Samsung GT-s5830i Games

Samsung GT-s5830i mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-s5830i games channel to provide green, safe Samsung GT-s5830i games download.
Sheep evolution

Interest games

Sheep evolution v1.11

Let’s make rich from the dream farm with extremely cute sheep game! Don’t hesitate to get yourself this magical farm where you can own a much bigger sheep by just combining two same. It won’t cost you even a ief thought, but ing relaxing moment with ...


Interest games

SpaceRescue v1.0

Space Rescue - BAMs New Space Shooter!HELP! The aliens have invaded the moon and are holding our astronauts hostage in the all new free mobile game app Space Rescue! It is up to you, your thumb and your mobile devices tilt control to help BAM the Mon...

Lost Racing

Interest games

Lost Racing v1.51

Jump to the space, no more restrictions of gravity or any real world racing limitations. Upgrade your ship skill now, burn up the space with the fastest and most exhilarating racing action!Game Features:- Stunning real 3D graphics- 3 game modes: Care...

Panda Jewel

Interest games

Panda Jewel v1.0.9

There are many colorful crystal jewels! Some are special with pirates! Your target is to connect same kind of jewels! When 3 or more same kind of jewels are joined together, they are erased! Furthermore, various effects will be demonstrated if specia...

Bird escape - jetpack fly

Interest games

Bird escape - jetpack fly v1.0

THE ADVENTURE BEGINS! Put the jetpack and help the poor bird to fly in a thrilling and action packed flying adventureThe poor bird needs your help to escape from the prison! But the wicked have set lot of dangerous traps to prevent the bird to escape...

AG Racing

Interest games

AG Racing v1.0

Ever tried speeding through gravity defying race tracks on a hovercraft?? Rush through these neon tracks at extreme high speed, collecting energizers for that incredible boost of speed!! The green flames are energizers or fuel that boost performance....

Space Rush: Arcade Shooter

Shooting games

Space Rush: Arcade Shooter v1.1

Space Rush is a 2D arcade style endless shooter game similar to the 90s arcade games.Control your spaceship and kill the upcoming enemies in the never ending space.FEATURES- Retro Pixel graphics- Fast paced game play- Old school arcade music- Touch c...

Air Attack:Squadron

Shooting games

Air Attack:Squadron v1.0

The Air Attack will make you play every single hour and night!Features:* 4 Shields x 10 Upgrades* 4 Campaigns x 9 Maps x 6 Difficulty Modes* 10 Different Enemies + 4 Powerful Bosses* Shield Weapons: Rocket, Gun, Laser, Laser Bomb, Boomerang…* Amazing...

Galaxy Race

Interest games

Galaxy Race v1.0.1

Try to avoid the asteroids and collect all the power neutrons as you fly by the galaxy.You have to stay focused in order to win....

Rally Racer with ZigZag

Interest games

Rally Racer with ZigZag v1.0

Ready to play the most fun and beautiful rally racer game? Drive your car by simply tapping the screen.Just turn or zigzag your car to the correct direction. Thats all! Rally Racer with ZigZag features thee following:- Easy to play hard to master.- C...

Space ship V

Interest games

Space ship V v1.1.7

★ Spaceship V is very unique and thrilling 2D arcade game by controlling YOUR OWN UNIQUE SPACESHIP.☆ Build your own spaceship with lots of weapons and parts. Features ☆ Countless and fearful meteor waves!★ Build your own unique spaceship whatever you...

Super Frozen Adventure

Adventure games

Super Frozen Adventure v1.0.9

Help her in this mission more jumping on platforms and shoot the monsters to destroy them.Players are offered at the top of the screen, the following counters: Character: what defines the character on the screen, Score: A players score counter as the...

Save the Robot

Interest games

Save the Robot v1.19

The minirobots need your help!Explore space in an adventure that will test your skill and ain with lots of obstacles and puzzles. Enjoy the physics based gameplay while floating and using your thrusters to move around.Avoid pieces of space deis, aste...

Cube Escape: Seasons

Puzzle games

Cube Escape: Seasons v1.0.0

Cube Escape is one of the most mysterious room escape game you will ever play. Try to unfold the story and mysteries behind the cubes. You will start with your first memory, spring 1964.It ings you to a calm and friendly room. The room contains a clo...

K-nika: Dunk the ball

Interest games

K-nika: Dunk the ball v1.2

Calculate, launch... and fail. Calculate, launch... and fail. Calculate, launch... and fail again. We know, we know... this game is harder than it looks, it’s gonna drive you crazy but at least we’re warning you... And we warn you too: once you maste...

Ananias Fellowship Edition

Role Play games

Ananias Fellowship Edition v1.64

Thank you for *buying* this version from Google Play.This is the Fellowship Edition for Ananias Roguelike, where you can play with the 4 extra classes: Barbarian, Slayer, Monk and Sage!Check out the free version and then get this one if you like it.E...

Jolly Days Farm

Simulation games

Jolly Days Farm v1.0.17

Do you know the secret to happiness? They do on Jolly Day Farm! All the animals have fun, every day!The pigs love the mud, the cows chew the cude, and the chickens cluck as they warm their eggs.Even the cat and dog manage to be the best of friends. W...

Happy Poo Plunge

Interest games

Happy Poo Plunge v1.0

Happy Poo is cleaning up! Explore new depths on a rocket powered plunger.Hold the screen to move to the left or right rail, watch out for the mean flies, and collect as much gold as you can to unlock new themes and accessories.Happy Poo Plunge ings f...

Iron Avenger 2 No Limits

Interest games

Iron Avenger 2 No Limits v1.0

The greatest superhero o all time Iron Avenger jumps higher than ever! * Story:Previously our hero, Steve Willow, is found after his accident by an unknown man and helps him regain a new identity. Last time he was training in his new establishment to...

The Last Invader

Shooting games

The Last Invader v2.0

Space isnt the final frontier...The Last Invader takes you on a journey across four varied worlds. A classic shoot em up rendered in beautiful 3D, with dynamic lighting and shadows throughout, each world has its own unique character, challenges and m...