Samsung GT-S5300 Games

Samsung GT-S5300 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-S5300 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5300 games download.
Jump up Free

Interest games

Jump up Free v1.2

ump up! - It is a simple and casual game that is easy to entice you for a long time. The essence of the game is simple: to jump as high as possible, running away from the saw that you intended. Along the way, collect crystals for which you can purcha...

VR Halloween Ride

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VR Halloween Ride v1.2

- Use your Google Cardboard! This game is a virtual reality game for Google Cardboard!Interface and navigation are optimized for this type of Gameplay.Welcome to the haunted tunnel of death!One knock on the door and you will be pulled into a tunnel o...

Planet Connect

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Planet Connect v1.2

Connect matching planets to create a line. Pair all planets, and cover entire surface to solve each puzzle.Line will eak if they cross or overlap.600+ levels! Enjoy it!...


Interest games

SlideVille v1.0

Enjoy new style of slide puzzle game in 3D.Try to move the blocks to complete the puzzle .You can complete a variety of buildings.Varying difficulty .Build your town at your fingertips....

Picross VanGogh

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Picross VanGogh v1.0.5

I feel the greatness of Van Goghs masterpieces and fun logic puzzles with squares are to meet this masterpiece .blackening boxes with the help of allotted numbers in rows and columnGiven the sensitivity to Picross.It is through studying paintings Pic...


Adventure games

11:57 v1.0.3

As the first of its kind, 11:57 sets out to offer a 360-degree nightmare by making the spectator the main character of the film. This means that rather than just watching the film, you become part of the actual set making the action revolve around yo...

Tiny Passengers Free

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Tiny Passengers Free v1.0

Tiny Passengers is a family friendly one-touch fun action puzzle. Connect tiny passengers with each other and fling them onto cute vehicles! Making them friends gives you extra points and time!3 modes (Puzzle Time Kids) and 60 levels! Preschoolers ...

Dont be, square!

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Dont be, square! v1.01

All you need to do is to make the square disapear by destroying its parts with balls. It is a pretty simple task. Or may be its not? Try it by yourself. Relaxing ambient music should help to solve the puzzles. Fortunately there is one as a background...

Blocky Garbage Truck Sim Pro

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Blocky Garbage Truck Sim Pro v1.0

THE PERFECT BLOCKY CAR GAME!!This trash truck simulator is the perfect simulation games crossover of the classic trash truck games and blocky cars games. With the classic features of garbage truck games and the amazing blocky roads graphics of blocky...

Rocket Launch Infinite Sky

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Rocket Launch Infinite Sky v1.0.2

Rocket Swing Sidereal Guardian is a new game from Rainbirth that ings to you all the action of a physics based game where youve to push your rocket by tapping with your finger.Enjoy its minimalist art style that is top trending right now and travel t...

VR Talking Cat Dog Park

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VR Talking Cat Dog Park v1.1

Do you know Cats and Dogs are very cute and furry? Do you want to meet them in a park? Do you want to know how they talking and singing. Experience the Virtual Reality simulation of Talking Cat and Dog in fantasy park. They are singing for you. This ...

Mystical Cave VR

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Mystical Cave VR v1.0

+ Play the demo on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard glasses housing+ Align your phone in center + Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy walking in spaceMovement Controls:+ Move...


Interest games

Climberia v1.2.6

This is not an easy game! Control the pirates hands to climb up, collect coins and run away from the greedy octopus. Fun, yet challenging, Climberia will test your skills and reflexes.- amazing inertia driven gameplay- four different worlds with vari...


Sports games

Yakin v2

Youll never have an excuse to not go paddling again. At work? In an aeroplane? In bed? Driving a car? Operating heavy machinery? On a date? Now you can stop wasting precious time doing other activities and focus more time training for those grade fiv...

Survive Mr.CUBE

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Survive Mr.CUBE v1.0.5

Soon to be married Mr. Kobe was living a happy life until one day an elderly man gave him a pill. Mr. Kobe ate the pill and quickly lost consciousness. As he came to his senses he was trapped to a place he could not recognize. Why was he ought to thi...

Grand Escape

Adventure games

Grand Escape v1.4.0

Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!We are proud to present you the and new escape game - Grand Escape!Welcome to this strange hotel with 15 bizarre rooms full of traps, clues, hints and puzzles! Your mission is to enter this house and use all the pu...

Monster and Commander

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Monster and Commander v1.4.3

Help King Bacon claim the castles conquered by the evil Necrommander - you are the last hope to restore prosperity and peace to the Kingdom. Ride your loyal monster into battle and wreak havoc on your opponents!This is the strategy RPG you have been ...

Lab Outbreak

Shooting games

Lab Outbreak v1.0.2

Be as quick as you can to stop monsters from eaking out of a laboratory. Play while you wait, on the train, tram, bus. Be the best of your friend and challenge them with your awesome score!...

Ernie vs Evil

Shooting games

Ernie vs Evil v1.0

The town of Lawrston was once a peaceful place to live, until the summoning tore it apart. Risen from the depths of the utmost evil, the ancient celestial monster, Bob, has possessed the town. Using his new army, Bob, plans to turn all of humanity in...

DC Super Hero Girls

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DC Super Hero Girls v1.1

WELCOME TO SUPER HERO HIGH SCHOOL! Join these iconic Super Heroes in the official DC Super Hero Girls mobile app!At Super Hero High, iconic Super Heroes like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, and Katana navigate a...