Samsung GT-S5300 Shooting Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Sniper Shooter 3D - Terminator

Shooting games

Sniper Shooter 3D - Terminator v1.1

Like if someone is alive only because you cant afford a Hitman. Become a modern sniper and soon you will see people running for their lives. Take contract, shoot to kill all the criminals, become the top killer and have no mercy! You are trained to b...

Dawn Of The Sniper

Shooting games

Dawn Of The Sniper v1.0.5

An action game set in a post-apocalypse setting, where you must protect the surviving humans from incoming zombies. Your sniping skills will be put to test in several challenging levels. You must search the area for incoming zombies and try to protec...

Zombie War Free

Shooting games

Zombie War Free v1.2

A worldwide zombie outeak erupts in several metropolitan areas around the world; those bitten by the creatures become zombies themselves within seconds. You need to do all you can to resist the walking dead and rescue as many survivors as possible....

City Sniper Killer 3D

Shooting games

City Sniper Killer 3D v1.0

City Sniper Killer 3D is and new, realistic action shooting game. You take the role as the sniper based in a snipers nest, taking out the enemies that are coming to attack you. To complete the level, you must use your sniper rifle to shoot all the en...

Sniper Assassin

Shooting games

Sniper Assassin v1.1

FPS- Crime City Survival CombatYou are a zombie attack after cities, surviving military Hitman Special Forces soldiers. In the city was destroyed after finding the rest of the powerful firearms, you will rely on these weapons and precision sniper ski...

Fruit Hunter

Shooting games

Fruit Hunter v1.2

Little Red Riding Hood she was trying to collect fruit to ing her grandmother, help her collect as much as you can for you. Very simple, just use your finger to drag and drop arrow, shoot as many fruits as possible. enjoy it!...

Fruit Shoots 3D

Shooting games

Fruit Shoots 3D v1.1

This is a bow and fruit game. The game play of fruitshoot is to shoot a Targeted board filled with different fruits. Make a high score. Take a long eath, aim the target, shoot the arrow and hit the fruit. The animation used in this game is accurate a...

Space Rush: Arcade Shooter

Shooting games

Space Rush: Arcade Shooter v1.1

Space Rush is a 2D arcade style endless shooter game similar to the 90s arcade games.Control your spaceship and kill the upcoming enemies in the never ending space.FEATURES- Retro Pixel graphics- Fast paced game play- Old school arcade music- Touch c...

Air Attack:Squadron

Shooting games

Air Attack:Squadron v1.0

The Air Attack will make you play every single hour and night!Features:* 4 Shields x 10 Upgrades* 4 Campaigns x 9 Maps x 6 Difficulty Modes* 10 Different Enemies + 4 Powerful Bosses* Shield Weapons: Rocket, Gun, Laser, Laser Bomb, Boomerang…* Amazing...

The Last Invader

Shooting games

The Last Invader v2.0

Space isnt the final frontier...The Last Invader takes you on a journey across four varied worlds. A classic shoot em up rendered in beautiful 3D, with dynamic lighting and shadows throughout, each world has its own unique character, challenges and m...

Metal Soldier Attack

Shooting games

Metal Soldier Attack v1.0

A space ship landed crash landed on earth and an alien called a Metal soldier is out their in the city to kill everyone. A special sniper shooter is deployed on the rooftop in the city to shoot him down. The alien was last seen on the public place at...

Zombie Shooter Defense

Shooting games

Zombie Shooter Defense v1.1

▼The time for the rescue has come! The world has been waiting for a savior who will stop the spreading zombie invasion and prevent it from turning into an apocalypse! If you want to earn the prize for the rescuer of the human race that has been infes...

Undead Shooter

Shooting games

Undead Shooter v1.0

Undead Shooter” is a highly anticipated first-person shooter game.The game is set to be the hero Joe is infected by biological virus, and then he get a undead body. Shadow Assassin organization worried Joe mutiny. Called on all members to kill Joe. S...

Army Commando Sniper

Shooting games

Army Commando Sniper v1.0.4

- Army Commando Sniper 3DA shooting war intensifies between the militants of the Abadya Island and a lone commando elite sniper. Mike, the lone army sniper shooter takes out a terrorist by a head kill shot.Mike says the pilot to the sniper assassin, ...


Shooting games

SquadonStarTrek v1.1

Update Feature+Fixed error Shield+Fixed open mapThe Galaxys future is now in your hands. Download Squadron today!...


Shooting games

BeatTerrorism vv1.3

BMG Gaming is extremely proud to announce the development of their newest mobile gaming venture, the likes of which have never been seen: an all-hands-on-deck immersion into the war on terror - what other game would literally give you the chance to s...

Sniper Roadkill Zombies

Shooting games

Sniper Roadkill Zombies v1.1

Who doesnt love blasting zombies? Crazy fun in killing zombies.Take your gun and get ready for action shooting.Roadkill Zombies is a action game in city which is overrun by zombies and you have to shoot down the zombies using exicting fe...

Archery Simulator 3D

Shooting games

Archery Simulator 3D v1.0.2

Do you love playing simulator games? If yes, you will surely like the Archery Simulator 3D. This game presents an awesome dynamics along with demanding challenge for finding your target and then to aim it perfectly within a preset timeframe. It is ma...

Cops vs Robbers Prison Break

Shooting games

Cops vs Robbers Prison Break vC6

Enter a massive 3D first person shooter world with fun, extreme challenges and cool, modern weaponry when you download Cops vs Robbers Prison Break. This immersive game is high energy meets high intensity. Collect awesome perks, encounter explosive s...

Drive to Hell

Shooting games

Drive to Hell v1.3

Drive to Hell is an action-packed, top-down shooter where youll take a ride through an army of monsters to exact revenge on the Demon King for destroying your favorite e bar. Enemies assault from all sides, each with its own special personality and a...