LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Real City Bomb Transporter

Interest games

Real City Bomb Transporter v1.1

Bring on the explosion with Real City Bomb transporter. Transport a wide array of explosives. Be very careful! A very small mistake may cause a huge explosion. Travel through the twisting winding roads and transport the ammunition from the garage to ...

Princess Salon:Cinderella

Interest games

Princess Salon:Cinderella v1.1

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella. Her stepmother and her twin stepsisters made her their servant after the death of her parents. Since then she has lived a hard life accompanied only by miserableness. One day, invitations...


Interest games

Camouflage v1.2

A bank was robbed and the criminals got away with 10 million dollars. Apparently, the robbers fled into the nearby mountains, but they havent been found yet. As a freelance writer, this case interested me greatly, so I headed to the mountains, and I ...

Dwarf Mines

Interest games

Dwarf Mines v1.0

Dwarf Mines is a puzzle game occurring in the mines of the Dwarfss mountains. Inspired by the Minesweeper, the game features two mods :- Classique, taking the rules of the original Minesweeper - Adventure, combining reflexion and action (Currently in...

Metal Soldier Attack

Shooting games

Metal Soldier Attack v1.0

A space ship landed crash landed on earth and an alien called a Metal soldier is out their in the city to kill everyone. A special sniper shooter is deployed on the rooftop in the city to shoot him down. The alien was last seen on the public place at...

Mini Golf Military

Sports games

Mini Golf Military v1.0

Welcome to the military world of mini golf. Can you pot all the balls within par and escape a telling off from the sargent. This awesome sports game has a unique setting. A cartoon military base, set in the desert. If you love, military, tanks and ju...

Crocs World 2

Adventure games

Crocs World 2 v1.2

Millions of players played the first part of Crocs World!Now it´s time for Crocs World 2!!!Croc´s World 2 is a really nice jumpnrun with 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies! Do you remember the times when you played classic jump and run...

Floorless Fortress

Adventure games

Floorless Fortress v1.0

Floorless Fortress is a challenging and addictive arcade game with over 70 levels. Avoid traps while travelling through as many rooms as you can. Collect fruits or beat a given time. In each room your main objective is to survive the room and escape ...

Treasure Runner

Adventure games

Treasure Runner v1.7

Funny game with easy rules! A little Runner fared deep in the dark mine, help him to overcome all the stages and gather all gold. Pick up all the gold heaps at the all stages and find saving way to the top. Evil robots will disturb you on the way, th...

Legend Of Gatot Kaca

Adventure games

Legend Of Gatot Kaca v1.1.9

Suatu saat bumi aman tentram dan damai, tetapi berubah saat keris pasak bumi sebagai poros perputaran bumi menghilang. Bumi mulai menampakan bencana dan getaran hebat. Menyadari akan hal ini Eyang Subur memanggil Gatot Kaca untuk mencari tau dimana k...

Fly To Heaven

Interest games

Fly To Heaven v1.0.0.1

Help john to collect the light and reach the heaven! catch all the light, dont let him fall to the hell!- UPDATE v - now available REAL HEAVEN try to reach it - 15 surprising unpredictable accidents - 10+ enemies -shake to keep flying(tricky ...

Run Away

Interest games

Run Away v1.6.8

Run Away is an amazing relax game. In the game ,you control cuddly critters jumping obstacles on the road and running through the snow . Players unlock multiple roles during the game, the ability to obtain different animals, and to use their ability ...

No Escape

Puzzle games

No Escape v1.2

I had had enough.Unable to withstand the unbelievable abuse from my boyfriend, I fled his house.There was nowhere for me to go.I decided to head to the home of a close friend from my college years.Your mission is only to escape from the room by openi...

Ghost Battle Advance

Interest games

Ghost Battle Advance v1.0.2

Just help your various ghost warriors beat back the enemy and protect the tree elf!The fighting level setting makes this game challenging but very funny!Different ghosts own different techniques and unique special effects!Just use magic to defeat the...

Zombie Shooter Defense

Shooting games

Zombie Shooter Defense v1.1

▼The time for the rescue has come! The world has been waiting for a savior who will stop the spreading zombie invasion and prevent it from turning into an apocalypse! If you want to earn the prize for the rescuer of the human race that has been infes...

Undead Shooter

Shooting games

Undead Shooter v1.0

Undead Shooter” is a highly anticipated first-person shooter game.The game is set to be the hero Joe is infected by biological virus, and then he get a undead body. Shadow Assassin organization worried Joe mutiny. Called on all members to kill Joe. S...

Army Commando Sniper

Shooting games

Army Commando Sniper v1.0.4

- Army Commando Sniper 3DA shooting war intensifies between the militants of the Abadya Island and a lone commando elite sniper. Mike, the lone army sniper shooter takes out a terrorist by a head kill shot.Mike says the pilot to the sniper assassin, ...

Reactor For Two PRO

Interest games

Reactor For Two PRO v2

Reactor For Two is a new exciting reaction game for 2 players. Mobilize your logical thinking and get ready for the ultimate finger agility challenge! This is a real ain training where you have to solve different puzzles and fulfill different tasks f...

Occupy Star

Interest games

Occupy Star v1.6.8

Occupy Star is a puzzle game. Players occupying a planet will get a certain score, control the direction and intensity to occupied planet in the game. Grasp the intensity of the game is the key to get the better score.During the game, to constantly a...

Yandere School

Interest games

Yandere School v0.11a

Welcome at Yandere School!Play as usual girl who goes crazy of her love.Yet project is in early alpha version and has very limited featureset wich will be increased with every update....