LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Fat Stickman

Interest games

Fat Stickman v5.0

A stickman like no other, who does not conform to every other of his kin. He is smarter, cooler, a unique entity in a world of indifference and always hungry for a challenge..........

Smash IT:Hit Game

Interest games

Smash IT:Hit Game v5.3

Journey through an amazing world and smash your way to victory in this top new hit.You must master timing, home your skills and concentrate to reach as far as you can.* Smash diamonds, glass doors and barriers* Great sounds effects and ambient music*...

Smashy Car:Busted Road Patrol

Shooting games

Smashy Car:Busted Road Patrol v1.0

Your batallion was out on road patrol. The wanted terrorists have invaded your base and now it is up to you to clear and secure the area. They are asking for a busted Smashy road blitz and you will deliver it! You will travel the busted road in exoti...

Chaotica Towers

Interest games

Chaotica Towers v1.5

CHAOTICA - New incredible action game with amusing graphics!Free Kronberg from hordes of monsters!LEGEND:- In the north of the Kingdom of Kronberg an ancient volcano has awakened, and evil creatures from the deep burrows, marshes and swamps came out ...

The Incredible Baron

Strategy games

The Incredible Baron v1.0.4

The Incredible Baron combines real-time strategy gameplay with 50 collectible animal species in a tale of exploration, science, and betrayal. As Baron, players explore an uncharted island, documenting its species and using their unique abilities to d...


Interest games

FishingTown v1.0.6

Fishing Town is an easy to play fishing game meets RPG-style short stories adventures with legendary and mysterious creatures. Join Lukas and his dad on this most exciting fishing journey. Expand your fishing town and make friends with the villagers!...

Touchdown:Gridiron Football

Sports games

Touchdown:Gridiron Football v1.2

Touchdown is a free American football game. Play games, make every drive for touchdown, boost your performance by training and work your way up the rankings to earn more and live the life of a star quarterback. Avoid being tackled by aggressive defen...

Pango Blocks

Interest games

Pango Blocks v1.1

LOGIC and cheerfulness!Get ready for a challenge! CHOOSE logic blocks and BUILD a path for Pango. If Pango crosses the screen without falling, he will catch an item and give it to a friend.Pango will have to ing back 8 ingredients to Pigs kitchen, 8 ...

Last Horizon

Strategy games

Last Horizon v1.0

Pilot the last vessel of a fallen civilization into the vast unknown, in search of a new habitable world.Carefully land on the planets you will encounter to gather terraforming resources and space-faring human survivors for the final destination... s...

Sad Journey

Interest games

Sad Journey v1.2

Get it FREE on Google Play today !Are you ready for the Saddest adventure ever ? Download The Sad Journey and play this amazing game today !...


Shooting games

Zamarian v1.4

Zamarian is an exciting fast-paced shoot em up classic arcade action game in a whole different new way.Cross-platform multiplayer capability allows players from the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices to compete against each others.This...


Interest games

Cyberplode v1.06

Once there was a small orphanage in cyber space, where all the unwanted and unloved cyber babies were taken. It wasnt fantastic, but once it was home to... Commander Bounce! now the cyber-enemy are trying to destroy the orphanage where he grew up so ...

Saving Toru

Interest games

Saving Toru v1

Toru has been taken from his planet Zecron and now he is stuck in this game. It is up to you to set him free. He will speak to you in this game and tell you about the things he has seen.Just hold you finger on the screen to make Toru go up and releas...

Car Wash

Interest games

Car Wash v1.2

Hey there is a race in your neighbourhood! This is going to be exciting for sure! There will be cool cars and you will have the chance to wash and decorate them.First wash the cars and then modify them as you wish. If you do your job well, you will e...

Where is My Food

Interest games

Where is My Food v1.0.5

Winter is coming, all the animals are busy with storing food. Pick up your phone now and guide them to food!Draw colorful paths and lead animals to food! Avoid obstacles, navigate idges, and guide the cute animals to food in this challenging puzzler....

Little Life:Adaptivity

Adventure games

Little Life:Adaptivity v1.5

Kichu thinks he can face any challenges in life. But how far can he adapt to the puzzling and ever changing world?Features pixel art.Little Life Adaptivity is a cute platformer thats about learning to work with the world and take things one challenge...

Crossy Hoopers

Interest games

Crossy Hoopers v1.1.2

Folks welcome to the addictive world of Crossy Hoppers. It has a smooth gameplay with irresistible graphics.We may not know why the chicken crossed the road (not yet) but we do know why our duck is crossing the roads over and over again. It is becaus...

Coup Butat Free

Interest games

Coup Butat Free v1.0

Enjoy the story of little pigs and wolves, which youve probably never seen!The Fairy Tale of little pigs and wolf... is familiar to everybody in the world.But this games story seems a little different to the story we all know...Complete the game, and...

Spider Pixel Craft Jump

Interest games

Spider Pixel Craft Jump v1.0

One of the hottest mobile games of all time - now FREE and finally properly optimized for Android by the same team that created the original version!See for yourself why everybody called Spider Pixel Craft Jump “possibly the best [mobile] game ever c...

Unplugged The Game

Interest games

Unplugged The Game v1.0

Unplugged? Charge me! Do not ever guess the right way of the USB plug? This is the game for you! Match the correct side of USB plug with the socket to fully charge your device! Be fast or your device will turn off!Challenge your friends in the leader...