HTC 328W Interest Games

HTC 328W mobile phone main screen is 480×800, Android system version 4.0. HTC 328W games channel to provide free, safe HTC 328W games download.
Rock and Ball

Interest games

Rock and Ball v1.0

Adventures of a black ball in the dark dungeonAdventures of a black ball in the dark dungeon. Use swipe to jump and arrow buttons to make your position correct. Your primary goal is to reach the black hole in the end of each level. Move fast your tim...

Toy Robot Mexico Rex Dino War

Interest games

Toy Robot Mexico Rex Dino War v1.3

The robot toy world war continued for an eternity. You have to make the robot Mexico Rex to join the war, protect your homeland! Assemble all parts of the Mexico Rex. Test performance, showing your power!...

Police vs Thief 3D

Interest games

Police vs Thief 3D v1.0

In this police vs thief 3D game you’re badged Officer Mark Hoffman in the Law Enforcement Agency reporting from General headquarters. A gunshot has just been heard and a criminal suspect is heading towards 8 mile highway. Being a duty cop driver chas...

Railway Panic

Interest games

Railway Panic v1.0.0

Railway Panic is a train-themed action puzzle game. Make a way for the train to the destination station by swapping and connecting rails. Grab coins and move through tunnels for extra points. Adventure mode has more than 20 stages to complete.In Endl...

Water Slide Park Tycoon 3D

Interest games

Water Slide Park Tycoon 3D v1.0

Enjoy the speed, race through the water and enjoy the sliding! Play the Water Slide Park Tycoon 3D game today!Control the speeds of the rides and be careful while making sharp turns at intersections of a massive waterslide! Enjoy adrenaline rush as y...

The Hacker 2.0

Interest games

The Hacker 2.0 v1.0

In The Hacker 2.0 you will use different hacking functions to complete missions in a clever way.Features:- More than 80 levels- Unlock and customize hacking functions- Unlock different player avatars- Earn credits- Hack terminals- Several ways to com...

Super SnowCat Parking 2017

Interest games

Super SnowCat Parking 2017 v1.1

Super SnowCat Parking 2017 is an awesome new and seasonal twist on classic parking games. In this extreme parking challenge, experience intense dangers of driving and parking huge snow plowing machinery during dangerous winter storms. Dodge gnarly hu...

Pigs Bricks

Interest games

Pigs Bricks v1.0.3

Pigs and Bricks is a homage to classic arcade style games where the gameplay is simple, but addictive.Explore many different worlds with various enemies and environmental hazards....

Mountain Rage

Interest games

Mountain Rage v1.4.4

We, the beasts of The Mountains, have had just enough. The audacity of humans has no bounds. They come to our homes and show no respect to the delicate ecosystem our beloved Mother Nature gave us.The surrounding used to be so peace, almost tranquil… ...

Boardy Jump Free

Interest games

Boardy Jump Free v2

What is BoardyJump?Not just another mobile game.BoardyJump is a free Indie Arcade Mobile Game designed with a playful, cartoony style.The game is filled with zany animal and sweets characters that will test their athletic skills in afrantic race for ...

Husky Dog Simulator 3D

Interest games

Husky Dog Simulator 3D v1.0

Play Husky Dog Simulator 3D and be an amazing husky living at wilderness trying to create its own family and save lost human hunters. Do you love animal simulators? This ultimate husky dog simulator would give you an opportunity to live the whole lif...

Superkid Runner

Interest games

Superkid Runner v1.0

Lots of different characters, you will select a different character randomly when you start a new game.Collect coins and apples and try not to touch any monsters.You can jump over them or beat them with tapping two times and transforming to your spec...

Hidden game2

Interest games

Hidden game2 v1.0.0

In the closet? On the bookshelf? Under the sofa?Where is my game?Using the item Find the game from a variety of stage!It is an application of the escape game style....

Futuristic Robot Battle 3d

Interest games

Futuristic Robot Battle 3d v1.0

This killer app takes you right into the Futuristic robot battle arena. Devoted to destruction, these transforming bots can shift into furious cars and back to violent robots simultaneously. If you love car vs. robot, or robot transformers, or robot ...

Tourist Futuristic Flying Car

Interest games

Tourist Futuristic Flying Car v1.2

Experience the extreme drive of Tourist Futuristic Flying Car that fly like a jet aircraft. Tourist Futuristic Flying Car is a perfect game to test your airplane pilot skills as well as sports car driving ability. An extremely futuristic muscle car t...

Ice Match

Interest games

Ice Match v1.0.0

Its winter ! Put on your boots and your scarves, you will e into a world covered with snow! This universe is animated by stars, snowballs, Santa Claus caps, barley sugars and lots of other colorful elements....

Pig Evolution

Interest games

Pig Evolution v1.0.1

Oink, oink! Look, IT’S A PIG! And it’s EVOLVING! Come meet all different and weird types of piggies in this FUNNY evolution game! Tired of being considered the dirtiest animals in the food chain, it’s time for the pigs to rub their evolution in every...

Rolling Snail

Interest games

Rolling Snail v1.0

In the rainy morning, the young snail Speedy is poured by the rain into the house of the Greens. He falls down to the room of the son of the Greens. He has to get out of the house without being spotted. It is a tortuous adventure for the tiny snail. ...

Maxim The Robot

Interest games

Maxim The Robot v1.1.22

The Meca World is in danger !In a and new original 2D platformer, play Maxim, and prepare for a unique gaming experience !Travel through the Meca World, enjoy a colorful universe, play loads of levels and defeat the nanos and traps to rescue the beau...