LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Free Fall Free

Interest games

Free Fall Free v1.2

Free Fall is a fun and awesome endless falling game that will challenge you!Free Fall into a fun and addictive casual game action!Start falling endlessly from platform to platform as you try to score the bonuses hovering in the sky. To play, simply t...

Dungeon Crawler

Interest games

Dungeon Crawler v1.0

Welcome to dungeon crawler. You are a ave hero on the way to save beautiful princess against dangerous monsters. You have to pass all six levels and gain 100000 in game points to save her. *Realy challenging game*Game is totally free*6 levels with ov...

Rotate - Fast Paced Action

Interest games

Rotate - Fast Paced Action v1.2.5

Jump across the galaxy in this incredibly addicting game! Recommended by the developers of 2048 and many app stores, find out why people are excited about this years new smash hit....

Spider Square

Interest games

Spider Square v1.0.1

Get ready to be totally Addicted. From the makers of Bird Climb, Spider Square will drive you crazy. It’s insanely hard but incredibly addictive.In Spider Square you have to swing the Squarelicious characters as far as you can just like a spider woul...

ROTO - Puzzle About Big Balls

Interest games

ROTO - Puzzle About Big Balls v1.2.1

Immerse yourself in this circular adventure filled with big and mean balls. Grab your friend, classmate or parents and play a round of this fast-paced reaction game now!ROTO is a simple and addictive action puzzle game. with balls of different sizes....

Escape Coma 2 The Awakening

Puzzle games

Escape Coma 2 The Awakening v1.05

In this totally new puzzle type game, you are locked in a room where you have to use multiple objects to solve a series of puzzles, find clues and escape the room....

Jump Programmer

Interest games

Jump Programmer v1.0

Programmers jumping is an interesting puzzle game. When programmers jumped, you must go to the rescue with a lifeguard. Game may seem simple, but requires a very quick response, Come see who you have to endure the most of it!...

Space Captain Howard

Shooting games

Space Captain Howard v1.0

Space Captain Howard is a survival shoot em up, after all he is the last man alive after an alien empire destroys allcivilization. It is your duty to avenge mankind by destroying as many of the enemy as you can in a blaze of glory! Choose your tactic...

Escape The Floor Terror 3

Interest games

Escape The Floor Terror 3 v1.0

To all who asked us more levels we ing this third part which you can prove your experience, I enjoy it.FunnyExciting.Great 3D graphicsconstant updatesNo need additional permissions....

Shoot Ghost Bubble:Halloween

Interest games

Shoot Ghost Bubble:Halloween v1.0

Have a great time playing this Plenty Bubble Shooter game for FREE! This is the best new games and amazing arrow shooting bubble mania game. This new version is the only one that contains both Halloween Ghost.Make plenty bubbles to make them burst. ...

Push & Escape

Interest games

Push & Escape v1.0.4

It’s not just another simple puzzle game.‘Push Escape’ can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s freely available to anyone willing to try a new Domino puzzle game.Put your ains to the ultimate test!Move, lift, and push 11 different types of Domino...

100 Doors Seasons

Puzzle games

100 Doors Seasons v1.5.5

Get rewards for solving puzzles and compete with your friends for the first place on the leaderboard.You will need to think outside the box to solve the puzzle and to escape from the room!...

Blood Zombie

Interest games

Blood Zombie v1.0

Run now! Escape from zombies, save the survivors from dead walking infection! You are humanitys last hope to stop zombie apocalypse!Immerse yourself in a game chock full of action! Blood Zombie Poison Chase Flee Nightmare Revenge is an exciting game ...


Interest games

Puffero v1.15

Protect your base from the funniest poisonous creatures ever. Jump, run and blow up your way through danger in this Arcade action Puzzle platformer!Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Puffero. Push your skills to the limit as you ...

Egg Car - Dont Drop the Egg!

Interest games

Egg Car - Dont Drop the Egg! v1.0

The team behind the smash hit Hardest Game Ever 2 offers you an EGG-citing adventure!EGG CAR is the newest addictive physics-based car game!Embark on an egg-ceptional journey with one important mission at hand: DONT. DROP. THE. EGG.Travel through the...

Swap Quest

Interest games

Swap Quest v1.1.1

SwapQuest is a captivating new mix of easy-to-learn puzzle mechanics and old-school RPG elements.The kingdom of Aventana is under attack by a demon cloud known as the Horde. Many legends tell of its destructive power and how it devoures everything in...

My Burger Shop - Fast Food

Simulation games

My Burger Shop - Fast Food v1.0.6

It’s lunch time! People are excited to visit your new burger shop and try the delicious hamburgers everyone has been talking about! Check the ingredients and get ready to serve the customers a delightful meal of their favorite sandwich recipes! In My...

Gun Fu:Stickman 2

Shooting games

Gun Fu:Stickman 2 v1.0.3

Blast away endless hordes of enemies in the fastest game on the Play Store. Put your reflexes to the test, unlock weapons and equipment and climb the leaderboards for global domination!...

Rally Champions 3

Sports games

Rally Champions 3 v1.2.2

This is the third part of the game Rally Champion.This game is a rally simulator. It presents the legendary rally cars from rally history. You will have to pass all challenges and set records on interesting rally tracks.In this version of the game ma...

100 Doors Of The Ghost Town

Puzzle games

100 Doors Of The Ghost Town v1.0.1

New interesting puzzle game 100 Doors Of The Ghost Town.Solve puzzles, find the hidden objects, use items and use all potential of your mind to open the doors and escape from the rooms....