Samsung gt-i6500u Funny Games

Samsung gt-i6500u mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.1. Samsung gt-i6500u games channel to provide free, safe Samsung gt-i6500u games download.
Magnetic Shaving Derby

Funny games

Magnetic Shaving Derby v1.3.5

by Nyarlu LabsFresh from critical acclaim on iOS,your mission is simple: USE THE MAGNET TO ATTRACT THE RAZOR TO SHAVE THE FACE!Pixelly arcade action.How to play:The magnet follows your touch around the screen. The razor is drawn towards the magnet. C...

Man Fart

Funny games

Man Fart v1.0.1

Two men are over there in the bus stop! They are waiting for the bus. One of them want to fart but he doesnt let others notice this, so he has to fart when any vehicles pass by. NOTES: Fart when there are cars passing by and sounding its horn,or you ...

Shiri Rapper

Funny games

Shiri Rapper v1.04

☆シリラッパーって何?☆ シャイなお尻の妖精、“シリラッパー”は悩める人間達の味方だYO!. 空からおちてくるフラフープは“シリラッパー”と人間界をつなぐ魔法のループ★ 地上にでてきた彼らはラップをきざみながらフラフープをまわし快腸ダンスをはじめるYO? 陽気な姿をタップしているうちに、あなたのお腹にたまったモヤモヤもいつのまにか解消されているかもNE!? ☆ゲーム説明☆ 同じキャラクター、もしくは同じ色のフラフープをタップして高得点をねらえYO! ミスせずにタップしていくとコンボとなり点数が高...

Whoopee Cushion

Funny games

Whoopee Cushion v1.65

Turn your phone into a farting Whoopee Cushion! The Whoopee releases a horde of realistic fart sounds at the touch of a button. It also features:- motion detector mode (will fart when someone sits down)- time delay mode (fart after you have left the ...

Whoopee Cushion Pro

Funny games

Whoopee Cushion Pro v1.46

Turns your phone into a whoopee cushion!The original Whoopee Cushion is now on Android! Carry a Whoopee Cushion with you wherever you go! The Whoopee releases a horde of realistic farts at the touch of a button....