Samsung GT-S5830 Games

Samsung GT-S5830 mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.2. Samsung GT-S5830 games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-S5830 games download.
kids math

Puzzle games

kids math v1.1.2

Help your child learn to quickly add,subtract,multiply,ide,compare fractionsThis is a Educational Math game for your kids and why not maybe for everyone(you can improve your math calculations speed). This game is good because. #1)The questions are ge...

GA 1: An Assassin in Orlandes

Role Play games

GA 1: An Assassin in Orlandes v1.2.7.0

Its a book. Its a game. Its an RPG. Choose your path .. Roll your fate! An interactive fantasy adventure! Its a Gamebook Adventure!

 First in the series of critically acclaimed interactive fantasy gamebooks in which you, the reader, control the dire...

Cartoon Wars 2

Strategy games

Cartoon Wars 2 v1.0.3

Most complete defense and real-time strategy game of the Cartoon Wars series! Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes The most complete defense and real-time strategy game of the Cartoon Wars series! The best defense game is back! After generations of war in the Cart...

Glow Hockey 2 Pro

Puzzle games

Glow Hockey 2 Pro v1.0.0

Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easy to play, hard to . Challenge yourself with the computer opponents or play with your friends!...


Puzzle games

Rayz v1.0.1

In the corridors of this strange old laboratory, the player needs to allow laser beams to reach their targets in order to progress from level to level and escape this weird place. A game that requires thought and patience. - Move your mirrors in an i...

StreetDrag 3D

Sports games

StreetDrag 3D v1.9.2

Put your money on the line with each race, only the finest drivers can win. Put your money on the line with each race, only the finest drivers and quickest shifters can win. Go ahead and test your gear shifting skills in this amazing drag racing game...

Brain Age Game

Test games

Brain Age Game v8.04.13_3

Wonder what is the age of your ain? A Free release of the simple and challenging ain teaser game! One of the best and most addicting ain games ever! To check your ain age use this exciting and fun ain game! Test your ain age and memory performance u...

Subway Zombies beta

Action games

Subway Zombies beta v1.0

Escape from hungry zombies attack in the subway. The subway is occupied by zombies, more and more are coming. Unfortunately you are on your way going to work by subway and surrounded by hungry zombies. Try to eak out of them, or you will be dead mise...

Defender II

Strategy games

Defender II v1.0.4

New battle mode, new lava moat, new tower, new research center, new crossbows! Defender II, the ultimate tower defense is coming with many new features! Waves of monsters are attacking your castle. They move fast, hard, and never give up. However, D...

Zombie City

Shooting games

Zombie City v1.1.2

Only you are the one survivor in the city that all died.You have to survive from zombie who are trying to attack you, use your weapons and pops to kill the zombies....


Simulation games

Gourmania v1.1

Time management plus hidden items - this is a preparation for the Android system popular cooking game! Enjoy the combination of time management and hidden object fun at the same time, the top food service chains to display their cooking knife on the ...

MechCom - 3D RTS

Strategy games

MechCom - 3D RTS v1.3

=== Story === It is the year 2100 and Earth is rapidly running out of resources. In response to the resource crisis, the two most powerful corporations, BIOSPHERE and APEX, set off to lead a space expedition. To their amazement they discovered extens...

Homerun Battle 3D

Sports games

Homerun Battle 3D v1.7.6

Go ONLINE for head-to-head match up against the BASEBALL SLUGGERS in the world!HOMERUN BATTLE 3D DOES! Play ONLINE match-up go head-to-head against the worlds best BASEBALL SLUGGERS....

Speed Moto

Sports games

Speed Moto v1.1.4

3d moto racing game with ecellent graphic effect!! SpeedMoto is a 3d moto racing game with simple control and ecellent graphic effect. ★Just swap your phone to control moto direction ★Tap the screen to accelerate the moto ★In this game you can rid...

3D Car Racing

Sports games

3D Car Racing v2.0

Drift your car on the hills and run through the 3D Environment. Play hard, Drift your car on the Hills and run through the 3D Environment. Race through Khandala roads. Drift car through the hills. Choose a car and start the 3D experience of car racin...

Pyramid Run

Action games

Pyramid Run v1.1

An amazing pyramid trail waiting for you to explore Egypt has numerous ancient legends, pyramids, mummies. Each a legend waiting for you to explore. To avoid the dangers, to avoid the various monsters, and enjoy the happiness, enjoy the exciting, we ...

3D BioBall HD

Puzzle games

3D BioBall HD v3.6

Control the World!! 109 action puzzle like platforms, cannon travel and more!What has 109 action puzzle like platforms, cannon travel, invulnerable rampages, secret areas, coins and bolts just lying around with a bit of RPG element mixed in !? 3D Bio...

Hess Racer

Sports games

Hess Racer v1.0

Get ready for some white knuckled, high adrenaline racing with Hess Racer! Get ready for some white knuckled, high adrenaline racing with Hess Racer! Only Hess can ing you the ultimate driving experience imaginable. You get to choose between the rugg...