Samsung g3818 Games

Samsung g3818 mobile phone main screen is 540×960, Android system version 4.2. Samsung g3818 games channel to provide free, safe Samsung g3818 games download.

Strategy games

Cereus v1

In the crowded genre of tower defense, Cereus has been hailed as unique, refreshing, clean, simple to control, and easy to learn. Best described as a cross between Tower Defense, Geometry Wars, and Asteroids, Cereus feels like a retro game with moder...

The Big Capitalist

Puzzle games

The Big Capitalist v1.0.45

Welcome to The Big Capitalist, our Young Ambitious business investors! You are in the right place to fulfill your craving of establishing and expanding businesses, and to become the world greatest capitalist!Start your worldwide monopoly enterprise ...

Cartoon City 2

Simulation games

Cartoon City 2 v1.37

Build your city township - build houses, decorations, decorate the streets.Grow wheat and corn, cow and chicken on village farm near city township.Build a dream city - only on your decision depends on what your city will be!The most really beautiful ...

Brain &Training

Puzzle games

Brain &Training v8.4.8

Brain Trainer app to quick exercise to your ain short term memory, concentration, focus , speed has 15 type of ain training games. ◆ Multitasking ain training . ◆ Quick Search ain training . ◆ Math ain training . ◆ Focus ain training . ◆...

HERO WARS: Super Stickman Defense

Strategy games

HERO WARS: Super Stickman Defense v1.0.1

HERO WARS the return of the original defense game!In 2020, Mutants and aliens invaded the Earth.All cities are destroyed. They destroy crops, buildings, idges and roads. They are very powerful enemies. The Co-Army just didnt have what it takes to do....

Kickass Commandos

Shooting games

Kickass Commandos v1.1.5

Lock and Load! Its time to roll. Grab your machine-gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and grenades. Assault the enemy bases and free commandos to join your team while you destroy everything in sight. The enemy has grown bold in spreading across the g...

Battle of Arrow

Shooting games

Battle of Arrow v1.0.3

Aim for the top in global horseback archery duels,Experience the immersive thrill of gyroscopic action! Listen up, Rookie! Welcome to the Battle of Arrow, the horseback archery arena where skill (and some grit) is everything. Let me tell you the basi...

Puzzle Fighter

Puzzle games

Puzzle Fighter v2.0

Experience Puzzle Fighter action like never before. Assemble a team of legendary characters from favorite Capcom franchises. Challenge players to thrilling real-time battles. Discover dozens of strategic abilities. Build up and destroy gems to unleas...

Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest

Action games

Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest v1.1.1

Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest is an adventure of knights. Forge your own legacy and customize your hero. Explore all the dungeons looking for succulent treasures, ¡but be careful!In the darkness you will find countless enemies: zombies, berserkers, ...

Battle for the Galaxy

Strategy games

Battle for the Galaxy v2.2.1

Pilots - start your engines! Marines - take your blasters! Commanders - start the battle!BATTLE FOR THE GALAXYBattle for the Galaxy is an exciting mixture of tower defense, strategy and dynamic battles. Create a powerful army and join corporation. At...


Puzzle games

Colorzzle v1.9

Easy-to-play color puzzlesWinner of the Grand Prize at the Indy Game Competition in Seongnam, 2017Colorzzle is a puzzle game that matches colors.When you match the same color, the trees grow and flowers bloom.If you grow all the trees and flowers, th...

Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch

Puzzle games

Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch v1.25

Welcome to the wild horse adventure of your lifetime! Start in a mystic forest - an online haven for horse lovers! Complete quests to unlock a new stable, make friends in multiplayer and race your horses to win accessories to make them feel like a st...

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money

Puzzle games

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money v1.3.0

Now featuring live events each weekend! Based on the hit comedy TV show, Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money is an idle game where you manage businesses in the Sunnyvale trailer park.Upgrade businesses, get customers and make greasy money! Collect cards,...

Cookie Clickers 2

Puzzle games

Cookie Clickers 2 v1.13.5

The most awaited and spectacular cookie game sequel is now available for your devices, and its super addicting. Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment! Download now for free!Baking cookies is very simple:- Bake as many cookies as you ...

Treasure Buster

Action games

Treasure Buster v1.0.030

Epic loot is just a download away!Delve deep into the darkest dungeons on your quest for the ultimate prize.Countless riches await those determined enough to overcome the deadly challenges of Treasure Buster.Defeat enemies by bouncing into them and s...

Tap Challenges

Action games

Tap Challenges v1.1

TAP the screen to move forward or jump avoid touching the obstacles.How far can you get?Features: • 25 awesome levels :)• One-Touch Gameplay. • Pixel Art.• Free to Play.• Challenge your friends around you and through Game Center....


Puzzle games

ston v3.0.0

ston is a free mind-bending minimal puzzle game with unique and remarkable design. ston does not have a timer or move limits, allowing you to just relax and focus. Your goal is to destroy all of the cubes by passing on them. ston is now ready to cook...

Bottleflip Challenge 4

Puzzle games

Bottleflip Challenge 4 v1.3

Meet the fourth bottle flip challenge!Flip the water bottle in the air and land it upright.Become in the master of the flip one more time!★ NEW 80 different drink bottle to choose!★ NEW Sounds! Including the famous Bottle Flip song and Dab song!★ NEW...

Change Color

Puzzle games

Change Color v2.7

Your characters color is blue !But upcoming obstacles color is red !Now you just touch your screen and change your color to red !Lets hangout the Change Color and enjoy it !...

Tropic Paradise Sim: Town Bay

Simulation games

Tropic Paradise Sim: Town Bay v1.0.8

Build your own city in one of best sims on mobileSim lovers of all ages will enjoy this city building sim game that will transport players to a magical place of imagination where you are the architect. Escape to this tropic paradise island and build ...