Samsung GT-s5830i Games

Samsung GT-s5830i mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.3. Samsung GT-s5830i games channel to provide free, safe Samsung GT-s5830i games download.
The Roadline Car

Interest games

The Roadline Car v1.0.9

The Roadline Car is the best solution for your boredom. This free android game is basically going to make you pull your hair off the head, nibble your nails off the fingers and hop off the seat while playing this psyche preventing endless run.The Roa...

Clan of Trex

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Clan of Trex v1.0.1

This is the one you have been asking about - Clan of T-Rex. The Clan game above all others. The most popular Jurassic dinosaur around, now comes to your nearest mobile device. Enter this Jurassic world as a young Tyrannosaurs Rex and help him grow in...

Geki Yaba Runner

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Geki Yaba Runner v1.0.2

Save the kingdom, rescue the princess and…collect socks?Put your platforming skills to the ultimate test as you run, leap and fly through over 100 fiendishly challenging levels in this Gnome’s bizarre adventure.Transform your moustached hero into a r...

3D Racing Speedstar

Sports games

3D Racing Speedstar v1.02

Most wanted 3D car racing experience. The game mode is available for day and night both as well as fast cars.Drag Race, Track Race. Real 3D gaming experience. The cars will have damage while you play which is till date not there in app store. Ultimat...

Football Fighter

Sports games

Football Fighter v1.0.3

Welcome to world class football fun with football fighting. The most attractive and dynamic soccer fighting game on the play store.Bored with traditional football game like fifa, pes - pro evolution soccer, we - winning elevent? Tired with management...

Electro Rush

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Electro Rush v1.0.6

The worlds simplest game, now in 3D!Upgrade your paddle and turn the ball into a deadly weapon!Destroy your opponent before you are destroyed yourself!Defeat the terrible ultra-boss Arclord!Good luck!...


Interest games

Escalate v1.0.3

* Simple one-touch game play* Collect coins to unlock characters* Minimalistic artwork* Endless levels...


Shooting games

LONEWOLF v1.0.04

17+ NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN!LONEWOLF is an intense game with moral conflicts.1 Minute: Your mental-noise has calmed down. Its just you and your weapon.2 Minutes: You feel the wind, you know the distance, you sense your targets movements3 Minutes : ...

Dog Park Tycoon

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Dog Park Tycoon v1.0.0

Do you love dogs and would you like to collect them in your own Park? With Dog Park Tycoon, you are free to build and decorate your Park as you wish, as well as to fill it with plenty of fabulous dogs! Keep them in good health, discover all different...

Gnome Go Home

Interest games

Gnome Go Home v0.950

“Gnome go home” is a small world the gnomes live in. They work hard all night in the shafts mining rocks. But the noise from their work interferes the Witch with concentrating on the hexing. She has confused the Gnomes’ ways home, so each time less o...

Puxers The fun brain game

Puzzle games

Puxers The fun brain game v1.5

Puxers is the fun ain game that is easy to play but hard to master. With a mix of fast-reaction gameplay, strategy and numbers, Puxers is a cool math game that will keep you hooked for hours. If you like to play addictive ricochet games such as balls...

Pure Soccer

Sports games

Pure Soccer v1.00

Soccer has never been so much fun...Choose your team and play in the 2v2 match!• Exhibiton mode• Tournament mode• Statistics screen• 10 Most Popular Soccer Teams (20 different players and faces)• 3 Stadium• Awesome 3D graphics...

Cut the Sashimi

Interest games

Cut the Sashimi v1.2

The best time-passing game that will challenge your concentration and reaction. Simply TAP to cut, aim at the DASH LINE. Sounds easy but only 1% people can reach level 30. How about you ?...

Stickman And Gun2

Shooting games

Stickman And Gun2 v1.0.4c

4 million downloads STICKMAN AND GUN of the sequel has been released.Survive from various monsters, dungeons, boss!Challenge the higher of difficulty dungeons including zombies, variety of monsters with your grown stickman heroes.※Explanation of game...

Fran Bow Chapter 1

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Fran Bow Chapter 1 v1.0.0

Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny.After witnessing the gruesome and mysterious loss of her parents, found dismembered at their home, Fran rushes into...

Tap Rising

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Tap Rising v1.14

The big scary Block.K has kidnapped your princess,and all of the sudden, blocks started to fall from sky!Chase the Block.K over the universe and set uneakable record.Key Features:- Easy control of just 2 buttons- Everyplay support, record your play a...

Rapala Fishing

Sports games

Rapala Fishing v1.0.1

Get hooked with Rapala® Fishing - Daily Catch! Experience the thrill of catching a variety of freshwater fish while immersing yourself in beautiful 3D locations across North America. Fill your tackle box with authentic Rapala gear to lure in the big ...

Wizard academy vr

Interest games

Wizard academy vr v1.0

Wizard Academy is an immersive action and learning games in virtual reality. We launches you into a magical land where you can experience learning and gaming in a and new way. In Wizard Academy, you navigate around the village and discover the follow...

Mountain Hopper:Farm Pets

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Mountain Hopper:Farm Pets v1.2

An ideal game to play in those spare moments!In this game you have a lot of animalspets to collect! Hope across the mountain, collect coins and use the lucky machine to win fantastic rewards like awesome new skins and a lot of coins! Also, you will g...