LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.
Rock Crawler

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Rock Crawler v1.0

Can you imagine a car that climbs on hills better and faster than humans? Meet Rock Crawler! This multiplayer game pretty much resembles a real rock crawling: very precise throttle control is required to conquer some peaks. The game utilizes unique s...


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Vox v1.0.4

Can you jump?Jump around spikes and bullets to get to the end of the level. It might not be easy, sometimes it even looks impossible but it is certainly challenging.Jump just by a simple touch. This one button platformer game will challenge your skil...


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HellRain v1.1.0

- Colorful cartoon graphics!- One touch control!- New game mechanics!Hell of a job under the Hell Rain!...

Monky Warrior

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Monky Warrior v1.0

The Monkey Warrior came to the evil emperors Palace...He heard many of the imprisoned people are going to run away.So he acted!Help people escape and kill the palace guards!Be careful,dont escape people!...

Dead Land Free

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Dead Land Free v1.08

Welcome to Dead Land. You must defeat your fears for survival and salvation in this reign of zombies.You have to walk through the road without being noticed by them and kill them with different weapons. You can get these weapons by walking to the igh...

Mortal Hockey:Arcade

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Mortal Hockey:Arcade v1.0.1

Play ARCADE MODE (singleplayer) and get the highest score by eliminating enemy’s forces.① Hardcore② Simple 2 buttons controls③ Many different enemies④ Post your score to GooglePlay VERSUS MODE (multiplayer) and dominate your friends in 2-4 players Mu...

Run The Joint

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Run The Joint v1.2

Behind the walls of our very own Shawshank, lies a tale of injustice. Our inmates need you to help them defy theodds and make their great escape to freedom, before its too late.Run The Joint is the most addictive double character runner game. With in...

One-eyed Monster Jump

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One-eyed Monster Jump v1.1

Cute One-eyed Monster is on a happy adventure journey! Come on to help him jump over al obstacles and reach his destination!Fantastic graphics and challenging stairs! You will immerse in it!Simple and easy operation: Just tap the screen to jump. Comb...

Geometry Dash Meltdown

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Geometry Dash Meltdown v1.00

Prepare for a new Geometry Dash adventure filled with more spikes and monsters than thought possible!Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caverns and spiky obstacles.Game Features• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!• ...

Traffic Rush 2

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Traffic Rush 2 v1.01.0

Use your finger to flick rushing cars across the intersection... without CRASHING!Traffic Rush 2 is the sequel to the beloved smash hit from the early days of the App Store, a game that propelled into Apples prestigious All-Time Top Paid iPhone Apps ...

Lava Runner Free

Adventure games

Lava Runner Free v2.1

Dude WOW! Look at all them SHINIES! I wanna get them ALL!But WAIT... Why is it so HOT here? OH NO! THE LAVA IS RISING!!...

Jack:The Creepy Castle

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Jack:The Creepy Castle v1.3.0

The raging ravens sent Jack to the heck! Will you help Scarecrow Jack to escape the creepy castle and take revenge on the sneaky ravens? This cool, creepy Jump’n’Jump game will make you jump higher, jump farther, jump harder! Be strong. Be crazy. Be ...

The Elder Craft: Frozenland

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The Elder Craft: Frozenland v1.0.2

This game take place in province on the north of earthConquered by King Heroine IITerrible yoke of bloody tyrant delayed too longEveryone was waiting for a heroWhich will remove the shackles of oppression...

Super Rambys World:Adventure

Adventure games

Super Rambys World:Adventure v1.0.1

Super Rambys world: Adventure - spend a fun character with a square head through many fascinating levels filled with various dangers. Overcome all the obstacles and collect all the coins in this game for Android. Go through the different worlds, from...

Willy Wiener

Adventure games

Willy Wiener v1.0

Help Hot Dog Hero, Willy Wiener on his quest to rescue the lovely Damsel in Distress, Dottie Donut from the Evil Donut Magician, Dr. Mephisto Maplebar!* Simple accelerometer based game play!* Funny Characters and cut-scenes!* Challenging Slingshot Bo...

Sky hoppers

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Sky hoppers v1.0.0

One path to glory. One chance to succeed. One man (or dodo, or robot, or giant piece of sushi; whatever floats your boat). Welcome to Sky Hoppers.The objective is simple: follow the highlighted path across the platform to safety. But when that path f...


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PATANKO v1.0.1

This is a folding puzzle like a pop up card.Inadvertently, novice ninja accidentally wander into the card.He cannot do anything to him..Your help is needed!You can flip through the card pages, move the obstacles, let escape him from there....

Shuffly Puzzles

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Shuffly Puzzles v1.0.2

Classic slide puzzles with a nice retro look. Your goal is to order all the pieces by moving blocks into the empty slot.3 Puzzle Sizes:★ Small - 5x5★ Medium - 5x7★ Big - 6x9...

Ninja Training

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Ninja Training v1.0

Dash, Jump, Time, Slide, Anticipate!These are all skills you will need to BECOME A NINJA!Train to be the ultimate fighter in this 2D scroller! You will need to jump, dash, and flip your way from White Belt to become the NINJA you were born to be! Ta...

Swing Copters 2

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Swing Copters 2 v2.0.1

Flying is now a serious business. Join us at Copters Inc.Guide your pilot to go through obstacles. Get as many points as you can and recruit more pilots to your team....