Samsung GT-S5300 Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Sniper Desert Action

Shooting games

Sniper Desert Action v1.5

At a hot and arid desert, in a singing atmosphere with wind and sand grains blowing, Are you ready to Infiltrate at enemy base camp! Prepare for a Daring ultimatum with full of Cartel and horror.Take your carriage, Load armament, Align your handgun a...

Warrior war

Shooting games

Warrior war v1.0

Here is the best gunner of the battlefield! No Mercy! Go to Victory!You are the best warrior of your army and you are given some duties to destroy your enemys forces in several countries of the world. You are equipped with great full automatic guns a...

Motorcycle Stunt Zone

Sports games

Motorcycle Stunt Zone v1.1

Motorcycle Stunt Zone performs insane stunts and wheelies on motorcycle through spectacular landscapes in the city. This would be the best physics game where you played ever. Get ready to enjoy the racing closest to the real racing world. Good Luck!!...

Arena Blobs

Strategy games

Arena Blobs v1.4.3

The arena is waiting for you!Participate in the most blobby battles, defeat your enemies and become the champion of the arena!Arena Blobs is a multiplayer game with a mix of real-time and turn-based gameplay. Every player chooses 3 actions in advance...

Farm Away

Simulation games

Farm Away v1.2.8

Love farming? Want to grow the most awesome farm of all time? In this game you’ll be eaking records for cultivating pigs, cows, chickens, corn and potatoes! Bring your friends into your game as hired farm hands and keep playing to discover more…will ...

Sniper Master

Shooting games

Sniper Master v1.2

Aim and Shoot! Ultra realistic graphics and real-world weapons!Simply TILT the device to aim and TAP to shoot. Kill all the bad guys!- EASY CONTROLS (tap to shoot)- ultra REALISTIC graphics- dozens of real-world WEAPONS- hundreds of different sniper ...

Goldbeards Quest

Adventure games

Goldbeards Quest v5.0

Dwarfs, Gold, Skeletons, Skulls and Dragons, Goldbeard’s Quest has it all.When the Queen of the Dwarven kingdom discovers that the Dwarf Kings’ huge party has spent every last coin and drank every last drop of ale she goes to the one dwarf she knows ...

Run Run 2D

Interest games

Run Run 2D v1.0

Are you ready to run for your life?Then start running in Run Run 2DTry to guide the little pixel runner out of the maze before he gets sucked by the never ending void.Extremely simple controls with addictive game play.- Touch on the top half of the s...

Stickman Run 4D

Interest games

Stickman Run 4D v3.0

Join Stickman in one of the most exciting run adventures ever.Stickman is a Ninja character that has been sucked in by a mysterious vortex while meditating at a temple. At the end of its journey he had to realize that, he ended up in another dimensio...

Princess Monument Valley Run

Interest games

Princess Monument Valley Run v2

Castle Princess Run is now available on Android! In this great game get more of the fun running and jumping, sliding that you like on these types of games. Enjoy with your friends and beat all the scores!Can you help the princess explore this fun wor...

Tanks battlefield heroes

Interest games

Tanks battlefield heroes v1.0

The fight has begun! Man your battle stations! Defend the frontier!Drive your iron battle tank through the warfare landscape, collecting gold coins along the way. Use your coins to unlock bunches of upgrades that include longer duration of bonuses, e...

Stranded:A Mars Adventure

Interest games

Stranded:A Mars Adventure v1.0

[Flying to Mars is a piece of cake… but returning back to Earth, that’s where things get tricky! Help the stranded astronaut to find a way back home in this delightful side-scrolling skill game for your smartphone and tablet! ]...

Ninja ShaDow

Interest games

Ninja ShaDow v1.0

The coolest Ninja style running games, you are a powerful Ninja, and you can do anything impossible, flying high in the sky! Going deep under the earth!Some Ninjas want to kill you, you must run, run away and block all darts. Do your best to kill the...

Monster Truck Winter Racing

Interest games

Monster Truck Winter Racing v2.0

A free snow monster truck winter racing game!Easy controls, fun levels, good quality graphics, kids friendly game-play and level design!This racing game can be controlled as easily as possible so that any kid could play and win without any problems. ...

Marty Farty

Interest games

Marty Farty v1.0.2

Marty Farty is out for a joy ride, jumping over trees (saving their lives), and blowing up buildings with a single super punch. Help Marty by getting a trophy for his efforts in humanity and tree hugging. Tweet or instagram your score to show off you...

Noah Bottle

Interest games

Noah Bottle v1.074

《Noahs Bottle》- An automatic note-generating rhythm game for mobile devices.There was a beautiful island surrounded by the azure ocean and various creatures lived happily in that fecund place. However, because of scrambling for power and profit by hu...


Interest games

Positrons v1.0.3

Revolve with a positron around a nucleus and avoid collisions with electrons in order to prevent annihilation. Accomplish different missions to unlock 7+ amusing characters. How long can you survive?...

Party Ball Arcade

Interest games

Party Ball Arcade v1.0

Roll up cups of cola with the titular Party Ball and save the party from the angry crabs, rabid racoons and even beings from beyond our world.Using your mobile devices tilt-sensing functionality you can navigate over 40 different mazes across three u...

Cyber Sphere

Shooting games

Cyber Sphere v1.2

They found us! We need to transmit collected information to our base. Give us time!Manage ultra - modern combat drone CyberSpere, hold on as long as possible to protect the base from the advancing hordes of enemies....