Samsung GT-S7562 Sports Games

Samsung GT-S7562 mobile phone main screen is 480×800, Android system version 4.0. Samsung GT-S7562 games channel to provide free, safe Samsung GT-S7562 games download.
Fantage Bullseye

Sports games

Fantage Bullseye v1.3

READY!! AIM!!! FIRE!!!! A and new game from Fantage; BULLSEYE!! Let the arrows fly in this addictive but yet simple and casual shooter game. Pull back, aim down the sight and release to launch the arrow to the center of the bullseye! As you progres...

3D Mini Golf Challenge

Sports games

3D Mini Golf Challenge v1.7

Test your mini golf skills!!! Fore! Test your mini golf skills to see just how many hole-in-ones, pars, or birdies you can get in 3D Mini Golf Challenge. Play the best casual sports game in amazing 3D graphics. Play 4 different challenge types with ...

Jimmy Slam Dunk

Sports games

Jimmy Slam Dunk v1.0.9

Enjoy the new and addictive Jimmy Slam Dunk game for FREE! Try out this fun and engaging basketball game and test your aiming skills on the court! This cool game has 3 different challenging and fun game modes – Challenges, Freestyle and Survival plu...

Stickman Skater Pro

Sports games

Stickman Skater Pro v1.4.1

Stickman Skater - The Original and the BEST! 17 million players cant be wrong. The #1 iOS game with more than 17 million players finally comes to Android! Forget the copy cat apps, this is the original and the best platform skate game enjoyed by mor...

Bike Striker

Sports games

Bike Striker v1.6

Bike Striker is a funny and easy racing game! ==It supports English Chinese(繁體中文) two languages. == How to change? → Option(設定)→Language(語言)→English(英文) or Chinese(中文) ==Description== It is a funny and easy racing game. The player can drive a super ...

Birdman Rally

Sports games

Birdman Rally v1.03

Use your imagination to build your own plane and choose the right time to fly as far as you can. Features: * 6 pilots to choose. 6 prow, wings, Tail, Chassis with different property that can be used to build your own plane. * Different Add-ons like S...

Beach Buggy Blitz

Sports games

Beach Buggy Blitz v1.3.13

An epic driving adventure from the makers of Riptide GP and Shine Runner. Drive your hot-rod beach buggy as far as you can into the unted depths of a mysterious tropical island! Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed and completely destructib...

Lets Golf! 3

Sports games

Lets Golf! 3 v1.1.0

Freemium game! Download and play 5 holes every day for FREE or buy energy boosts to play anytime you want! The world’s most exciting golf odyssey returns with more great new features that you’ve been waiting for! Everyone can join in this fun and exc...

Flick Golf Extreme

Sports games

Flick Golf Extreme v1.1

Flick played golf … Now it is to the extreme! Are you ready to conquer the most extreme courses in the world? Ready to tee off from the Grand Canyon, icebergs or fighters – Flick Golf Extreme is the perfect adrenaline finger! DESCRIPTION Follow the...


Sports games


iMPACT HOOPZ is a 2d basketball game. Box2D physic engine support,you can feel physic effect really. One finger control model that you can play it very easy but vivid. Only you will do is shoot the basketball into the net. Touch the circle on the scr...

Trial Xtreme 3

Sports games

Trial Xtreme 3 v4.2

Beware ! this Game Will Introduce You to New Levels of Awesomeness! Play, challenge your friends, Win! With over 40 Million downloads(!) and leading the games ts in hundreds of ries, Trial Xtreme series is BACK and it’s going to set the bar even high...

Emily - Skate Strange

Sports games

Emily - Skate Strange v1.0.1

Are you a bit strange? Extraordinary? Creative? Then this game is for you! Help Emily race on her skateboards through 36 strange levels. Visit Paris, Moscow, London and New York together! Prove your STRANGE by using (and sometimes surviving) the ama...

Speed Night

Sports games

Speed Night v1.1.5

Speed Night This is a 3D racing game at midnight. Game content: The vacillating equipment to control the steering of your car, escaped on the road of the NPC vehicles. In the game, you can collect coins, which allows you to unlock a new vehicle, of c...

Basketball All-Stars HD

Sports games

Basketball All-Stars HD v1.2

No Ads! No Notifications! Game Deion Basketball all-stars feast, a gathering place for all fans waiting for them, it will be a sports festival, let us look forward to this the most exciting moments. Guarding the basketball program still next to the...

Flick Shoot

Sports games

Flick Shoot v1.3

Flick Shoot;3 unique mode:-Freekick-Corner-Goal keeperSwerve the ball with finger tip.Try to send the ball to 90 corner of goal for the best points.But the goalkeeper is very talented. He can sense which corner you choose! You can determine speed of ...

Iniesta VS Casillas

Sports games

Iniesta VS Casillas v1.4.0

The official game featuring world champions Andres Iniesta and Iker Casillas. Iniesta or Casillas? Shoot or save? Make your choice and begin to enjoy the official game featuring these world champions. Iker Casillas and Andrés Iniesta rise to the chal...

Flip Riders

Sports games

Flip Riders v1.4.1

Download Flip Riders FREE Today and get 80+ Levels of Ad-Free Motocross Fun! Flip Riders™ introduces an entirely new “spin” in the world of 3D-based motocross challenges as you choose your custom rider to face some of the most entertaining and wacky ...

Zombies! Hit and RUN!

Sports games

Zombies! Hit and RUN! v1.06

A Zombie Killing Driving Game! Flee the zombie outeak squash the walking dead A Zombie Killing Driving game! The Zombie outeak has begun and you must escape the walking dead! Armed with your trusty car and a full tank of gas, the only thing that can ...

Awesome Basketball 3D

Sports games

Awesome Basketball 3D v1.2

This is a super fun 3D basketball game, it allows you to experience the real fun of shooting.The three games are played in three modes, the first game mode, allows you to experience the intense American professional basketball league, national audien...

Extreme Luging 3D BETA

Sports games

Extreme Luging 3D BETA v2.1

It is the first free beta version of Extreme Luging 3D. Take freely the control of a sled over the mountains and try to reach the finish flag!!! Its a pretty awesome game that allows you to have fun! No ads! Features : - free beta version, no garage ...