Samsung GT-s5830i Games

Samsung GT-s5830i mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-s5830i games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-s5830i games download.
Cricket Knockdown

Interest games

Cricket Knockdown v1.0

Cricket Knockdown is a simple yet addictive game with only one objective: KNOCKDOWN STUMPS!Can you complete all the 50 LEVELS in this game??While it may appear to be a fairly simple game, we dare you that its not! Play through the 50 odd levels of th...

Fashion Judy:Wedding style

Interest games

Fashion Judy:Wedding style v1.310

Create your own idol group with Judy!Pretty girl group personality, a talented solo artist, I can make it as you like to fancy idol duo.Beautifully decorate the idol. And please take photos.Showing off my fashion sense in the fashion queen contest, s...

Carnival Makeover Beauty Salon

Interest games

Carnival Makeover Beauty Salon v1.0

- Help happy girls get ready for the big carnival show!- Give them a complete makeover, including dresses, makeup, and hot fashion accessories.- Make sure each of the girls looks her best for the festival!The carnival is coming to town, and all of th...

Nellys Puzzle Jam

Interest games

Nellys Puzzle Jam v1.0.62

Join Nelly in her adventure through the world full of adventures and help her find her missing friendStanley!Solve the riddles, match the puzzles, collect all the jewels and diamonds to get some gold for free!Nelly’s Puzzle Jam features:- Unique boar...

Kites Mumbai

Interest games

Kites Mumbai v1.2

★★The most loved Kite Flying game is here!!★★★★No. 1 Kite Flying Game on Android★★★★One of the most gorgeous looking game★★★★Triple A quality Android Game!★★Kites Mumbai is a re imagination of kites. Its the very first kite game in 3D showcasing craz...

Fashion Story:Daring Red

Simulation games

Fashion Story:Daring Red v1.5.6.7

The #1 FREE fashion game returns with Fashion Story: Daring Red, packed with new limited edition content! Fashion-daring customers are lined up waiting for the doors of your hot new boutique to swing open! In this special red-themed edition, throw on...

The king of Pool billiards

Sports games

The king of Pool billiards v1.2.0

Smoother ball movements, applied physical engine, control with all these.Game Features:- Single play: Step by step to exciting stages!- Multiplayer support- vs Play: Play with friends.- Global leaderboards, fun achievements! - Tablet support...


Interest games

Monsterbuttons v1.1

Great puzzle game with colorful graphics. Manage funny monsters. Each monster has to be on the button of his color. Only seedlings of all monsters on the relevant button - you will win. Perfect for those who like to reflect on some interesting challe...

Choppy Fish

Interest games

Choppy Fish v1.0.0

Get ready for a ride downstream!- Colourful 3D cartoon graphics- An endless world with endless challenges- Pick your favourite fish with your favourite colour- Complete challenging tasks and reach the highest level- Jump, fly, smash, fall, dodge your...

Shotgun vs Zombies

Shooting games

Shotgun vs Zombies v1.9

Shotgun vs Zombies, or SvZ for short, is a fast-paced, grind-based, hardcore, mindless 2D zombie shooter game.Upgrade your shotgun kill all these cute and kawaii zombies by pulling just one trigger... as simple as that...Unlike the other zombie shoo...

Stack of Defense

Strategy games

Stack of Defense v1.4

Stack of Defense is a hyid between physics puzzle, block stacker game with a shooter and defense game. Your main mission is to prevent the bots from reaching the exit gate. Build your army of blocks, stack the blocks, and blockade the bots path, crea...

Astro Dash

Interest games

Astro Dash v1.01.1

Space is full of asteroids and you are in a rocket, your only aim is SURVIVAL!Your rocket is loaded with phaser beams. Shoot them at asteroids and destroy them, score as much as possible and use the Google Leaderboard to compete with your friends!The...

Football Cannon Flappy

Interest games

Football Cannon Flappy v1.0.3

The original football cannon game!!Football cannon is an intelligent mixture of two of the most awesome games Flappy Bird and Angry Birds. Combining the mechanics of these two popular games with a football is what sets this game apart and is apt for ...

Agent Tap

Interest games

Agent Tap v1.00.00.00

Earn cash by stopping thieves from stealing it and become a MILLIONAIRE! You are AGENT TAPAs the name suggests you have to tap on the thieves coming in to rob your cash. But beware! Even the policemen are on patrol! Dont tap on the police else youll ...

Flip Run

Interest games

Flip Run v1.0.3

Ever played a impossible runner game? Well, try this.You are a pixel cube running on a black line and need to avoid the obstacles. Get the highest score as possible while going through the infinite level with background colors pulsating to the crazy ...

Gravity Hero

Shooting games

Gravity Hero v1.4

This game contains NO In App Purchases or Adverts.Following the rapid expansion into the universe, Earths natural resources have dwindled to a minimum. In 3041 Earths Government issued an order to search out planets and asteroids ripe for harvesting ...

High Speed 3D Racing

Sports games

High Speed 3D Racing v1.1.3

Ready to race? Fasten your seatbelt, start your engine, and burn the track with High Speed 3D Racing!This is an amazingly well-designed game, created for those who love action and good-looking coupe cars. The app combines high-fidelity graphics with ...

Hare In The Hat

Interest games

Hare In The Hat v1.1.1

Fancy Point Click cartoon adventure with puzzles and mini-games of varying difficulty. Game combines Hidden Objects and Room Escape mechanics among with traditional puzzlers like chess game and Hanoi tower.Action in this chapter takes place in magic...

Finger Smash

Interest games

Finger Smash v1.5

Finger Smash is a casual arcade game. Become a Finger Smasher to hammer the metal nails and avoid the finger of your partner. It seems a simple task, right? It is easy to play but hard to master....