LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Penguin Diner 2

Simulation games

Penguin Diner 2 v1.0.0

The #1 web SMASH HIT game - Penguin Diner 2 is finally here - on MOBILE and its 100% FREE! Penny the penguin returns to Antarctica to serve up a feast! Help Penny run her diner and serve some very hungry penguins. Download NOW to get the WHOLE GAME f...

Garfield Pet Hospital

Simulation games

Garfield Pet Hospital v1.1.1

Challenge yourself with strategy and time-management in Garfield’s wacky veterinary clinic! Take charge of fat cat Garfield and friends as they treat and nurse kittens, puppies, hamsters, gerbils, parrots and other cute pets back to health. Can you h...

Dinosaur City Attack

Shooting games

Dinosaur City Attack v1.4

In City Sniper-Dinosaur Survival, you are the only hope of the city against the dinosaur attack. The citizens are in mortal danger as the war between humans and dinosaurs rages on. You were chosen to lead this battle against the dino army and you are...

Brush Master

Interest games

Brush Master v1.2.2

The ushes are invading the room!! We have 60 seconds to fight them back, Paint all that you can!! Battle through challenging levels full of obstacles and Power-Ups. From the bedroom notebook all the way to the exotic temples of china, Brush Master al...

Under the Sun

Interest games

Under the Sun v1.0

Waste no time! Guide a stranded castaway through a series of desert island puzzles.45 - Gamezebo: Thoughtful and challenging puzzles that utilize the passing of time in a new way45 - Apple n Apps: Under the Sun delivers a true puzzler that will keep ...

JumpNShoot Attack

Shooting games

JumpNShoot Attack v1.0

A mobile game for gamers! Join Louise Lightfoot, the legendary Master of Jumping and Shooting, on her mission to save the President of Earth 4 from evil space mutants known as the Xatharr!! Collect items to boost attacks and gain lives, dominate onli...

Escape Alex

Interest games

Escape Alex v1.0

DISCLAIMER : THE DEVELOPER OF THIS GAME TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY OF EXTREME LOSS OF TIME DUE TO ADDICTION TO IT. INSTALL AT YOUR OWN WILL Escape Alex is a game about Alex who needs to escape from the demolished city Atlantos. Be his partner in the adv...

tap tap tap

Interest games

tap tap tap v1.0

Hey girls, hey boys, you can dance (if you want to) but just do what I tell you: tap tap tap!Tap and swipe and drag and drop and get the highest score in this musical action game by Bart Bonte bontegames.The game supports all Android screen sizes (p...

Origami Crush

Interest games

Origami Crush v1.8.1

Origami Crush is an old-school arcade game with short hardcore gameplay sessions.Choose your plane, destroy waves of ennemies, upgrade your stats, beat bosses and get new skills !-Upgrade your plane when you level up !-Get special skills when you ki...

Furious Car Driver 3D

Interest games

Furious Car Driver 3D v1.1

What is Furious Car Driving all about?Shoot off through city streets at a furious burning pace!! Illegal street racing is not illegal anymore! There are NO RULES! No traffic regulation! No police writing you tickets! Just race and enjoy the thrill of...

Maze Free

Puzzle games

Maze Free v1.2

In the next update of the game you will be available-20 Levels of light duty-20 Levels Medium Duty-5 Levels of heavy duty- New game mode - night (complicated version of the usual game, but with the dimming of the screen)-Ispravlenie Error game....

Biopower:Big White Wolf

Interest games

Biopower:Big White Wolf v1

Biopower - Episode 1 - Big White WolfExperience, feel immerse yourself in this poetic Platform Puzzle game that incredibly challenges your ain, your intelligence your smartness. • Teleport, Shift gravity Spring jump to explore this unique myster...

Hidden Objects Trip Though The Time

Interest games

Hidden Objects Trip Though The Time v1.0

Ready to solve the puzzle of time travel? Hidden Objects - Time Machine is a challenging seek and find puzzle game thats filled with secrets, mysteries, word challenges and much more. Send your ain for a loop as you travel through time and solve secr...

Luffy Supernova Pirate

Interest games

Luffy Supernova Pirate v1.1.1

If you like onepiece. do not miss!!This is the story of a supernova pirate. Top rookie pirates, with bounties over 100,000,000 Beli. Monkey D luffy, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid. You will be control three supernova characters, and survive from the Navy...

Invincible Shooting

Shooting games

Invincible Shooting v1.2

Invincible Shooting is so interesting, elegant first person shoot game. It has beautiful frames,and is simple to control. As a commando, you need a great courage in the face of the fierce enemy. You must destroy the enemies , complete the tasks. The ...

Carnival Pinball

Interest games

Carnival Pinball v1.1.5

ONE OF A KIND FREE PINBALL GAME EVER! All levels have a special theme and are uniquely connected. Be surprised with tunnels and vortexes! Discover the special key to blast millions in score and got your name posted on the online global high score boa...

Gangstar Cube

Interest games

Gangstar Cube v0.1.1

Gangstar CUBE is a city car,the player complete freedom of action and all this in a cubic world.Remote clone of the popular game GTA ,which blended well-known minecraft and gta.Freedom of action will help You to spend your time.ver 0.1.1:-3 kinds of ...

Line Runner  Free

Interest games

Line Runner Free v1.02

Line Runner is a very addictive minimalist game! You need to dodge the walls and score as many points as you can! Just hold the screen on the left or right to change the direction of the triangle. ...

Super Awesome

Interest games

Super Awesome v1.05

Super Awesome is a platform game with tons of awesome levels.There are over 100 levels in Normal Mode. After finishing a game in Normal Mode, Rage Mode unlocks giving you another 100+ harder versions of the Normal Mode levels.Beat the levels filled w...