LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.
Tap Ice Hockey 2016

Sports games

Tap Ice Hockey 2016 v1.0.1

Love air hockey or table hockey? Tap Ice Hockey is a fun hockey game. Tap Ice Hockey is modified version from air hockey and table hockey. Playing is easy just touch top or bottom of the player and it will move forward or backward.Two game modes. Qui...

Coaster Mania

Interest games

Coaster Mania v1.0

Coaster Mania is a wild ride 2D Roller Coaster Racing Game where you have to guide your carts through endless platforms. Make sure you time your jumps to avoid missing the platforms and derailing your carts. Jump over tracks and use various power-ups...

Downhill Madness

Interest games

Downhill Madness v1.0.1

Downhill Madness is a fun free 3D adventure endless runner styled skateboarding game. Skate as far as you can through the streets and the countryside . This game is packed with power-ups upgrades to make sure you never get bored! Obstacles to the ri...

Penguin Escape

Interest games

Penguin Escape v1.0.3

Deepa our beloved Penguin is a notorious kid. She never used to listen to her mother. One day she decides to go skiing despite the fact that it was snowing that day. During skiing a terrible event occurred............... An unexpected avalanche occur...

Spider Fly Heros

Interest games

Spider Fly Heros v1.0.3

My nickname is Heros. I was a science researcher, I was a fan of the superhero.Everyone has a dream. I had a dream to become a superhero to save the world when the robot invasion force remains earth clearance...

Fruit Bunny Mania

Interest games

Fruit Bunny Mania v1.1.8

The Creators of the hit game, Garden Mania 2, Cookie Mania, present a fruity new matching puzzle game: Fruit Bunny Mania!Create fruit chains,feed buddies,defeat evil boss; Fruit Bunny Mania is an all-new connect lines puzzle.Take on your friends and ...

Koala Keen

Interest games

Koala Keen v1.12

Koala Keen - very addictive, extra hard one touch control time killer. Tap to jump from tree to tree and avoid hitting squirrels. If you are in situation where jumping is too dangerous and you may hit a squirrel, do nothing and Koala will climb the t...

Genial Santa Claus 2

Interest games

Genial Santa Claus 2 v1.3.0

Genial Santa Claus 2 - the Christmas Cards is a beautiful child friendly Christmas game.In the game you have to help Santa Claus ing Christmas presents to children.To do this you have to match 3+ Christmas cards in a row to create toys.The toys can b...

Bouncing Ball Up

Interest games

Bouncing Ball Up v1.1

Are you ready for another simple but exciting new arcade game from D for Duck? It is called Ball Up, and you are going to love this game.And this game is simple alright. You just have to try and keep your bouncy ball in the air. Tap the screen and th...

Orange Block Prison Break

Interest games

Orange Block Prison Break vC10.1

Orange Block Prison Break is the first person shooter game you have been waiting for! Designed from the ground up for an amazing tablet and mobile experience, this smash hit game is packed with amazing 3D graphics and engaging pixelated survival game...

Coin Tower King

Interest games

Coin Tower King v1.0.3

Keep the balance and make coins piled higher is your mission.[features]- It is possible game play with one-touch operation.- On the basis of specific condition, you can collect the landmark around the world.- Supports 16 countries language.- Support ...

Pixel Wizard

Adventure games

Pixel Wizard v36

Ready to take it back to the old school? Pixel Wizard Adventure is a and-new, classic retro-style platform game that’ll take you on a magical adventure of epic proportions! Don your wizard’s hat and grab your magic wand and transport yourself to a ma...

Salary Cat

Interest games

Salary Cat v1.0

Neko is a white-collar cat working in Japan. Workaholic, overtime junkie, sushi lover, huge fan of booze and pretty host kittens. Work above all else. Help this kitten to avoid other cats in its commute to work. Do not let its bad bad boss Karoshi fi...

Crocs World 3

Interest games

Crocs World 3 v1.1

After millions of downloads of the first two parts of Crocs World it´s time for Crocs World 3! Croc´s World 3 is a really nice jumpnrun with 60 incredible levels and many challenging enemies and Croc ought his friend Roodie along!Do you remember the ...

Look for people

Interest games

Look for people v1.2.0

Lets find the designated people in this colorful town.If you find them, touch the screen!You can check who youve found in the Trophy screen....

Goal Hero:Soccer SuperStar

Interest games

Goal Hero:Soccer SuperStar v1.0.21

Calling all Ball Hogs, Soccer SuperStars and Footballing Legends!Are your teammates cramping your style? Do you put the “i” in “team”?Tell you manager to do one and live your dreams in Goal Hero: the game where youand only you—get all the glory!Dodge...

JURASSIC DASH:Dinosaur World

Interest games

JURASSIC DASH:Dinosaur World v1.1

Travel in time to a caveman land where dinosaurs rule the Earth. Run, jump, dodge, shoot and kill everything that gets in your way. Ride a giant Pterodactyl through the skies and drive a prehistoric racing car. Buy lethal Jurassic weapons like the Pe...

Space Cat - Galactic Challenge

Interest games

Space Cat - Galactic Challenge v1.0.0

MOST ADDICTING CAT GAME IN THE UNIVERSE!Visit outer space with this challenging, new game!Tap on your device to help Space Cat fly. Make sure to avoid the obstacles!Show of your highest scores on Facebook!...