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LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Magical Maze Potions & Wizards

Puzzle games

Magical Maze Potions & Wizards v1.0.1

WHAT DO PLAYERS HAVE TO SAY:Solid, I like the quality of this game - ★★★★★by ADS Group - Jan 20, 2012Amazing! This is a mind blowing app. Thank you so much for this new game - ★★★★★ by Mj Mohamad J - Jan 18, 2012Love this game! Great graphics, great ...


Interest games

Sawbier v1.0.1

Killing a zombie with sticks or hummers? Nonono,thats not the way.Yes,you should use the saw!During this game,you,will be a real zombie terminater. Elimate them with the most bloody way now!...

Space Ball

Sports games

Space Ball v1.0.5

Space Ball is a fun and a “very electric” basketball game with many challenging modes, obstacles, and too many surprises. This game offers you four modes in each of them you will face increasing levels of difficulty and different backboard styles. Th...

Cupky Jump

Interest games

Cupky Jump v1.0.0

Have you ever played running games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers or jumping games like Geometry Dash, Doodle Jump? Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping and turning you love in Cupky Jump!Jump and Jump, fly your way in the world of cake...

Funny Chicken Escape

Puzzle games

Funny Chicken Escape v1.1.0

The old wolf wanner to eat chicken again. So,what can a pathetic little chicken do,is just run,run and run away. Because of his sometime be easy to be just standing goggling blankly into the space,you may try to help him be quick and hurry.Otherwise,...

Space Bomrus

Interest games

Space Bomrus v1.2

When you catch and connect the BOMRUS A large explosion happen! Destroy the BOMBRUS in time and aim for the highest score ! ...

Hate Snake 3D

Interest games

Hate Snake 3D v1.1a

Youre a space-snake in a box, every 10 seconds your tail becomes a wall, you can use bombs, and the colors are pretty strange. There are other snakes and boxes and wtfMade for IndieBuskers, as as of 24th November 2014, its completely freeee...

In The Warmth Of Winter ver 2

Interest games

In The Warmth Of Winter ver 2 v2

The story is set in a European style town in the middle of winter. The player assumes the role of a young fox who is attempting to escape their depressing life. The visual style deviates from traditional visual novel styles as we wished to offset the...


Shooting games

Deaddawn v1.04

HALLOWEEN - one of the most mysterious and superstitious celeations. A monstrous grinning face carved out of a pumpkin with a flickering candle inside represents its spirit. The legend says that this symbol on All Saints Eve is placed into windows or...

Super Goalkeeper World Cup

Interest games

Super Goalkeeper World Cup v1.02

Want to experience the feeling when 32 Soccer Cup teams shoot at your goal in turns? To be a super goalkeeper to make all the teams in the Soccer Cup deadly.Super Goalkeeper - Soccer Cup is a 3D Soccer Cup-themed soccer goalkeeper game, where you can...

Grandma VS Grandpa

Interest games

Grandma VS Grandpa v11

Grandma VS Grandpa is a joking fighting game for all fans on entertaining apps and funny action games! The old granny and old grandpa are the retired Kung Fu masters and they decided to relieve their past and to have a good fight like in good old tim...

Fruit Snake 3D

Interest games

Fruit Snake 3D v1.1

Snake 3D renews the everlasting classic snake game.Think as a snake and move as a snake with the seamless turning unique feature of Fruit Snake 3D. No more 90° turns only, but a realistic snake movement that will change your way of playing snake.Play...

Potion Maker

Simulation games

Potion Maker v2.0.1

The first game of Sinsiroad! Animated characters in Live2D! Pio-chan cute! Enhanced potion to put the material to the cauldron! Infinitely becomes higher price!Potion making an increasingly developed in upgrade!Aim the millionaire Become a potion mas...


Interest games

StarsLink v1.0.1

Have you ever tried to find beautiful constellations in the vast sky?Swipe finger, link the stars … find the mystery answers in this unique and innovative puzzle game.Connecting shining stars to get beautiful constellations.Lets start a wonderful jou...

RPG Puzzle

Interest games

RPG Puzzle v1.0.9

Retro RPG Puzzle (quest) is a tile based minimalistic RPG. The goal is to simply make it from one door to the next. You click on adjacent tiles to move your player. Choose your tiles carefully because there are some tiles that hurt you and some tiles...

100 doors of a secret lab

Puzzle games

100 doors of a secret lab v1.0.5

The same door,but not the same puzzle.Wanner reach the secret lab,you should pass 100 doors!This time,you will play different. All the puzzle was surround the goal of turning on the six lights above the door.So,there is a certain logic inside each le...

Wonderland Tresure

Puzzle games

Wonderland Tresure v2.71

When You’re tired of the busy city,here,you’ll find a place where you may purity your mind.You can experience the beautiful scene of the great nature during the time you playing the game.=========How To Play==========Using the virtual direction butto...

Wheely Bird

Interest games

Wheely Bird v1.3

UNLOCK NEW LEVELS by reaching a score of 100! (Reaching 100 is not as easy as it looks)Play through three different fun and engaging levels to eak the ancient curse: Sunny , Snowy and Spooky! Game Plot:An ancient curse has taken away Wheely Birds win...

Rescue Rabbit Rush

Interest games

Rescue Rabbit Rush v2.0.2

In this fun, fast paced game you help a mother bunny rescue her babies from busy city streets, a huge safari and the animal filled jungle.The mother bunny must rush across the street in order to save her babies while dodging fast moving cars in the c...