Lenovo a60 Games

Lenovo a60 mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Lenovo a60 games channel to provide green, safe Lenovo a60 games download.
Anjaan:Race Wars

Interest games

Anjaan:Race Wars v1.1

Anjaan Race Wars is a, street war chase game based in Mumbai city that gives you control over the most extreme racing cars in the world! Play as Suriya to race against time to save his girlfriend from the underworld mafia, in this fast paced and exhi...

Impossible Caves

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Impossible Caves v1.0

Strive to survive in this downhill platformer that will put your reaction skills to the ultimate test in an unstoppable slide through viant caverns filled with danger. It’s a competition about besting your own goals as well as the achievements of oth...

Puyo Play

Interest games

Puyo Play v1.34c

Come explore Silky Town! a town filled with fun and exciting mini-games. Join Puggo in it’s delightful adventure by unlocking new levels as you gain more stars. With the most entertaining mini games consisting of Jungle Smash, Balloon Escape and Silk...

Monster Shooting

Shooting games

Monster Shooting v1

Protect your base from monster aliens who willing to steal your cute cow pet. Jump, run and fire up your way through danger in this shooting action game!Prepare for a near impossible challenge. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, shoot, spin a...

Robot Conqueror

Action games

Robot Conqueror v1.0.4

Play as a Robot Conqueror and enslave worlds! Destroy your enemies in a way you like: Exterminate with Drill, burn with Flame thrower, annihilate bosses with Uber Laser. Feel total control of a giant mech which ings chaos and demolition. With the uni...

Max:Dino Run

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Max:Dino Run v1.2

Run, jump and overcome barriers riding a dinosaur – go ahead! A new game withMax the Lion and his friends.- Max and Leena stand against Shadow Master.- Their friends help them throughout the game.- Be ave and dexterous.- Dodge other dinosaurs.- Get e...

Monster Dash

Interest games

Monster Dash v2.2.0

Welcome to the new evolution of Monster Dash, part of the legendary Barry Steakfries Trilogy along with Jetpack Joyride and Age of Zombies!Run like the wind, jump like a gazelle and shoot like mad! This is lightning-fast action you won’t soon forget ...

Minions Jump

Interest games

Minions Jump v1.0.3.1

Tap once to jump!Tap twice to double jump!!Welcome to the sky high jumping adventure ♥Minions Jump♥!!Rescue minions trapped in eggs and get bonus points.Collect all candies during your adventure and get more minions!Beautiful maps and Dozens of adora...

I Hate Bears

Interest games

I Hate Bears v1.0

Hey guys! I am a cute little bunny. I dont understand why children prefer stupid teddy bears more than me. I am absolutely cute, nice, and funny. Why do they prefer bears?I have an idea! I hate teddy bears and I will find and kill all the bears! And ...

Brave Knight Rush

Interest games

Brave Knight Rush v1.0.3

Ready for an high intensity action runner combat game?Demons have infested the once peaceful human kingdoms and now is up to you, as the Brave Knight, to put an end to this evil by traveling through dark forests and infested towns in order to defea...

Dirtbike Survival Block Motos

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Dirtbike Survival Block Motos v1.8.0

★★ Dirtbike Survival Block Motos ★★Show your adventurous spirit that is within you and try to survive on these precious pixel motorcycles!Agility, precision, extreme driving, adventure and boundless motorcycling come together in Dirtbike Survival so ...

Jets Flying Adventure

Interest games

Jets Flying Adventure v1.2.0

Vrooooom… Try your pilot skills and fly your paper plane through a cardboard world in KLM Royal Dutch Airline’s new game: Jets – Papercraft Air-O-Batics. Explore the old city center of Amsterdam and discover its famous canals with your paper plane. E...

Monsters Panic

Interest games

Monsters Panic v0.57c18

Do you want to test your hand to eye coordination in one of the most explosive games of the year? Welcome to Monsters Panic, the ultimate skill game where your attention and reaction time will be tested unlike never before.Monsters Panic by App Games...

Extreme IQ

Interest games

Extreme IQ v1.0.1

Extreme IQ - an easy, funny and addicting way to learn calculation and build strong basic math skills.An addicting and free math ain teaser for kids and adults. Cool Brain game for education and fun.The purpose of the game is to add the numbers withi...

Sky Whale

Interest games

Sky Whale v1.0.44

Bounce through the sky collecting donuts to keep your narwhal up in the air! Use clouds and crazy objects to bounce higher and farther. Insane combos will take your narwhal into outer space. And scuba gear will send him on an underwater adventure. Ea...

Boomerang ninja fighter

Interest games

Boomerang ninja fighter v1.0

t is not a usual ninja warrior battle game, in this most amazing tower ninja jump fighting game you are the ninja dash hero to fight the battle with the angry zombie birds.Tap on the left side to jump and tap on the right side to through the boomeran...

Cat A Pult

Interest games

Cat A Pult v1.0

So you think youve seen everything in life already? Games about hysterical birds and multicolored candy just bore you?Your wait is finally over – you clearly havent heard of Cat-A-Pult yet!This challenging click game is all about cute 8-bit cats and ...

Must a Mine

Interest games

Must a Mine v1.0.0

Mine, my Mustachios! Mine! Keep tapping to find gold and treasures as you travel to the Earth’s core in this new idle clicker game.Try the popular idle clicker game with over 3 million plays on the web on your mobile device!Tap as fast as you can to ...

Clouds & Sheep 2

Interest games

Clouds & Sheep 2 v1.0.4

In this eagerly anticipated sequel of the game “Clouds Sheep”, the cute sheep are finally on the loose again! Solve countless quests and fulfill your wooly friends’ needs. Plant grass, flowers, trees and shear your animals’ different-colored wool to...

Interstellar Pilot

Shooting games

Interstellar Pilot v1.24

• Pilot different ships from small shuttles to huge capital ships• Detailed spaceships and environment• Accurate damage model• Tutorial system• Cinematic visuals• High quality 3D audio...