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LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.
Comic8 Platformer

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Comic8 Platformer v1.1

Game Comic 8 Platformer adalah game arcade shoot em up seru yang diadaptasikan dari film layar lebar Comic 8 Casino KingsComic 8 Casino Kings adalah game keluaran terbaru dari Falcon Game Studio yang diadaptasikan dari film layar lebar Comic 8 Casino...

The Winter Dragon

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The Winter Dragon v1.0

A mysterious dragon has become lost in the middle of winter! Can you help him?Follow the dragon’s footsteps across a beautiful winter landscape and solve the puzzles in the forest.Remove obstacles and open up new paths by placing magical gems in the ...

Angry Gangster:Most Wanted

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Angry Gangster:Most Wanted v1.02

LETS BE A GANGSTER!CHALLENGE THE COP!CHALLENGE THE ARMY!SMASH THEM ALL!YOU ARE NUMBER ONE! THE UNDEFEATED GANGSTER!BUT.......HOW LONG CAN YOU LAST???You are WANTED! (dont know how, think!) And you must fight for your life! Your freedom! Look! You are...

Damn Daniel

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Damn Daniel v1.1

Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white vans. Help him collect gems to unlock new shoes.Reference to any celeity, artist, musician, person, product, name, trademark, service mark, or company name is for descriptive purposes only and does not con...

CM: Adventures

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CM: Adventures v1.2.9

Easy to learn, impossible to master and FREE to play! Prepare yourself for a fun-fueled magic carpet adventure through a psychedelic dreamworld.Take a ride on an enchanted carpet to avoid obstacles and collect coins that can be exchanged for souls al...

VR Run

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VR Run v1.0

The first virtual reality endless runner in the Play Store.Collect as many coins you can and get a big highscore, but look out for the canyon and the lava!The direction is controlled by your head movement, you need a controller to jump (tested on an ...


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Dirac v1.0.2

FROM: MEDIOCRE, the award winning lab behind mind altering experiments SMASH HIT and DOES NOT COMMUTE.SUBJECT: Explore the microverse with top scientists from across the world using the revolutionary DIRAC engine.MESSAGE: Congratulations!Thanks to th...


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Piques v1.5

No ads. No special permissions. No forced social elements. You just play it!Piques is a modern arcade game - very soothing and energetic, if thats even possible!Perfect for that idle time.Piques is a very simple game where you earn points by destroyi...


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TrippyTrap v1.0.5

Escape from trippy world without getting trapped as long as you can.If you are wondering what can make you go out of control other than chocolates and caffeine, it’s TRIPPY TRAP. Not only is this game peppy and zippy with viant colors and gameplay, i...

Hot Trigger

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Hot Trigger v1.0

BEST SLOW MOTION SHOOTER ON GOOGLE PLAY!First person shooter where you can control time. Defeat your enemies and use time to your advantage. Use multiple weapons, explore huge levels and master your skills to complete deadly missions!- Advanced slow-...

3D Maze: War of Gold

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3D Maze: War of Gold v1.08

Find gold stolen by thugs! Don’t let them get away with that. Our contact tells that they are hiding somewhere in Afghanistan territory. Your special skills and choose out of 5 deadly weapons will make it easier for you! Collect gold hidden in secret...

Finn Dragon

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Finn Dragon v0.1.0.120

► Finn picture books are among the most popular read-aloud books for kids aged 4-8► Short animations and interactive features turn the story into a witty adventure► Includes an exciting memory game and fun puzzle with two levels of difficultyFinn has...

IRONFACE - Multiplayer Shooter

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IRONFACE - Multiplayer Shooter v1.008

Promo Code for Free Diamonds : LAUNCH2015. Play and Share with your friends!IRONFACE - is a multiplayer fast-paced first person shooter taking place in various battlefields around the World. Face MMOFPS action in dynamic online combat with different ...

Towards The Light

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Towards The Light v1.8

The universe lies in your hands. The worlds are losing their energy and you are the only one who can prevent it. Light all the Light Towers and save the galaxy. Are you ready?A NEW WAY OF PLAYINGDo you imagine exploring a cubic world? In Towards the ...

Kaiju Minis

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Kaiju Minis v1.1

Control your very own Mini Kaiju and set out on a path of endless destruction.Action packed fun full of explosions!Strategize your way through missiles and unleash your fury!How much of the city can you destroy?Kaiju Minis is an epic endless game tha...

Helicopter Simulator 3D

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Helicopter Simulator 3D v1.0.0

Do you have a childhood dream of becoming a helicopter pilot? Very curious as to why you are not helicopter can fly freely in the sky? You are not admire those helicopter pilots Why can put so much freedom to manipulate the helicopter , but also a go...

Surf Bum

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Surf Bum v1.02

Control a surfing character. Dodge obstacles like sharks and buoys. Collect coins and powerups. Hit birds to gain vertical speed. Get the highest score to beat everyone you know. Play the number one surfing game in the world! See what everyone is tal...

Hill Climb Race 3D

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Hill Climb Race 3D v1.1

From each other by mountain climbing adventure race level is waiting for you. With challenging sections of land and land in the 4x4 turbo diesel engine, which has an extremely convenient tool will check conditions. Need to be careful not to fall down...

Trash Escape

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Trash Escape v1.1

A game easy to play but extremely hard to master!Concentrate before start the game, cause youll need an alert ain to escape from the trash compactor. Test your ain while the speed of compactor becomes faster. Challenge your friends skills to see who ...

Voyage:Eurasia Roads

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Voyage:Eurasia Roads v1.03

Travel the roads of Eurasia on 4 Russian cars + German and Japan cars! Youre tired of staying in Finland and are heading to Thailand on car through Russia. Who will reach from Finland to the Indian Ocean? - The game is completely free, without built-...