Samsung GT-s5830i Games

Samsung GT-s5830i mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-s5830i games channel to provide free, safe Samsung GT-s5830i games download.
Island Survival:Winter Story

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Island Survival:Winter Story v1.4

After leaving the second island you thought your adventures were over? No, it was not! Now you are somewhere in snowy land – maybe in Siberia, maybe in ice age, who knows. You feel really cold, and no one can help you. You feel cold, so it’s better t...

Black Dot

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Black Dot v1.1.3

Welcome to Black Dot! In this game you must shrink the dot to fit through the spikes but dont shrink for to long or you will fade away into nothing. Features include an in game store to customize your dot plus leaderboards and achievements for compet...

To the Mars

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To the Mars v1.006

Build your glorious space rocket and launch it to the Mars! Be careful and avoid collisions with balloons, sattellites, helicopters and planes. Fly as high as you can and earn money for upgrades. Improve your rockets engine, hull, wings, add boosters...

SkyFrontier 2

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SkyFrontier 2 v1.0

Your goal is to control a spacecraft along roads on sky, jumping over platforms, while avoiding all kind of obstacles (like lava, tunnels and boxes).Jump and collect every green gem to keep running. Collect other gems to help you on the way.Dont fall...

Racing in Car

Sports games

Racing in Car v1.1

Sick of endless racing games with third person perspective? Racing in Car is the best mobile racing game you have been looking for. You drive your car in cockpit view through the endless traffic and realistic environment. Tilt your device to drag you...


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EdgeCube v1.3.1

Hold your finger down to raise the idge and reach the next platform.Be careful! If the idge is too short or long you will fall off!...

Lone Star Rebel Force

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Lone Star Rebel Force v1.0

Commando a team is given to you have to lead the team. Your team mission is to infiltrate the enemies from the zone. Your team is positioned on different locations. Lead your team and silent the guns of enemies. It’s a time to check your leading, gui...

Cartoon Camera

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Cartoon Camera v1.2.2

One of the coolest free Android camera apps ever created!Create cartoon and sketch like photography with your camera.We have just released Hill Climb Racing, its one of the most entertaining and addictive FREE driving game made for android!...

Clan of Dogs

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Clan of Dogs v1.1

Do you love the idea of building your very own clan of dogs? Yes? Then this is the game you have been looking for. You begin your journey as the last surviving member of the great Clan of Dogs. Seek advice from your spirit guide. Build your clan, def...

Unmatched Air Traffic Control

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Unmatched Air Traffic Control v2.0.4

In this simulation game, youre an air traffic controller at a busy airport. The goal is to guide planes safely landing parking and taking off, avoiding collisions between them....

Kart Racer 3D

Sports games

Kart Racer 3D v1.1

A glistening quarter-mile of rain-soaked pavement of the tropical island lies before you. Will you drift, draft or smash your way to the finish line? Kart Racer delivers a deep and realistic open wheel motorsport.Launch yourself between chaos and con...

Jail Break Prison Escape

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Jail Break Prison Escape v1.0

There hasnt been any report of a prison eak YET!You have fulfilled your share of the prison time in the jail city and now will be your only chance of freedom as now is the perfect time to end your prison days and plan a prison escape. Count the last ...


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TreeSan v2.2

I can play easily chillins Treesan is the tree training game.Trees, will continue to grow just to raise the water.Bee that appears on the screen, will be money when you tap.Lets try to level up and watering can and saving moneyIt is be a good thing a...

Rescue Rocket

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Rescue Rocket v1.20

Whether is be a fire, dark factory, or a city engulfed in ice, thereare people waiting for you!You are part of Rescue Rocket, a team formed to save people in need....

Black white ski challenge

Sports games

Black white ski challenge v1

Two friends skiing together for fun. What could go wrong? Your ain! Because both of them are controlled by you. So pay attention and learn to distinguish “left and right” from “turn left and turn right”.Think it’s easy? Try this game, and see how big...

Penalty Shootout

Sports games

Penalty Shootout v1.0.14

The World Cup is here now and it’s time to play World Cup Penalty Shootout. Pick your team and play against the rest of the world in this amazing soccer game. World Cup Penalty Shootout has four game modes: Targets, Time Attack, Wall, and Shootout. Y...

Dwarf Rush:match 3

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Dwarf Rush:match 3 v1.0.1

Dwarf Rush - is not just a classic match3 game with beautiful effects and spells, but also a lot of mini-games, the world of gnomes and dwarves, many islands and other improvements over the beloved game genre.Please, rate our game in Google Play!...

Car Salon Kingdom

Simulation games

Car Salon Kingdom v1.0.1

Cars, wheels, engines, oil leaks, and more cars! Overhaul your customers’ ride and turn these junkers into high-speed supercars! Can you undertake the arduous task of running an auto repair shop?A day in the life of an auto mechanic is imming with tr...


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Targets v1.0

Help Blu3 escape the robot recycling factory and get to his dream vacation.Tap the screen to throw sticky bombs and destroy all upcoming targets.Release all robots and unlock all factories....

Pudi Puda

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Pudi Puda v1.0

In « Pudi Puda » quick thinking and dexerity will be your best friends. In an amazing world, youll have to count how many fruits rabbits will swallow and save them from death. But beware of traps!Pudi? Puda? what it is? Pudi is the cuttest animal in ...