Samsung GT-S5300 Adventure Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Super Jump Boy Adventures

Adventure games

Super Jump Boy Adventures v1.0

Super Jump Boy can run, jump, wall slide, ledge hang and fall from the sky! But can you help him collect all the stars and escape?Super Jump Boy Adventures is a retro arcade platform with 40 increasingly challenging levels.If you can complete the lev...

Little Life:Adaptivity

Adventure games

Little Life:Adaptivity v1.5

Kichu thinks he can face any challenges in life. But how far can he adapt to the puzzling and ever changing world?Features pixel art.Little Life Adaptivity is a cute platformer thats about learning to work with the world and take things one challenge...

Angel Boy Scary Forest

Adventure games

Angel Boy Scary Forest v2

the Best games target amazing adventure for your Android. Enjoy the Awesome levels that we made for you! in the scary forest The little man has to pass various tests and beat Demon to earn the point halloween finally.The lovely scenes vary very fast....

Re:1994 3D horror game

Adventure games

Re:1994 3D horror game v1.0.2

A Japanese horror escape game with 3D point of view! You can enjoy the terror at a realistic school situation!Completely renewed the game system of 1994!New stages like on the roof or in the gym and new spirits, you will encounter the magnified terro...

Blue Ball 3

Adventure games

Blue Ball 3 v1.3

Blue Ball 3 is best game ball adventure 2015 with hd graphics , real physical , smart level ball adventure. Your mission find girl ball with Ball story true lovely....

Blocky Snow Run

Adventure games

Blocky Snow Run v1.0.0

Get ready for new adventure multi level platform game Blocky Snow Run. Collect coins and stars; run, jump in this beautiful snow, defeat enemies and enjoy the smooth game play and sound effects....

Squarple Free

Adventure games

Squarple Free v1.21

Squarple!* Pure, classic platforming fun* Beautiful, minimalistic art style* Use power-ups to complete challenges!* Customize your Squarple by unlocking new skins* Challenging* Full controller support...

Monster Hunter 3

Adventure games

Monster Hunter 3 v1.0

MONSTER HUNTER 3 GAME DESCRIPTIONMonster Hunter 3 is entertainment overcome pitfalls, obstacles in every challenge of the game. Players control the character jump, swim and climb the wall to avoid the obstacles, the beast, while collecting diamonds a...

Slender Man:Rise Again

Adventure games

Slender Man:Rise Again v1.9

This is Slender Man: Rise Again! (Free version with ads)There is an ads-free version to buy, if you want.This is a and new Slender Man game that will scare all the fans out there.It almost feels as if you really walking in the fog and being hunted by...

VR Graveyard Cardboard

Adventure games

VR Graveyard Cardboard v1.3

Virtual reality gamesimulation made for VR glasses. Walk on the deserted horror graveyard. Game contains a walking animated zombie and a lot of animated rats walking around....

Super Jungle World

Adventure games

Super Jungle World v1.0

This is attractive adventure game type.If you are fan of platform games. If you like adventure and discovery, exploring. Super Lario world is game for you. A lot of level with with many difficulties and challenges is waiting for you. Now lets be the ...

Ghost Pop

Adventure games

Ghost Pop v1.0.3

When the creatures of darkness stir, only the avest of heroes can stand up against them! Blending bubble shooter action with lashings of arcade fun, Ghost Pop is a spooktacular magical adventure with epic Ghost battles as our heroes fight to save the...

Paulis Adventure Island

Adventure games

Paulis Adventure Island v1.0.1

Our heroes, Pauli and Gemmi, are on their way back home when they discover that their island has been overrun by invaders. Join our heroes to free the island from these unwanted guests!...

Horror Hospital Turkish

Adventure games

Horror Hospital Turkish v2.7

Are you ready to be scared?Surrounded by a ghost in a hospital only chance to survive on a mobile phone! This hospital is the closest friend stuck to risk his life to save you ready?With just one phone light in a dark atmosphere, you have to find the...

Frank the Dillo

Adventure games

Frank the Dillo v1.0.0

Frank the Dillo is a new hyid miniature golf platformer game for tablets with a Midlle-eastern theme.Using as few as possible shots you will have to take the main character, a cute armadillo named Frank, at the end of 8 original levels through ramps...

Escape Game:BAR

Adventure games

Escape Game:BAR v1.0.1

Escape event in the BAR.It came to challenge in.[How to Play: Escape game]Lets escape from the BAR.Language is in English and press the English in the upper right corner.About Item・・・・ Click after the selected item, the item detail display.Config...

Can You Escape Haunted  2

Adventure games

Can You Escape Haunted 2 v1.0.0

Can You Escape Haunted Room 2? is a point and click adventure game.It is a point and click adventure game with a scary experience that take place inside a haunted house. Your goal is to destroy this wicked house and all the evil that is inside. The g...

Zombie Cruise

Adventure games

Zombie Cruise v1.0

Passengers that step aboard the Caribbean Pearl this time will be stepping directly into the horror and the undead nightmare. Surrounded by a vast ocean, there will be no escape for these guests when the zombies are released.When a cruise ship full o...

Rock kong

Adventure games

Rock kong v0.0.2

Reminiscent of the classic game Donkey Kong, jump the rocks and up the stairs to escape the mine....

Crossy World

Adventure games

Crossy World v1.6

Crossy World is an all new exciting game style never seen beforeTake control of a wizard and try to complete each challenging roadSimple Control SystemHD GraphicsBrand New Genreb056b99c5c...