...

Ether Wars

Shooting games

Ether Wars v4.3

You are the last hope that stands before the total annihilation of the human race. Piloting a ship with the latest high-tech you are on a mission to stop the invasion of the terrible Ether Blobs. Prove your worth in unlimited levels that will test yo...

War of Words VR

Shooting games

War of Words VR v1.2

Britain’s greatest war poet prepares you for battle…‘War Of Words: VR’ uses virtual reality to take you back to 1916, and into a mindset captured by Siegfried Sassoon in his controversial poem ‘The Kiss’.More poets and writers fought in the Battle of...

Lab Outbreak

Shooting games

Lab Outbreak v1.0.2

Be as quick as you can to stop monsters from eaking out of a laboratory. Play while you wait, on the train, tram, bus. Be the best of your friend and challenge them with your awesome score!...

Ernie vs Evil

Shooting games

Ernie vs Evil v1.0

The town of Lawrston was once a peaceful place to live, until the summoning tore it apart. Risen from the depths of the utmost evil, the ancient celestial monster, Bob, has possessed the town. Using his new army, Bob, plans to turn all of humanity in...

Mask Gun

Shooting games

Mask Gun v1.031

MaskGun is a casual real-time Multiplayer First Person Shooter built for Touch.Cross-platform 3D Multiplayer FPS game for IOS and Android with a new realtime presence system allows you play with your friends by joining them in a game.Two Game modes -...

Orbital TD

Shooting games

Orbital TD v1.0.0.3

2112. Earth suffers from overpopulation, lack of food and medicaments. Space fleet under your command goes in search of a new world ...Explore the universe, upgrade your spaceship and defend the Orbital Station from alien invaders!...

Elite Military

Shooting games

Elite Military v1.0

Welcome to Elite Military Modern War, an action packed shooting game. Encounter enemies with high tech weaponry ,armor and destructive weapons.You have got the permission to shoot at sight! The City has been overtaken by the enemy who are well equipp...


Shooting games

Minima17:Supershot v1.01

Minima is my series of games that focus on a single game mechanic. Due to time constraints the presentation of these games is fairly ... minimal.This is my 17th Minima game (bitesize nuggets of gaming fun!) and my March 2016 entry for #1GAM.If you en...


Shooting games

STRIKERS 1999 v1.1.2

1999, join the last war to save the world.The latest fighter aircraft from F-22 to F-117 stealth bombers awaits you.Dont miss out on multiplay battle with players all over the world unlike in the arcade....

SWAT Team:Terrorist Syndicate

Shooting games

SWAT Team:Terrorist Syndicate v1.0

SAVE HOSTAGES FROM TERRORIST AS AN ELITE SWAT TEAM MEMBER Get ready for a realistic police crime simulator game with missions such as saving hostages from a underground metro station. Stop the criminal terrorist syndicate from blowing up a boat yacht...

Project 6 VR

Shooting games

Project 6 VR v0.0.7

Project 6 is a Virtual Reality (VR) first person shooting horror game. The player shall navigate through an abandoned biotechnology facility crawling with zombies. Can they survive and find the way out?- The player starts with a basic pistol. Kill zo...

Archer Hero Must Die

Shooting games

Archer Hero Must Die v1.0

Archer Hero Must Die is the improved Version for the Game: Rush Archer which attracted a lot of players. In this game, Player becomes an archer and fights against the aborigines. The Archer Hero has to defeat his enemies by his shooting Skill....

Zombie Little

Shooting games

Zombie Little v1.0.2

Zombies!! entitled as cannibals, have always remained as the bad guys ever since the existence of video games.So arent you bored of killing these Zombies?? Dont you feel pity on them??Time to turn up the heat, Time for an ultimate revenge....YEAH!!! ...

Mexico Rex

Shooting games

Mexico Rex v1.0.1

After a series of destruction, now our savage beast is heading to Mexico. Control this ferocious T-rex and eat and destroy everything thats in your way!...

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Shooting games

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt v3.4

Hail to the Captain!Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in the Age of Piracy - the time of black flags and white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities.Hoist the Jolly Roger and grab the steering wheel to sail through battles and raids, ransoms...


Shooting games

RoboBliterationVR v1.1

Test your skills against the unstoppable horde as you attempt to get the high score.Intense VR arcade action with intuitive controls! Dodge enemies as the auto-turret defends your ship. Collect power-ups to boost your weapon’s destructive capabilitie...

No Escape VR

Shooting games

No Escape VR v1.1

You are in the middle of the forest surrounded of monsters! If you want to see tomorrows sunrise be fast and destroy them all before they eat you!No Escape is a FPS and virtual reality (VR) game that allows you to live the fears of being alone surrou...

Sniper VR

Shooting games

Sniper VR v1.4

Breathtaking tension in the rifle scope! The sound of a gunshot at the enemy base!One shot, one kill! Youll be reborn as a sniper.- Kill your enemy first before youre discovered.- Feel the enemy and change to sniping mode to kill the enemy.- Game pad...

Pacific War:Air Combat

Shooting games

Pacific War:Air Combat v1.02

1942. World War 2. You are on duty near the Pacific Have you ever imagined that you could use clever strategy in air combat game to get much much more fun? Closed area. No Escape. How long would you last? That is one of the main idea when we made Pac...