HTC 328W Interest Games

HTC 328W mobile phone main screen resolution is 480×800, android system version 4.0. HTC 328W games channel to provide green, safe HTC 328W games download.
Just Drift

Interest games

Just Drift v1.0.4.3

★High quality 3D graphics and Drift control!★Completely to drift.★Get ready for fun if you want to drift!In the game;★3 different Control.★9 different modified cars.★4 drift racing tracks; Training, Garage, Day and Night Port area.★Turbo sound and th...

Whack Them All

Interest games

Whack Them All v1.0.0

Tap all the balls before they become angry! The faster you move, the better your score. Tap super balls to use weapons: bombs, lasers, tesla, missiles and even nuclear explosion....

Monster Jump:Galaxy

Interest games

Monster Jump:Galaxy v1.1

Welcome to Monster Jump: Galaxy!Jump from platform to platform, collect coins and power ups with funny space monster. Dodge from asteroids and robots, try not to fall on the bombs and jump higher and higher as you can. Just tilt your device to move l...

Runaway Baby

Interest games

Runaway Baby v1.2

A baby puppet, on a shopping cart, has just ran away. Its spinning out of control, racing down sloppy roads, embarking on rugged terrains, and dodging obstacles. Do you have the reflexes, the smarts, and patience to maneuver the baby through all that...

Polybear Ice Escape

Interest games

Polybear Ice Escape v1.3

Flee the rising sea in this ultra addictive one-button challenge!Jump between melting ice drifts to stay afloat. Challenge yourself, or compete against players around the globe for world records.Collect Crystals to unlock special characters like Zomb...

Zombie Bolt

Interest games

Zombie Bolt v1.07

Addictive game ZombieBolt showed up in the Play Store For more fun you have infinitive retries! * Rescue the zombie in the building collapse* Move the scared zombies left and right fast or hell crash to the bones!!! * Win competition with a friend i...

Mad Dash:Canyon Run

Interest games

Mad Dash:Canyon Run v1.2.1

The ultimate skill-based customizable runner! With over 10,000 unique gear and skill combinations, discover your ultimate insane combo.Inspired by the off-beat style of classic spaghetti westerns, journey into the mad (and colorful) world of Pazzo.Pa...

Monster Dash Free

Interest games

Monster Dash Free v1.0.1

Zombie likes to eat souls, and he feels hungry... But a ghost thief has stole all the Zombies souls! Help Zombie chase the thief through the streets and collect as many of the dropped souls as possible!! With intuitive controls, draw a road to guide ...

PAN:Escape to Neverland

Interest games

PAN:Escape to Neverland v1.2

Man the cannons and fend off attacks from the air! Hold on tight and experience a thrilling flight through London as you captain the Jolly Roger and escape to Neverland in the official game for Warner Bros. movie Pan.Stunning graphics and gameplay:- ...

Friends Quest

Interest games

Friends Quest v1.3

Feel the whole charm of the underwater world with Friends Quest!Friends Quest offers you:INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITIESThe abilities submarine to help you to overcome all difficulties that come your way. Magnet for gold, super-shield, and much more will he...

Dawn Of The Sniper 2

Interest games

Dawn Of The Sniper 2 v1.0.3

Dawn Of The Sniper 2 offers more zombies to shoot, new guns and upgrades to buy, more head shots to collect and more achievements to acquire! This free action sequel is packed with all new missions in post-apocalyptic environments. Use your sniper sk...


Interest games

MazebertTD v1.1.4

You are bored of doing the same, bullet proof strategie over and over again, like known from many tower defense games? Then fear no more, in Mazebert TD no game will be the same!Every round you draw a random tower card to your hand. Didnt draw the to...

Get Into The Box

Interest games

Get Into The Box v0.0.2

Love puzzles based on physics ? This game is what you need ! In many rooms were lost too many toys, it is necessary to clean up and collect items by order into the box. This is not so easy, sometimes you have to think how to gather them all. This is ...


Interest games

Musiverse v1.1.2

LAY TO YOUR OWN MUSIC!Would you listen to your favorite song while you are playing?Now you can do it and compete with your friends and the whole world to see whos got the best score in Musiverse.Laid out in the open space, your job is to collect the ...

Speed Flight Simulator

Interest games

Speed Flight Simulator v1.0

Do you like to fly with high speed inside a tunnel? With this flight simulation game you can try your flight skills. Fly inside or outside an endless tunnel with your super cool aircraft. Avoid the obstacles or your Aircraft will crash and explode in...

Pyro Jump Rescue

Interest games

Pyro Jump Rescue v1.1.3

Pyro Jump est de retour et cette fois-ci il n’est pas seul ! Une fois de plus, il aura besoin de votre talent pour sauver ses amis retenus prisonniers.Fort du succès de Pyro Jump (4 millions de téléchargement), Pyro la petite flamme revient plus fort...

Anu Egg Oh!

Interest games

Anu Egg Oh! v1.0

Welcome to Egg-oh, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a beautifully HD world.Features:● 60 levels with more to come!● Fun, mind-bending experience suitable for all ages● Earn eggs to take you to new levels● Beautiful HD graphics● Captivating music and so...

The Jumper 3D

Interest games

The Jumper 3D v1.0.28

Your goal is to move the cube through line of obstacles.You need to pass different blocks, catapults, spikes, mills and other obstacles.Jump and strafe to avoid these obstacles.Play with friends, it`s very addictive! Jump to the end!...

Meep:Virtual Pet Game

Interest games

Meep:Virtual Pet Game v1.011

Adopt your very own baby Meep and help him grow into a fully grown pet. Your adorable little Meep is waiting for you to love, pet, dress, feed, teach, clean and take care of him! With life-like emotions, stunning graphics and fluid animations it will...

Hot Star Stream

Interest games

Hot Star Stream v2

Hot Star Stream is a solo game played to avoid obstacles, the game has an actor which needs to eat up the hotstar in order to get more life. You can play on even after death if you have enough coins....