Samsung GT-S5300 Adventure Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.

Adventure games

Collector v1.2

Im your average businessman working for a trading company.Today I happen to be working overtime alone.All of a sudden, the office phone rang.When I picked up the receiver, to my surprise it was the president.Its urgent, could you ing over a secret? …...

Goodbye Aliens

Adventure games

Goodbye Aliens v1.96.1

The Future is now, interstellar travel exists thanks to the discovery of the wormhole, but this has created War………… as Zigor invades planet Earth and a clash of our clans ensues. Can you rid the planet of these invaders and save the human race? Get ...

Survivor: Zombie Outbreak

Adventure games

Survivor: Zombie Outbreak v1.04

A new and exciting chapter in an adventure series featuring the living dead. It has been months since the virus was unleashed upon the world. No one is safe from the living dead and chaos is all around.You are a survivor of the outeak, you have fled ...

Escape from the Catacombs

Adventure games

Escape from the Catacombs v1.0.2

Youve finally found the secret passage in the palace and narrowly escaped the police. However, your victory is short-lived. You find yourself in a dark catacombs that havent seen the light for years. You have the feeling that someone is lurking at yo...

Escape Agent

Adventure games

Escape Agent v1.0.2

Welcome to the world of intrigue and spies!In this new room escape game you are a secret agent with a duty to save the world from an evil secret organization. They are gaining more influence and building their arsenal. Its only a matter of time befor...

Hidden Objects Adventure

Adventure games

Hidden Objects Adventure v1.0.1

Criminal Crimes Investigation - the #1 free hidden object game! Are you ready to solve murder cases?Join the Johny and Sally to solve a series of adventure cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate crime scenes for clues, i...

Spooky Runner

Adventure games

Spooky Runner v1.0

In the world under evil curses, a tag game for survival begins. The runners tag game for surviving You can play this game with your friends or random players all over the world. Real-time Multiplayer Tag Game, Spooky Runner!...

Blobs Adventure

Adventure games

Blobs Adventure v1.02

Blob has crashed his space ship on Blobland, and must find a new rocket to escape before the Alienblobs catch him! The latest game from TurboNUKE is a simple and fun tilting maze labyrinth style puzzle game. The game takes you through grassy, rocky,...

Monkey Adventure

Adventure games

Monkey Adventure v1.1.0

This is a journey full of dangers. You may meet different obstacles and enemies! You need to collect as much bananas as possible! Some bananas are hidden that will take you a lot of time to find! Just explore the whole map! It’s not so easy to find a...

Marv The Miner 3

Adventure games

Marv The Miner 3 v2.1.4

The saga continues with another Miners Adventure! Marv The Miner has reached the treasures in the dark mines of Kazarakt, but the way back is blocked! You must help Marv find another way back to the surface!A challenging and addictive 2D retro-ish pl...

Bits Revolution

Adventure games

Bits Revolution v1.2.0

Bits are fed up with the tyranny of the CPU. Help Bit in his rebellion to decide their values ​​at will.Bits Revolution is an action-puzzler where you control the scene to take advantage of gravity. Yeah, we know that it sounds weird. Its easy to lea...

Paranormal House Escape

Adventure games

Paranormal House Escape v1.0

We need your help once again. This job is no simple task, the danger is real. There have been reports of unusual activity coming from a home located deep in the country. After being alerted to a mysterious disappearance and death in the area, we deci...

Adventure Escape:Time Library

Adventure games

Adventure Escape:Time Library v1.12

Can you solve the mystery and escape the Time Liary?Bored out of her mind in snowy Littleton, Alice decides to go to the liary to restock on some books. She meets Hiro, a self-styled “internet personality,” and together the two become unwilling partn...

Cube Escape:Arles

Adventure games

Cube Escape:Arles v1.0

Youre trapped inside your bedroom in Arles. It feels like youre surrounded by art. Explore the room and start completing the pictures, search for colors and gather your painting materials.Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube. Interact with o...

Cube Escape:The Lake

Adventure games

Cube Escape:The Lake v1.0.0

Youve found an abandoned cabin on a small Island at Rusty Lake. The only thing you can find is some fishing gear, a knive and a crow bar.Start exploring and lets fish! Perhaps you can change your fate...Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cabin....

The Little Girl Trek

Adventure games

The Little Girl Trek v1.0

Innocent little girl to see sick grandmother, the road sly fox, ferocious wolf, strong ...... Big Bear and other dangers, as well as a cute little rabbits, Meng Meng the little squirrel ..... waiting to rescue, road Shanghai has a lot of interesting ...

Super Frozen Adventure

Adventure games

Super Frozen Adventure v1.0.9

Help her in this mission more jumping on platforms and shoot the monsters to destroy them.Players are offered at the top of the screen, the following counters: Character: what defines the character on the screen, Score: A players score counter as the...

Crocs World 2

Adventure games

Crocs World 2 v1.2

Millions of players played the first part of Crocs World!Now it´s time for Crocs World 2!!!Croc´s World 2 is a really nice jumpnrun with 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies! Do you remember the times when you played classic jump and run...

Floorless Fortress

Adventure games

Floorless Fortress v1.0

Floorless Fortress is a challenging and addictive arcade game with over 70 levels. Avoid traps while travelling through as many rooms as you can. Collect fruits or beat a given time. In each room your main objective is to survive the room and escape ...

Treasure Runner

Adventure games

Treasure Runner v1.7

Funny game with easy rules! A little Runner fared deep in the dark mine, help him to overcome all the stages and gather all gold. Pick up all the gold heaps at the all stages and find saving way to the top. Evil robots will disturb you on the way, th...