Lenovo a60 Games

Lenovo a60 mobile phone main screen resolution is 320×480, android system version 2.3. Lenovo a60 games channel to provide green, safe Lenovo a60 games download.
Illusion Jumper

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Illusion Jumper v1.0.1

Jump as far up as you can, avoid the lasers and keep your eyes focused on the target! Test your reflexes as you tap your way up, and remember don’t get shot! Game Features• Simple ONE-TAP Game Play• Minimalistic Art• Awesome Illusion Vector Graphics•...

Street Food Maker - Kids Game

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Street Food Maker - Kids Game v1.0

There’s soooo much yummy food to eat! Pizza and fries, snow cones and churros! But no one place ever seems to have all the delicious foods and treats you want to eat in one place…until now! Why’s that? Because now you get to make your perfect food tr...

Lets Go Tiny Jet Robot

Puzzle games

Lets Go Tiny Jet Robot v1.1

Experience the adventures of a tiny robot with the mission to find the objects return to the operation bases, the player will control a tiny robot to avoid various obstacles whether artillery, thorn, bomb etc. due to tiny robots are designed to load ...

Idiotik Golf

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Idiotik Golf v1.1

Become a participant of Idiotik Show! The main characters of the game are Babai and Chink. They are courageous and insane guys and you have to play Idiotic Golf by their rules. Babai have to shoot a certain part of Chinks body with golf ball. While t...

Dojo Master

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Dojo Master v1.01

Swoosh your way through the battlefield in this fast-paced ninja puzzle game!Slay shoguns, samurais or any other standing in your way.Become the ultimate Dojo Master by beating your enemies while blindfolded.Be fast, be clever. Easy to learn but chal...

Punch My Face

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Punch My Face v1.0.7

A funny fighting game where you can upload a picture of yourself or a friend. Customize your player by adding a funny hat or changing their clothes. Fight your player and share with your friends! Hours of entertainment and hilarious fun.Fans of boxin...

Zombie Smashball

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Zombie Smashball v1.0

You like sport and action !!!Zombie Smashball reunite all that with nervous and addictif gameplay on several type of sports.On Zombie Smashball defy enemy zombie on Football, Basketball and Volleyball deathmatch.It let you train your zombie buy him o...

Adventure of a Seed

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Adventure of a Seed v1.3

Welcome to Adventure of a Seed – an incredible free game and become a great part of a seeding of the planet. Get your adrenaline from your inidually built balance to let your seed grow at as many hills you can reach. Enjoy playing, become a master an...

Mammoth Gravity Battles

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Mammoth Gravity Battles v1.1

Mammoth gravity battles is a game of skill and turn-based strategy with gravity, planets, physics, black holes, missiles, mammoth explosions, crazy weapons and best of all, woolly mammoths (in flying saucers). A game based on the classic gravity wars...

The Forgotten Treasure

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The Forgotten Treasure v1

Adventurer, are you ready? There is a forgotten treasure waiting for you somewhere in the world and it is your job to find it. Grab your trusted crowbar and explore both an ancient Egyptian pyramid and a desolate Mayan temple for clues. The Forgotten...

Kick The Courageous Stickman

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Kick The Courageous Stickman v1.0

Hello dear visitor, your attention the exciting mixed media game. Youve realized that youre dealing with a man composed of discipline? Even if you decline strength, one dexterity and courageous discharge can salvage your mood! Menace gaining rapidity...

Kids Face Paint

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Kids Face Paint v1.1

Woo Hoo! Something to get excited about! Kids Face Paint is coming. Its time to practice some designs and do it with your heart to feed your soul of art. Here, you can discover how to doodle with bold colors and create stunning designs that will turn...

Yummy Swap

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Yummy Swap v1.0.0

Come and Set sail in the Yummy Candy World! Swap and match these sugary sweets to gain points. Explore the yummy world, and join the exciting adventure now!Match your way to sweet victory!Collect as many sweets as possible! Unlock these awesome level...

Carnival Can Knockdown 3D

Interest games

Carnival Can Knockdown 3D v1.0

This Carnival Can Ball Toss game is Super fun and Addicting but hard to beat!Challenge your aim, throw the ball give it a good bounce smash all the cans down and try for a !Push your ball toss skills to the next level in this fantastic addictive Fair...

Labyrinth Game Free

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Labyrinth Game Free v1.0.0

Classic labyrinth game where you control the ball while avoiding holes and traps to reach the destination.65 Gorgeous looking levels with challenging puzzles to solve.Caliate and play the way you hold your device.Features:65 beautiful Levels.Realisti...

Paw Puppy Russia Run

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Paw Puppy Russia Run v1.3

Our Paw Puppy Patrol has been locked away in the Angry Asylum by Fred the agent in white, Paw Puppy Patrol plotting his escape, and Paw Puppy Patrol needs YOU to guide him through the streets once Paw Puppy Patrol busted out!Run, jump, dash and slide...

Basketball Battle

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Basketball Battle v1.6.4

ONE or TWO player!Intuitive movement and shooting controlsHit jump shots over the defenderUse pump fakes to confuse your opponentBlow by your opponent to get easy layupsTime your jumps to block shotsCompete in tournaments across the countrySign new p...

Magical Girls:Save the school

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Magical Girls:Save the school v1

Alert! Alert! Japanese girls have been transformed into robot to destroy your school. You are the only one that can stop them !! Use your multiple powers to prevent their progression. You are going to become the new super hero of modern times. You mu...

At the end Zombies Win

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At the end Zombies Win v4

It’s time to lock and load and to take everything you can use as a weapon. Confront masses of disgustingly absurd zombie in a post-apocalyptic universe with “At the end, Zombies Win”. Put your reflexes to the trial, as well as your speed and your man...