LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.
World of Dope

Strategy games

World of Dope v1.0.3.46

Welcome to the World of Dope.Make a fortune by trading with drugs and weapons!Travel around the world to about 100 cities on 6 continents and take care of threats like cops or other dealer.Gain experience by dealing and level up to get access to more...

Block Sweeper

Puzzle games

Block Sweeper v1.0.2

Welcome to Block Sweeper – a simple and smart new game.Eliminate the blocks by carefully figuring out the color of the blocks beneath them, until the board is cleared. You can take your time... or choose to play against it in Timed mode.Play through ...

Fire Truck Simulator 2016

Simulation games

Fire Truck Simulator 2016 v1.3

Rescue all the citizens in need with your Fire Truck! You’re a firefighter and the bells are ringing, you know what this means, fire. Maybe a lot, maybe something less. But the one thing that you can be sure off is that there is fire and with that, p...

Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads

Interest games

Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads v1.0.23

The goal of Crossy Slopes Snowy Roads is to get as far as possible across the roads, slopes, rivers, grass and runways without dying. It is a fun Action Arcade, Endless Runner game. Start Hopping Now! But be warned, even though the goal is seems sim...

Build route

Puzzle games

Build route v1.0

The adventures go on! This time our traveller sets out on a new quest where he’ll come to shortgrass prairie to play meerkats’ secret game. He’ll need your memory, mind and logic to collect all the stars. As well as games like Tetris, Snake, 2048 and...

Quick Whack

Interest games

Quick Whack v0.9.7.1a

Quick Whack is a dynamic game for attention. Test your reaction! Press the characters and avoid the buttons which are taking away the scored points. Earn diamonds and unlock new characters. Set up new records and share with your friends!Plunge into a...

Toms Love Letters Free

Interest games

Toms Love Letters Free v2.1.1

Talking Tom and Talking Angela are at hand to help you express your feelings. Just like Cupid, your furry friends will help you share your feelings, whether it’s with a romantic digital card or a cute tune.Choose from a selection of charming images a...

Grandmas Cakes

Interest games

Grandmas Cakes v1.0.1

Make and decorate wonderful cakes with Grandma using real recipes! Play in the kitchen and learn how to create an ANGEL CAKE, an APPLE PIE, a SACHERTORTE (chocolate cake) and a big WEDDING CAKE for a special event!Dress up Grandma with your favorite ...

Gravity Failure

Interest games

Gravity Failure v1.1

Take a role of a lone rescue capsule pilot, trying to escape a dying space station in a faraway hostile world. Take advantage of the malfunctioning gravity systems of the station.The capsule is controlled by manipulating the station gravity field, ri...

Drop Block

Interest games

Drop Block v1.0

WARNING: Insanely Hard!Traverse each line, avoiding the obstacles.For each completed line you get a point.How far can you get?...

Whats Jumping

Interest games

Whats Jumping v1.1.0

Jump on the conveyor belt and avoid every obstacles coming your way! Find the perfect jumping timing and collect loads of diamonds to unlock new wacky characters!How long can you last without hitting a box or running into a spike?...

Clan of Owl

Interest games

Clan of Owl v1.0

You enter the world as the last remaining member of the famous Guardano Owl Clan. 🐦 Your goal is to find all the members of your new family, mark your territory, defeat all the bosses, enemy clans, and finally the super bosses.Come and customize you...

Magic: Puzzle Quest

Interest games

Magic: Puzzle Quest v1.3.2.7697

OUT THINK YOUR RIVALSTest your skills as you craft the perfect deck and climb to the top of the leaderboards in competitive player-versus-player combat! Prepare and strategize what creatures and spells are needed to overcome an ever-growing collectio...

Tap Adventure:Time Travel

Interest games

Tap Adventure:Time Travel v1.0.9

Embark on an exciting adventure in search of fame and prizes, together with a team of fearless Heroes.And may the lightning fast TAP be with you!...


Interest games

Puky v3.3

【PUKY】Who Is Master?!Come on !! Help PUKY be a competent watch dog.【Price】▼Application:Free※ If you want to extend the playtime,Click Dog Food button to read advertisements ,Read the ad by every 100 times, well give you extend 5 second playtime,let y...

The Little Prince - Bubble Pop

Interest games

The Little Prince - Bubble Pop v2.0.5

The most classic and amazing shooting bubble buster game based on the first-ever animated feature film adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupérys iconic masterpiece, The Little Prince! Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clear all...


Action games

Crimsonland v1.0.0

Thousands of aliens, mutant lizards, giant spiders and more are on the attack - can you survive the onslaught? Crimsonland is an intense and gratifying top-down dual stick shooter from the golden age of arcade action games. Your screen will be filled...

Starside Arena

Interest games

Starside Arena v1.0.4

Welcome to Starside Arena - Design spaceships and battle in futuristic space gladiator fights for fortune and glory!Its the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceship designer wanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter Starside Arena, an ente...

Panopticon: Path of Reflection

Interest games

Panopticon: Path of Reflection v1.0.0

Enter a world in which the border between reality and illusion is paper thin and the answer to a mystery will test the limits of human understanding!Guide Senior Inspector John Perry as he sets out to find magician Andy Fox and his assistant, who van...


Interest games

Antiflux v24

Robots, teleporters, jump pads, lasers! Be prepared for an action-filled challenging puzzle experience!Antiflux an oldschool metroidvania-style puzzle platformer. Puzzles are complex but easy to understand. The platforming is simple but fun, controls...