LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen resolution is 240×320, android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide green, safe LG e400 games download.
Yo Monsters

Interest games

Yo Monsters v1.2.0

FREE NEW PUZZLE GAME!Play Yo Monsters, the best rated Mobile puzzle game in 2015. Join millions of players who are hooked on these addictive puzzles.Match Colorful monsters to complete each puzzle. Its just THAT EASY. With over 200 unique levels and ...

Scientist Makeover

Interest games

Scientist Makeover v1.0

Wake up girl! Give yourself a makeover! Time to get dressed for work at the lab! Smart pretty girls need to look beautiful for work too! Come give these gorgeous girls an amazing makeover!Product Feature:- 3 female Characters to choose from! Sharon, ...

Newborn Care 2

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Newborn Care 2 v1.0.0

Newborn Baby Care 2 is released! Its another baby care game with mom. So many cute babies, including their moms, go to hospital and you have to take care of them. Thats really a bigger challenge for you. More tools in this Newborn Baby Care 2 game an...

Try To Escape

Adventure games

Try To Escape v1.5

You are locked in a dark, damp room, in the middle of an abandoned space station filled with zombie-mutants. With no place to wait, no one will come to get you out of here. You need to get to the spaceship to escape from this place. But how to do it?...

Hidden Object:Garden Wedding

Interest games

Hidden Object:Garden Wedding v1.0.35

Follow Marys adventure as she quits her day job as an Accountant to become a truly inspired Wedding Planner!This and new game has all the twists and tricks you love from your favorite games: it has Hidden Object sessions, quick Match 3 games and lots...

Plumber Mole

Puzzle games

Plumber Mole v1.0.2

Mesmerizing from start to finish, Plumber Mole offers a world filled with joy of discovery and uncanny beauty. Use your creativity to solve the challenging physics based puzzles now!The adorable moles are suffering from drought and it is your job to ...

Sid The Snake

Interest games

Sid The Snake v1.0

Sid the Snake is an analogue twist on the classic ‘Snake’ formula. Sid is a simple but agile thing, who is adept at squiggling in order to dodge dangerous mines and asteroids. Eating eggs will help Sid to shed its skin and become more powerful so it ...

Run! Shadow Fighter

Interest games

Run! Shadow Fighter v1.01

Latest action running game.Easily play way.And kill the monsters, and win the gold ran to jump.100 stage is waiting.Please upgrade your fighter and won gold.To proceed to clear the stage by mission. Game Features:- Action running game- 100 + level of...

Real Demolition Derby

Interest games

Real Demolition Derby v1.2

Real Demolition Derby the most radical and realistic Demolition Derby game out there!Game Features: - Realistic car collision and body deformations based upon actual physics!- Old, crappy but real American cars from yesteryears battle in this game! T...

Tree Jump Adventure

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Tree Jump Adventure v1.0.0

Deep inside an ancient forest, between bamboo trees, lives a small, furry creature with an endless desire for adventure, magic, and tree jumping. Come, and join Popo in his never-ending quest!Many dangers stand in your way. Leap over poisonous thorns...

Plumber & Pipes

Interest games

Plumber & Pipes v2

To all puzzle solving lovers out there, this game is for you! Play as a young plumber on his way to repair pipelines. Someone needs to get that water flowing. You will be able to rotate pipes in order to achieve this goal, creating complex and solid ...

Safari Escape

Interest games

Safari Escape v2.2

Collapse the blocks to rescue your Baby Animal friends and crush the poacher!The Baby Animals need you! The once tranquil reserve that is their home is now under siege by a ruthless poacher and his traps. Save the Baby Animals and crush the poacher u...

Army War Truck Driver Sim 3D

Interest games

Army War Truck Driver Sim 3D v1.0.1

DRIVE FAST!!! Enemy squad chasing your army convoy, you have to rescue injured soldiers with your shooting power and driving skills.Army war truck driver is real life based 3D simulation game where you perform duty of trained army soldier. You have t...

Mad Moles

Interest games

Mad Moles v1.0.3

Mad Moles is a super-fun take on the classic whack-a-mole formula. Be careful though because this time around the moles can whack back! It all comes together in a gameplay that is surprisingly deep and challenging and – at the same time - lighthearte...

Yummy Gummy

Interest games

Yummy Gummy v1.23

Treat hungry tummies to gushing gummies! Come set sail in an all new puzzle adventure to Yummy Gummy Land. Made with a juicy twist, this match-3 game serves up just the right amount of fun and challenge in every level. Swipe sugary sweets by connecti...

Jewel Raiders

Interest games

Jewel Raiders v1.6.1

Inspired by movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Mummy, Jewel Raiders is an exciting match 3 puzzle game where you match three or more jewels and explore your way through over 140 levels filled with temples, mummies, gold, and epic treasures! ...

Crazy Taxi Simulator

Simulation games

Crazy Taxi Simulator v3.1

GooglePlay best 3D platform taxi games, Taxi Simulator 3D is the first game character into the taxi Game] Provide on and off the system If you are a taxi fans must not mistake this 3D casual game yo! game is very simple, Carefully controlling the gam...

Escape Game: Escape Museum

Interest games

Escape Game: Escape Museum v1.0.1

Escape Game: Escape MuseumNight at the museum, can you successfully escape?Filled with a variety of antiques and historical in this museum, came a guest tonight. As an uninvited guest, have you ever felt a chill? Yes, full of puzzles in this museums,...

Mon Copter

Interest games

Mon Copter v1.0.6

Mon Copter : Assist Doremon to get Dorayaki.WARNING! This is Super Hard Game so maybe someone will not like. But if you play this game 5 minutes day, Itll train your mind to be more focused, calm and happy!FEATURES:✪ TOTALLY FREE !✪ SIMPLE CONTROLS ...

Herding Ducks

Interest games

Herding Ducks v1.0.1

Herding Ducks : Dont let Ducks touch the spikes.How to play:- Tapping on Ducks to kick them back avoid spikes.- Dont tap on Zombie Duck, let him touch the spikes and die. If you touch Zomebie Duck, he will bite you and the game is over.WARNING! If yo...