Samsung GT-S5300 Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Pixel Dead - Survival Fps

Shooting games

Pixel Dead - Survival Fps v2.3

Pixel Dead!!Hunt zombies through easy control(Automatic shooting) and various weapons!And craft powerful weapons gathering materials from zombiesThe materials are able to be collected from each map(Machine Guns, Bazooka, Pistols, Axes and Grenades et...

Jumping Monster

Interest games

Jumping Monster v1.0

One Eye Purple Monster has been travelling over the world in these time, but he has been lost in Purple Stone Region. You have to help the little cute monster to get through this region. How do you can help him? Thats easy, you just have to to make h...

Super Aladdin Adventure

Adventure games

Super Aladdin Adventure v1.2

Mutafa Evil witch has been take Jasmine princess from her castle. The King and the Queen are very sad. They said that please help them rescue Jasmine princess and who ever he is,He can ing princess to home and marry her.Aladdin is one of those who wa...

Beauty or Brains

Simulation games

Beauty or Brains v14

Beauty or ains? Pick a team and see if you have what it takes to become the most profitable pizza professional in town!How do you establish and run your own successful pizzeria without drowning in mountains of debt? That’s precisely the puzzle that y...

Monster Truck Speed Stunts 3D

Skill games

Monster Truck Speed Stunts 3D v1.0

What is Monster Truck Speed Stunts all about?Have you ever dreamt of driving a Monster Truck?Get behind the wheels of these massive vehicles! And perform gut wrenching stunts! Spin around in the monster trucks and become the stunt champion! Jump over...

Saw Jump

Interest games

Saw Jump v1.2

Saw Jump, the unique Arcade game full of jumping fun! Jump and fly through every level – you will achieve the goal only with the right strategy. What do you need for that? Reaction, attention, skills and a good memory. An alternative to Geometry Dash...

Mummy Runner

Interest games

Mummy Runner v1.0.10

Help the Mummy to run as many circles as possible and collect all the boosters. Prove that you are the fastest and the most agile of all! Dodge the angry towers! Keep away from the cute monsters trapped in totems, and avoid clashes with them! Run fo...

Monster Castle

Puzzle games

Monster Castle v1.0.1

Escape monster castle, put your talents are used up.And your little friends from way together. Here are your five little friendsBark (fearless dog), Charlie (tough guy), Darcy (crying loudly), ED (super fat guy), Freud (nerd)BARK (THE FEARLESS DOG), ...

Chicken Fly!

Interest games

Chicken Fly! v1.9.107

Chicken Fly! is the amazingly funny platform game that will test your skills and reflex quite strongly!Be in full control of the Super Chickens moves with just single-finger tap. Its certainly the easy to learn and hard to master one... Use double ju...

Unlock King

Puzzle games

Unlock King v1.0.1

To become a gangster films where agents must be trained from an early age, the easiest entry stunt is unlocked from a thief to start.Within one minute to open various locks, enter the chamber theft, is not easy to excel.This game is a total of 33 lar...

Blockwick 2 Basics

Puzzle games

Blockwick 2 Basics v1.0

Welcome to Blockwick 2 Basics—a world of colorful, weirdly-shaped blocks. Unscramble the blocks to unite the colors.Basics is a free, ad-supported primer to the Blockwick universe. The game is packed with 144 easy puzzles and includes a sampling of t...

Deep Dive

Interest games

Deep Dive v1.00

Dive for treasure! Dive for adventure! Discover legendary monsters and treasures. Dive as deep as you can and compete against your friends for the highest record! INTENSE ARCADE ACTION Dodge past monsters and obstacles at eakneck speeds. EASY PICK-UP...

High Dive Animals

Interest games

High Dive Animals v1.0

Tap the screen left or right to controll the animal in the air.Avoid the owls. They try to bite you. with every successfull jump you climb the ladder higher and higher.How high can you get?Good luck!...

Poro Frenzy

Interest games

Poro Frenzy v1.1

Poro has been running a very long journey in summoner’s rift and this little creature needs to fuel up!Simply tap left or right to eat the food on the sushi train, just be-careful of those bombs. Dont feed bombs to these fluffy creatures.Hunger-Bar: ...

Shadow Ninja Attack 3D

Action games

Shadow Ninja Attack 3D vv1.3

From the creators of Vector: Shadow Ninja Attack 3D is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical fighting. This game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts t...

Robot wars

Interest games

Robot wars v1.3

CRITICS SAYA wonderful game that will keep you busy for hours... - AppVersityThe gameplay is fun... and the chaotic battles aren’t short on spectacle or excitement. - Incredible depth and one of the most addicting gameplays. 5 of 5 stars - AppSmile...

Rescue Co.

Shooting games

Rescue Co. v1.13

Spin the Explorers to safety! You have just been hired as a Rescuenaut! Unfortunate Explorer’s spaceship has crashed and you have to rescue the crew! The terrain will be rough and there will be challenging obstacles and black holes in the way. Stay w...


Interest games

SciAnts v1.0.0

Survive never-ending waves of super-powered ants in SciAnts, an exciting, fast-paced arcade game for mobile!You are the sole technician aboard a Zero-G Genetic Engineering Facility. Your job was a relatively simple one: supervise the automated produc...

Chuckles And Mike

Interest games

Chuckles And Mike v1.1

An evil alien entity has possessed a simple life form on earth. Using it as its vessel has vanquished you from your ship along with all your robot crew. Warping you to forgotten worlds. Youll have to use your skills to forge your path across landscap...

Sharp Sniper Shooter

Shooting games

Sharp Sniper Shooter v1.0

Last night terrorist group attack on our city and got control on it. They are not enemies of nation but entire world. Now they are moving in the city and your mission is to kill them all and free your city from them. Are you ready to go on a top secr...