LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.
Sky Hop Saga

Interest games

Sky Hop Saga v1.0

Hop till you drop in this Endless Arcade Hopper as you explore and uncover the ever expanding and crumbling world of Sky Hop Saga!How far you can hop?Hop from tile to tile to collect and complete the Sky Hop Artifact to unlock the next set of tiles.B...


Shooting games

Infiltrator v1.4

Time is of the essence in this unique twin-stick shooter, as you race through the interior of a massive spaceship while being chased by ever increasing numbers of enemy drones....


Interest games


Aliens attack the Earth. Banal you think? But what will you say if you are the one who lead them. Yes, right, you started this war!Enslave wretched people, general. We had almost conquered the last inhabited planet in the galaxy!Destroy each country,...

Flying Adventures

Interest games

Flying Adventures v1.01

Flying Adventures - is a unique game in side scroller adventure and action genre. The game is based on interesting story about small, cute character named “Furry” who is looking for a new, pleasant place to stay. Along the way it discovers impressive...

Candy Hunter VR

Interest games

Candy Hunter VR v1.0

The game implements a freemium system. Please register promotion code or purchase the app if you like the game....

Oath of Genesis

Action games

Oath of Genesis v1.0

Story : Once upon a time in a village named Midgar, A attack was happened. Wolf started a war for human blood. There were two leaders of Wolfs clan. Human was able to defeat one of the two leader. But in the end, human kind was defeated. But the fort...

The Grid

Interest games

The Grid v2.0

The Grid is an amazing new action packed 2D side-scrolling adventure game from Ape Apps. It combines retro platformer action with amazing retro graphics for a fast paced gaming experience that is out of this dimension!After a long days work in his la...


Interest games


Play now and challenge your reflexes!You’re going for a supersonic flight in the world of endless barriers! One of the most dynamic mobile games is now available for free!Feel the beat! Push the limits!...

Math Hopper

Interest games

Math Hopper v1.0

You never realized playing with math could be so exciting. Think fast, build up the Fever-O-Meter and reach the highest score!Tap or double-tap to hop from one platform to another. Jump on the intermediary tiles to match your Hopper number with the o...


Interest games

TailBomb v1.00.01

* Unique, stylish graphic!* Intense! Not just a normal shooting game, but evasive strategic one!* Numerous skills! Enjoyable in so many ways, depending on combination of skills!* Unique ship with players own recipe!...

Zigzag Crossing

Interest games

Zigzag Crossing v1.0.1

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in Zigzag Crossing now! Push your skills to the limit as you cross your way through dangerous passages and deadly obstacles.Stay alive on the road as long as you can and cross as many zigzags as possible. Do no...

Sneaky James

Interest games

Sneaky James v1.1.1

Sneaky James is a secret stealth game from the creators of Kizi Games! Your mission is to get the valuable gold statue using your stealth skills, without being noticed! Careful, one mistake and the trained guards will find Sneaky James in no time.Can...

Tap the Frog Faster

Interest games

Tap the Frog Faster v1.0.1

Ribbit! The legendary Frog is back with all-new addictive gameplay and a dozen of frogsome mini-games to master your frog tapping skills!Get your fingers ready and experience a game that once again redefines the mini-games collection genre with its n...

Mothership The Sequel

Role Play games

Mothership The Sequel v1.0

M:TS is is a touch-based game for mobile and tablet devices. The game is played as a reverse SHMUP where the player controls the final boss as waves of AI-controlled Heroes attempt to destroy the last ship in the game. The player will face many diffe...

Sniper Bro

Shooting games

Sniper Bro v1.0.4

Sniper Bro is a fast paced ridiculously addicting game where you have to shoot all falling blocks to raise your high score. Its fun and Challenging and a perfect way to pass the time. Are you up to the challenge?Whats your highscore?...

Inventioneers Full

Interest games

Inventioneers Full v3.0.1

BE CREATIVE!In this game you can create your own crazy, fun inventions! With the help of the Inventioneers, our tiny helpers with unique characteristics, you can invent fun, creative and often quite weird inventions. A lot of inventions are included ...

Fly Boardd

Interest games

Fly Boardd v1.0

Fly The Board With Bouncing Ball To Enjoy A Very Challenging , Magnificent , Astonishing And Beautifully Crafted Amazing ADVENTURE!Experience The Gorgeous Environment And Remarkable Creativity....

Collision Hit: Smash!

Interest games

Collision Hit: Smash! v1.0.1

Its a wonderful world with impressive and futuristic atmosphere.Step back into the mysterious and futuristic dimension, where you will find a huge amount of unforgettable emotions and impressions.Avoid collisions, destroy the pyramid, remove obstacle...


Puzzle games

Heatos v1.11

It is challenging but relaxing and not hectic.Heatos is recommended for those who are looking for a special pastime that stands out from the crowd.Your main task in Heatos is to remove all negative temperatures (blue) from the game field....