Samsung GT-s5830i Games

Samsung GT-s5830i mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-s5830i games channel to provide free, safe Samsung GT-s5830i games download.
Wire Walk

Interest games

Wire Walk v1.0

The reinvention of the spring toy as mobile game! Are you skilled enough to guide your spring down the stairs and unlock new achievements, springs and backgrounds?...

Drink Beer Neglect Family

Interest games

Drink Beer Neglect Family v1.0.0

You are a depressed father who spends most of his time drinking beer and avoiding his family. How long can you avoid them, and at what cost?Every beer you drink increases your score, and applies a different effect. Some beers make you unable to jump,...

Evo Explores

Puzzle games

Evo Explores v1.2.4.5

• In Evo Explores you should trust your eyes. If something looks real - it is real! If you dont see a problem - there is no problem at all.• Manipulate impossible surreal structures, explore optical illusions and solve mind blowing puzzles. Every new...

Toilet Squad

Interest games

Toilet Squad v1.0.0

Follow the adventure of the bold and the ave Special Squad Policeman, Jerry “The Crapper” Lavatory.The criminals are trying to disrupt peaceful Potty eaks in the public restroom, It is his job to ing peace and order on the toilet because he is TOILET...

Clumsy Knight2

Interest games

Clumsy Knight2 v1.1

Defeat evil forces with your sword and army to save the world from dark dragon in this classic RPG tale.==GAME FEATURES==- Classical RPG style adventuresComplete presentation the traditional RPG world with swords and magic, which let you enjoy the fu...

Lost Journey

Interest games

Lost Journey v1.0.6

On a Journey… Lost, but not without HopeAn angel of heaven comes to Jennifer in the form of a butterfly. This plane of existence mirrors the serene world she left behind, but there are secrets – memories – hidden here. As Jennifer collects the shards...

A Skyrocket Story

Interest games

A Skyrocket Story v1.0

A truly unique, addictive, and seriously fun game that will test your skills, as you explore a world youve never seen before....

Protect The Planet

Interest games

Protect The Planet v0.9.0

Your planet is attacked by asteroids, luckily you can use the Moon as a shield! Could you defend your planet long enough to let it prosper?Tap to turn the moon around, tap and hold to accelerate it....

Dead Slash Age of Gangsters

Interest games

Dead Slash Age of Gangsters v1.0

Play Dead Slash, become black DeadPool, enjoy new type of comic game.In this new game, you can become a marksman who equiped not only full of DeadPool skills: bladed weapon, guns, assassination techniques but also has supports from others: motor, cop...

Racing Moto:Speed Running

Interest games

Racing Moto:Speed Running v1.02

Beneath the surface of steel, you cant hide your wild heart! ! !The fast speed of the engine drives the blood in your body boiling! ! !This is the newest and hottest motor racing game in 2015 ! !Various skills allow you to race on the streets fully a...

CC Tennis

Sports games

CC Tennis v1.1

The Chop Chop gang is back! This time, they’re hitting the tennis court, ready for some friendly competition in Chop Chop Tennis. Simple swipe controls let you get into the action, lobbing the ball back and forth in singles, doubles, or even tourname...

Classic Italian Car Racing

Sports games

Classic Italian Car Racing v1.0

The legends are back for racing game funs…Once they were the kings of the roads!Fiat 124, VAZ-2101, Lada, Moskovich...These old wolves are back for burning the streets with upgrades!Burn the streets. Beat the opponents.Drift, spin, move on two wheels...

Warp Runner

Interest games

Warp Runner v1.4

Warp Runner is an innovative Augmented Reality PuzzlePlatform game. Your character is trapped in the real world, help him to escape. Warp UpDown the real world with your fingers in order to solve the puzzles and create a path through the exit. Find y...

Temple ATV

Interest games

Temple ATV v1.0

Temple ATV is a 20 leveled game set in the deep dark depths of some scary ancient ruins. This is the perfect place for you to hone your skills and learn how to successfully control your quad bike through some tricky and difficult obstacles.The contro...

Panda Must Jump Twice

Interest games

Panda Must Jump Twice v1.1

The creators of Hardest Game Ever 2 offers you a frustratingly cute game — Panda Must Jump Twice!Help the students accomplish their dreams to become KungFu Masters!Jump from pole to pole by tapping once or twice.Clear all obstacles to attain the high...

Desert Arab Run

Interest games

Desert Arab Run v1.0

A funny story of an Arab and his angry camel!!. In the deserts between Dubai and Abudhabi a master run to save his life since his mad camel wants to teach him a lesson. It’s an epic and funny story of friends becoming rivals.An endless fun playing ru...

Dr Woos Onslaught:Pro gunman

Interest games

Dr Woos Onslaught:Pro gunman v1.6.3

Dr Woo’s Onslaught: A battle in the outer space of a fictional gunman. The World is occupied by a force in space, Dr Woo turns himself into a gunman with a steel arm to stand up to destroy the force of mutiny and protect the Earth. In an exciting adv...

Pixel Puzzle

Interest games

Pixel Puzzle v1.3

Retro Style 3 match Puzzle game Pixel Puzzle!Switch and match your Animals!Enjoy the game infinitelyNo in-app-purchase and no heart Game!!...

Wayang Jump

Interest games

Wayang Jump v1.0

Wayang Jump is a traditional game from Java, Indonesia. As the name of this game, the character is a wayang. It is a unique character from Indonesia. Wayang Jump is an adddictive game, simple control with no complicated rules. You just have to tilt t...