LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Big Dinosaur Simulator

Simulation games

Big Dinosaur Simulator v1.1

Go to the dreamland of the dinosaurs- Prehistoric Jurassic Ages with Dinosaur Simulator 3D. Animalistic simulation at its best. Be the massive prehistoric creature and think like the dinosaur to excel in this dinosaur simulation adventure.Be the mass...

Murderous Intent

Puzzle games

Murderous Intent v1.5

My wife was poisoned.Two years later the killer was still free.I retired from my long time job and dedicated my life to finding the killer.One day there was a letter in my mailbox.“I know who the killer is.I’ll be waiting here.”There was an address w...

Archery Simulator 3D

Shooting games

Archery Simulator 3D v1.0.2

Do you love playing simulator games? If yes, you will surely like the Archery Simulator 3D. This game presents an awesome dynamics along with demanding challenge for finding your target and then to aim it perfectly within a preset timeframe. It is ma...

Pro Skates

Interest games

Pro Skates v1.1

Speed up you performance with Pro Skates performing various tricky levels in the air and land safely. This game is so easy to play all you need to accelerate or jump the obstacles and try to get the score high as much as possible. Screen displays the...

Orbys adventure

Interest games

Orbys adventure v1.0.12345

Game is still in development. So feel free to send me your wishes!Someday here will be some cool description of the game with a bunch of absolutely incredible marketing gimmicks. But for now its difficult to invent something coolSo theres such a true...

Steacko Face

Interest games

Steacko Face v1.0.2

The little steacko face wants to reach the other end of the road!But multiple obstacles are on its way. Only the iron place does the face roll on. You must estimate the moving and place of barriers and make the face move.It’s not that easy to pass le...


Interest games

Slendrina v1.2

This version is completely free from ads!!Slendrina is back! This time you need to find out the secret of Slendrina. You must explore her house and find out who she really is. But be careful. She is more evil than usual.Try to find 8 pieces of a pict...

Green Cloud Runner

Interest games

Green Cloud Runner v1.1.2

★★★★ Green Cloud Runner - The World Needs A New Eco – Hero! ★★★★**** Updated*** We listened to fans... Your Gonna Love the New Green Cloud Runner!★★★★ About the Game ★★★★Meet Mr. Green Cloud – he is a Eco-Friendly- Fun - Cloudy Guy! Don’t let the hea...

Block Boy

Interest games

Block Boy v1.2.8.2

new adventure is beginning! Blockboy has crashed with his plane! Help him to find his home again and challenge yourself!The new Game Concept leaves no room for boredom !!!...

Sweet Sins

Interest games

Sweet Sins v2.0

Sweet Sins - Rule the Abyss with the help of the Seven Deadly Sins!Lead the seven powerful girls known as the Sweet Sins in their escape from hell in this high quality endless runner full of action and surprises, for your phone and tablet.Key feature...

Doodle Monster

Interest games

Doodle Monster v5.0

Just overhauled - Relive the classic gameplay of the first sorta-3D-ish side scrolling high score runner on the app store.Dated? Maybe. Awesome? Maybe. Weird and fun and classic? You bet!!This is what a macbook and a sharpie could do 5 years ago!...

Gangnam Hill racing

Interest games

Gangnam Hill racing v1.2

Do you like hill racing ? So Gangnam hill racing is made for you !*****Very fun Game*****Simple game play *****Speed and exciting*****The greatest hill racing game*****More than 30 levels Travel 30 beautiful and difficult level with you car, but bewa...

Must Deliver

Interest games

Must Deliver v1.1.6

They are coming. You... Must... Deliver…Finally! We have the cure that will destroy the ZOMBIE virus plaguing our world! We MUST DELIVER it to as many survivors as possible… The only question: CAN YOU DELIVER? Run like hell and move between zones to ...

Stickman Downhill Monstertruck

Interest games

Stickman Downhill Monstertruck v1.1

Stickman Downhill - Monster Truck is the third addition to the Stickman Downhill series. Experience ultra realistic and fast paced action packed Monster Truck racing in stunning environments. Choose from more than 15 different trucks, including even ...

Arabian Surfers

Interest games

Arabian Surfers v1.0

Escape the panther chasing you through the streets of this small town and the desert in the very middle eastern, where most irresistible charms and flavors along with the feared thieves ali baba mix. Shoot your boomerang to get rid of the items that ...

Crazy Chicken Runner

Interest games

Crazy Chicken Runner v1.0

Crazy Chicken hold a grudge when someone will not survive. Crazy chicken who managed to escape from the warehouse, is seeking to escape the village by smashing everything in front of him.Trees, fields, distributing, or even crazy chicken washed succe...

Cosmic Highway 3D Arcade

Interest games

Cosmic Highway 3D Arcade v10

Cosmic Highway is a fast paced 3D Action Arcade Game in space, where not even the sky is the limit. How far can you take it? Compete with other players around the globe. Fly with a spaceship on a tunnel and avoid trouble and alien invaders in this 3D...

Catch The Rabbit

Interest games

Catch The Rabbit v1.0.0

A mischievous rabbit has stolen all the golden fruits, try to catch the rabbit by jumping from platform to platform without falling!...

Lab Escape

Interest games

Lab Escape v1.0

An infinite runner where you play as Edyn or Edison running to escape a laboratory. You are running as fast as you can, and more and more obstacles are appearing in your path. You must engage the appropriate force fists to eak through the walls. If y...