Lenovo a60 Games

Lenovo a60 mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.3. Lenovo a60 games channel to provide free, safe Lenovo a60 games download.
Barking Irons

Shooting games

Barking Irons v1.0

Bullets, bombs and bad eath. A gang of fearsome outlaws has descended upon the county of Barking Irons. With six-shooter in hand, a thirst for justice and a faltering sense of self-preservation; Wes the local lawman charges into battle.Enter the worl...


Sports games

WIF v1

It all started with a bomb. The soldiers dragged it to the enemy castle and shoot it hard to shake its foundations. So they won and lost many battles.Welcome to WIF! A game in which soccer is a dangerous game, but fun.CREATE THE BEST TEAMGet epic cha...

Liyla and The Shadows of War

Action games

Liyla and The Shadows of War v1.0

When you live in war zone and death is hunting everyone, things will look different and choices become harder. Face your fate in an unjust war to survive with your family from the shadows of war. Time is running against you, your family is in danger ...


Action games

HELHEiM v1.2.0

Story of the lives in the severe dark world HELHEiMThis game is full 3D.Long storys on stealth action game.There is anything free fantasy world.In the dark of the world, you can do will What exactly....

Run Beach

Interest games

Run Beach v1.3.0

ANIMAL ALERTOne day cute animal has appeared at this beach.The adventure of cute animal at peaceful beach!Lets knock down all patrols of the beach and achieve freedom!Let dogs, cows and chickens gather together and mess up the beach!The adventure of ...

Demong Hunter 2

Role Play games

Demong Hunter 2 v1.2.6

Demong Hunter, the No.1 action game in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and Korea returns! Start your second adventure with more powerful action, in depth storyline, numerous stages and special characters!...

Beyond 14

Interest games

Beyond 14 v1.0.5

Beyond 14 is a simple easy to pick-up puzzle game. Your aim is to place similar tiles next to one another to combine them and increase their value!Theres no limit to how high you can go. Challenge yourself and your friends to see whats the highest v...

Extrem schweres Snake

Interest games

Extrem schweres Snake v1.0.2

Of course you now the classic Snake. But you dont know this one. SNAKER is one of the hardest games ever made, impossible to beat.Control one snake with each hand. The snakes cant touch. Collect the food with alternating snakes to increase your multi...


Interest games

Munch v1.0.0.11

Hunt or be hunted in an ancient temple where each opened door could very well be your last. Carefully navigate your way, step by step, using what you can find along the way as the dangers increase the further you go....

4x4 Safari 2 Free

Shooting games

4x4 Safari 2 Free v6.5.3

Now With Compound BowPistol Crossbow(Explosive Arrows). ParachuteBottleTreasure Chest XPPick up Bonuses and lots more animals. Gameplay EnhancementsGame Tweaks.Dangerous predators where you become the hunted.WEAPONSHandgunCompound BowPistol Crossbow(...

Super Battle for Goku Devil

Interest games

Super Battle for Goku Devil v1.3.1

Super Battle of God vs Devil base on character and saiyan forms what were love by more than a million players all over the world.The best game ever for dbz fan with more than 50 saiyan forms.With Super Saiyan Level from 1 to 20 and SSJG, SSGSS for st...

Offroad Hill Racing

Sports games

Offroad Hill Racing v1.0.6

THIS IS IT! This is off-road done right! Drive the most fire-eathing offroad vehicles in this adrenaline-filled hill climb madness now!Crash the barriers and fly above bottomless chasms with off-roaders, monster trucks, garbage behemoths and F1 racin...

Mad Day - Truck Distance Game

Interest games

Mad Day - Truck Distance Game v1.1

Battle the oncoming Alien Invasion of Earth in this epic racer to rescue your beloved pet Octopus Fluffy and escape. Mad Day is a combination of an awesome racing and alien shooting game. Upgrade your Car, Guns, Armor, Clothing and more to beat the b...

Police Chase Adventure sim 3D

Sports games

Police Chase Adventure sim 3D v1.1

Chase and Smash criminals in this thrilling Police driving simulator!Be the Bravest Cop and Play for Greater Cause!! Drive, Chase and Catch the Criminals!!Imagine the rush and thrill of chasing and smashing all those crooks that pose a threat to the ...

Cube Escape

Adventure games

Cube Escape v1.1.4

Escape the previous room to release a new lock cube.- various cute characters- easy joy stick controls- memorize type ain development- increase agility- extremely fun and addictive...

The Key

Interest games

The Key v1.1

The Key is the new piano tiles style game. New game modes are implemented to increase the amount of fun. Real piano sounds will inspire your boring moments, new songs are included in each new version. The most famous music artists and popular classic...

Amazing Princess Gymnastics

Interest games

Amazing Princess Gymnastics v2.4

Are you ready for a Magical sporty adventure? Are you ready to show your gymnastic skills and win the Amazing Princess Gymnastics Game?If you are, then download and play: Amazing Princess Gymnastic!Come play with the princess of gymnastics and help h...

Cube Robot Speedy

Interest games

Cube Robot Speedy v1.1

Go on a platformer journey with the Cube Robot Speedy. Jump and run through many ersified levels, dodge obstacles, and speed it up, to get all the stars. This cube adventure is an unforgettable adventure for Cube Robot Champions. Be fast to get all t...

Hero Simulator

Nurturance games

Hero Simulator v1.3.0

Defending a kingdom isn’t easy, especially when you’ve been doing it for 300 years! Cedric is a great hero but he’s pretty worn out after three centuries of battles with everybody from goblins to necromancers. He’s looking for someone to replace him ...