Samsung GT-s5830i Games

Samsung GT-s5830i mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-s5830i games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-s5830i games download.
Bomber Adventure Maze City HD

Adventure games

Bomber Adventure Maze City HD v2.2

Limited Offer - Free for a limited time!!Maze City: Bomber Adventure is a unify of the classical game play and high definition graphics. The game features hundreds of dungeons in Maze City, with extremely smart and deadly monsters, traps, moving obst...

Cobi Run - Pro

Interest games

Cobi Run - Pro v1

Meet Cobi, the adventurous guinea pig! Run through multiple levels of fun while avoiding obstacles to collect lettuce. Give your guinea pig some extra style by using your lettuce to purchase accessories or even play with another guinea pig! Pass each...

Stress Baal

Interest games

Stress Baal v1.0.4

Stress BaalFact: You are stressed out. Scientific studies have probably shown that the best way to alleviate stress is to take it out on someone else. And while insulting loved ones and destroying friendships is technically free, were offering a nea...

Zombie Golf

Interest games

Zombie Golf v1.0.3

Unlock all achievements to get a ain for big baby Z!Try to fly maximum distance to gain as much XP as possible! Some items in the shop are only available after youreach a sertain XP level. Some actions, such as exploding the sheep cloud or hitting th...

Pulpo Party

Interest games

Pulpo Party v1.3

Welcome to Pulpo Party !!!The principle of the game is to pass the 50 trials without losing all your lives, then you will reach the next level. The difficulty will be increased but you will earn more points, the goal : always raise you higher in the ...

Crazy Roof Parking Simulator3D

Interest games

Crazy Roof Parking Simulator3D v1.2

GooglePlay best 3D platform Parking games, Crazy Roof Parking Simulator3D is the first game character into the taxi Game] Provide on and off the system If you are a taxi fans must not mistake this 3D casual game yo! game is very simple, Carefully con...

Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen

Interest games

Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen v1.1.1

Live the dream and become a beauty queen in this cute, anime and manga inspired Fashion RPG! Join fabulous beauty pageants or judge and decide who’s in or who’s out! Romance, fame, and fortune are yours to explore as you make it big in the city! This...

Dont Catch on Fire

Interest games

Dont Catch on Fire v1.0

You control Jesse who is some guy trapped in a series of dangerous rooms! He has a mysterious past and is also blue, or made of water or... whatever. He did manage to find a wet blanket somewhere so thats a thing. You must guide Jesse around each roo...

Angry Crow and Son

Interest games

Angry Crow and Son v1.1

It has started thaw, and Angry Crow has to take his son to his mother. Youll have to handle the two penguins simultaneously while dodging icebergs in a long and fun way. ...

Busters Boost

Interest games

Busters Boost v1.0.0

Buster has escaped Chartboost’s San Francisco Headquarters! Empower him to make more money by exploring the city and avoiding obstacles while on his action-packed adventure....

Jewels Flow

Interest games

Jewels Flow v1.1

Jewels Flow is a very addictive puzzle game. Covering all the grid and can not cross! Can you do it?Challenge 5X5 9X9 levels, opening your treasure-hunting trip! ....

Space Fugitive

Interest games

Space Fugitive v1.0

Todd was being chased everyday by the police.But each time when he was close to be caught,he could always managed to escape and looted everything where the places he passes. So what this is all about, lets take a look at.The answer will be found in t...

Good Jumps

Adventure games

Good Jumps v1.0.2

Good Jumps is an upward platforming game that into it you go high and save babes in its land. You should be careful and be patient then move and jump to go upward. Pass holes, dodge hazards and obstacles, kill the enemies. Bounce from someplace to ot...

Last Zombie Samurai : Ninja 3D

Interest games

Last Zombie Samurai : Ninja 3D v1.0

As a martial arts warrior like Rurouni Kenshin from Samurai X, the last samurai or other skilled ninja you need to face apocalypse day and hordes of zombies. Your shinobi sensei prepared you for this last samurai ronin apocalypse day, and you need le...

Makeup Me:Superstar

Interest games

Makeup Me:Superstar v1.0

Hurray! Dear fashion lovers, here comes our Make-Up Me: Superstar, which is urgently looking for the most shining star. Various haircuts, delicate accessories, styling glasses and dazzling cosmetics, all those things are offered to you, from soup to ...

Flipping Door

Puzzle games

Flipping Door v1.0.1

Anna, who was a general staff,decided to take a eath outside the office this afternoon. This involved herself into an unbelievable mystery. It was a fresh,creative and very addictive puzzle game.You cant miss it this year....

Magical Maze Potions & Wizards

Puzzle games

Magical Maze Potions & Wizards v1.0.1

WHAT DO PLAYERS HAVE TO SAY:Solid, I like the quality of this game - ★★★★★by ADS Group - Jan 20, 2012Amazing! This is a mind blowing app. Thank you so much for this new game - ★★★★★ by Mj Mohamad J - Jan 18, 2012Love this game! Great graphics, great ...


Interest games

Sawbier v1.0.1

Killing a zombie with sticks or hummers? Nonono,thats not the way.Yes,you should use the saw!During this game,you,will be a real zombie terminater. Elimate them with the most bloody way now!...

Space Ball

Sports games

Space Ball v1.0.5

Space Ball is a fun and a “very electric” basketball game with many challenging modes, obstacles, and too many surprises. This game offers you four modes in each of them you will face increasing levels of difficulty and different backboard styles. Th...