LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.

Adventure games

Hooah v1.01

Survive and blast yourself through the jungle using nothing but old school rocket jumping! Ride the shock waves as far as you can while destroying swarms of enemies and avoiding bottomless pits!Level up and gain upgrades! Unlock new supply drops to f...

Cube Chase 3D:Cop Escape

Interest games

Cube Chase 3D:Cop Escape v1.1

Are you ready for ultimate cop chase in the Cube City? You oke the law stealing a pixel car, now race fast as the best criminal driver and don’t let the police catch you! Narrow blocky streets with dangerous stretches for extreme racing and powerful ...

Unsafe Voyage

Interest games

Unsafe Voyage v2.0

A voyage to play with dangers and challenge , test strategy skill and reaction time. Drive yourself into an impossible architecture of dangerous game play....

Target Number

Puzzle games

Target Number v1.0.4

Target Number is an addictive, challenging and engaging number puzzle game which makes the player think and improve his mental capabilities. Play 250+ challenging yet simple number puzzles with serene music and minimalistic interface....

Hammer Time

Interest games

Hammer Time v1.0.0

Look out, the castle is under attack! If only wed built a giant hammer at the front gate. Oh wait, we did. Its HAMMER TIME!Your mission: fend off an onslaught of angry boulders with well-timed swings of your hammer. The longer you survive, the higher...

Tap Tap Egg

Interest games

Tap Tap Egg v1.0.2

Small tap for a man, great jump for an Egg!Jumping from one ring to another one sounds like a piece of cake, doesnt it? Nothing could be further from the truth!Tap Tap Egg is a one touch arcade game that is impossible to put down. While playing, you ...


Interest games

TadpoleRush v2.0.2

A tadpole swimming in the dim reflective light of the moon in the pond frames up a gorgeous Chinese ink-wash painting. But this obsessive tadpole acts like a capricious kid. He wants to start his adventure in the pond. Never have you thought that suc...


Interest games

StreetBoy! v1.0.0

Take back your turf in Streetboy!Jump, Fly, and Strike to the beat in this classic rhythm-action side-scroller.Jump into the world inspired by graffiti and pop art as it paints a viant, urban world highlighted by an electric soundtrack....

Viking Legends

Interest games

Viking Legends v1.4.4

Play now !Your homeland in in danger! Every nordic clan veteran barbarian is preparing to berserk into the clans war against Unturned! Rush from Lokis marvel boat into the vainglory battle as veteran berserker huntsman warmonger Ragnar or barbarian v...

Pop Dash

Interest games

Pop Dash v2.0.2

GROOVE TO THE BEATS OF FAVORITE POP ARTISTS:Lindsey Stirling, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Meghan Trainor, Jessie J, Wiz Khalifa, R5, Becky G, The Chainsmokers, Echosmith, Vance Joy, Ross Lynch, Tegan and Sara, dnk, DVBBS, Art vs Science, MARRS, Jo Li...

Jump circle jump

Interest games

Jump circle jump v1.1

Climb higher than all, become the best of all. Try to avoid the builders, they can kill you. Collect diamonds and open the new skins for your circle.How many points you scored?...

Maze Runner:The Scorch Trials

Interest games

Maze Runner:The Scorch Trials v1.0.10

Race through a desolate wasteland and pass the ultimate test of survival in the official game of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials!Join the community of Gladers on the run. Navigate through The Scorch dodging deadly obstacles! Collect supplies to upgrad...

Galaxy VR Cardboard Space FPS

Shooting games

Galaxy VR Cardboard Space FPS v1.0.29

A VR space flight sim for Android that puts you in the seat of a small space fighter. A pick up and play arcade style multiplayer shooter.►►►►► VIRTUAL REALITYA fully immersive VR simulator experience with good head tracking, compatible with these VR...

RoofTop Demolition Derby 3D

Sports games

RoofTop Demolition Derby 3D v1.1

Are you ready for a crazy battle?Drive your awesome ATV (all-terrain vehicle); it’s one for all in this game of limited territory. Who will survive? Hit hard, smash, drag, and push your opponents off the roof to win the battle. Can you make the deadl...

Pango sheep

Interest games

Pango sheep v1.1

Pango Sheep: an irresistible shepherding game! Baaaah!ROUND THEM UPThe sheep are all over the place! Play as a shepherd and help Pango find them.Help out with finding the sheep, gather them in herds, and ing them back to their pen. But be careful: th...

Friends Ball

Interest games

Friends Ball v1.0

Friends Ball is a very good ain puzzle game, looking at the game one by one is an absolute enjoyment of thingsIt is a new puzzle game that helps to train the mind, cultivate creativity, and share your creative results with others.This is a interestin...

The End of the World

Adventure games

The End of the World v1

The End of the World is a side-scrolling exploration game. Set in Newcastle, England, you play a lonely man in a world that ended when he lost his love. By living day by day and in the past you unravel the circumstances that led to the end of the wor...

Militant Tanks:Triumph

Shooting games

Militant Tanks:Triumph v1.1

Its time to join the militate on tanks for the triumph! In our game you will find an adventure, struggle for the existence of the antagonist. The main objective of constantly tread on the antagonist to save his existence during the battle. For you ev...

Mechanic Escape

Adventure games

Mechanic Escape v1.5.1

In a world oppressed by ruthless machines, a stronghold full of die-hard TV-sets resists the persecution. Your lost friends and the lack of resources drive you to take action against the extinction.Brave the dangers and go find your comrades to rescu...

Bloons Monkey City

Strategy games

Bloons Monkey City v1.8.0

Create, upgrade, and customize your very own Bloons Monkey City in this groundeaking blend of city building and tower defense awesomeness!UNIQUE SIMULATION + STRATEGY GAMINGTake back the wilderness from the invading bloon hordes and pop your way from...