Samsung GT-S5300 Shooting Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Mafia Shootout 2

Shooting games

Mafia Shootout 2 v1.0.1

Welcome back to the mean streets of 1940s New York in the best shooter on the Google Play Store! You are a contract killer and mob leader of an up-and-coming criminal organisation and are rising in power by making money through smuggling operations a...

Wild Wolf Hunting 2015

Shooting games

Wild Wolf Hunting 2015 v1.0

What is better than shooting wolves in the jungle? Yeah. Let’s rumble in the jungle for fantastic, heart throbbing missions, with your favorite sniper. This safari killing will take you to the widest meadows to the craziest mountains.Make sure you ge...

KMT RamBo Contra 2D

Shooting games

KMT RamBo Contra 2D v1.2

KMT RamBo Contra 2D is one of the most well-known actor in our world, even with young people or others. Each time Rambo show up, we always see many action scenes, with highest quality andfacilities, include sound effect.Today, we proudly present to y...

Pixel Dead - Survival Fps

Shooting games

Pixel Dead - Survival Fps v2.3

Pixel Dead!!Hunt zombies through easy control(Automatic shooting) and various weapons!And craft powerful weapons gathering materials from zombiesThe materials are able to be collected from each map(Machine Guns, Bazooka, Pistols, Axes and Grenades et...

Rescue Co.

Shooting games

Rescue Co. v1.13

Spin the Explorers to safety! You have just been hired as a Rescuenaut! Unfortunate Explorer’s spaceship has crashed and you have to rescue the crew! The terrain will be rough and there will be challenging obstacles and black holes in the way. Stay w...

Sharp Sniper Shooter

Shooting games

Sharp Sniper Shooter v1.0

Last night terrorist group attack on our city and got control on it. They are not enemies of nation but entire world. Now they are moving in the city and your mission is to kill them all and free your city from them. Are you ready to go on a top secr...

Insect Invasion: 3D

Shooting games

Insect Invasion: 3D v1.0

A very cool first person 3D shooter game with dual weapons. Defeat as many alien insects as possible and stay alive in this epic, action-packed addicting game. Beat the waves of enemies and earn your place as the top defender of the planet. ...

Chaos In The City

Shooting games

Chaos In The City v1.1

Chaos in the middle of a big city, you walk all the way, zombies and creatures of every street you stand can be aggressive.You çekemess the trigger of your gun you have to overcome this difficult situation, consisting of internal and external spaces,...


Shooting games

ShadowFighter v2.01

A game that tries to get the good old hack n slash times back in 2.5d inspired by kingdom hearts 2 we tried to make a similar bosss system specially on the last boss (Sephiroth) i hope you like the game it was made by 1 person 4 months and a lot of t...

Amy the Starry Archer

Shooting games

Amy the Starry Archer v1.0.2

The evil Star-Eater has stolen all of the stars from the night sky, and it’s up to Amy and her magical bow to get them back!Soar through the skies of a fantasy world, in this visually stunning, flight-based action game!...

Magenta Arcade

Shooting games

Magenta Arcade v1.3.1

MAGENTA ARCADE is a finger-based top-down shooter ought to you by Long Hat House. Become a god! Your finger is a weapon, but also your greatest weakness. Know when to touch the screen to attack or retract to defend yourself!The cycle of wishes is a s...


Shooting games

PharAlien v1.1

Once upon a time, in ancient Egypt kingdom, people live happily each other.Their life is very prosperous. They have many antiques. They valued and stored them in the temple.One day, there was an unidentified flying object in the sky and many unknown ...

Anti Aircraft Defense

Shooting games

Anti Aircraft Defense v1.0

Anti Aircraft Defense is a 3d shooting games. Our mission is to destroy the enemy planes. You have to shoot as many enemy attack aircrafts as you can by using an anti-aircraft gunner.You are the last line of defense. Dont let any enemies attack aircr...


Shooting games

Deaddawn v1.04

HALLOWEEN - one of the most mysterious and superstitious celeations. A monstrous grinning face carved out of a pumpkin with a flickering candle inside represents its spirit. The legend says that this symbol on All Saints Eve is placed into windows or...

Navy Gunner GunShip

Shooting games

Navy Gunner GunShip v1.0

The enemy has attacked your naval base and with the help of one of the largest air craft carrier, they are about to enter in your sea water. They need to be stopped before they invade the whole country. Enemy is backed by the helicopters and their sp...

Mage Fight:Zom bee

Shooting games

Mage Fight:Zom bee v1.1

Unleash the power of magic to fight against the ZomBee and kill as many of them as you can to help humanity to survive! Learn to master all the four schools of magic.Each of them will play differently, giving you a lot of variety in how you prefer to...

The Last Archer:Castle Siege 3D

Shooting games

The Last Archer:Castle Siege 3D v1.10

Archery Castle Defense ings a new and unique gameplay to your mobile. This is not the typical archery game where you simply have to shoot distant targets: move your hero around to avoid shots from ranged enemies, defend the castle walls from melee un...

Helicopter Shooting Air Strike

Shooting games

Helicopter Shooting Air Strike v1.0

Helicopter shooting Air Strike, is the game for you to prove your shooting and commando skills. Enemy has attacked your army base with their latest helicopters and you are here to defend with the minimum possible loss. You are equipped with the lates...

Island Train Shooter 3D

Shooting games

Island Train Shooter 3D v1.0.1

What Island Train Shooter 3D is all about?In this FPS Shooting Game; The Military Commando is on a death combat with enemies. Your Mission is to guard the Military Bullet Train from the Enemy Invasion. The Bullet Train is traveling from an unfriendly...

Bloody Sniper: Zombie Plannet

Shooting games

Bloody Sniper: Zombie Plannet v1.0

The earth has been destroyed by powerful zombies. A hero must stand up now!Wanna take the mission of saving the earth?You must be familiar with the various weapons!Take up your gun and fire at zombies!Be a bloody shooter in the powerful BGM!★Features...