LG e400 Games

LG e400 mobile phone main screen is 240×320, Android system version 2.3. LG e400 games channel to provide free, safe LG e400 games download.

Interest games

Atomas v1.7

Atomas is a fascinating puzzle game, which you can learn in seconds but will entertain you for weeks. The perfect game for your spare time!Your little universe starts with hydrogen atoms only but with the help of the energy rich plus atoms you are ab...

Ice Hill:Endless Xmas Fun

Interest games

Ice Hill:Endless Xmas Fun v1.1.0

Ho ho ho! Come on in from the chill and play Ice HillFrom the makers of Spooky Hill comes Ice Hill. Same action filled game with tons of hilarious character demises and situations. Dive into the madness NOW.Ice Hill is a fast paced arcade game that w...

Mean Spheres Attack

Shooting games

Mean Spheres Attack v1.0.1

The game requests publish actions permission in Facebook login for the leader board to work, I promise the game will NEVER do anything without you knowing and confirming.Mean Spheres Attack is an FPS game that will take you back to that old times whe...

One Day:The Sun Disappeared

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One Day:The Sun Disappeared v1.0.2

50% Off Regular Price, Grand Opening Sale!Busan Indie Connect Festival 2015 InviteeSolo Developer Teemo Softs 2D Action PlatformerOne Day: The Sun Disappeared (Episode 1).- The Story -One day, the Sun disappeared…The world is about to turn into a bal...

Space Bridge Free

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Space Bridge Free v1.0

An entertaining and fun game with levels that will test your ability to dodge obstacles, playing in different environments such as rain, darkness and light, more levels coming soon with new challenges.Un juego entretenido con niveles que pondrán a pr...

The Lore of Canis

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The Lore of Canis v1.1.0

A new piece for the Edegard-Universe arrived! You can get this trial version to check out if you like this game.Jump into the fur of Canis, a young adventurer in a green tunic.Discover hidden secrets and the potion your family needs behind the desert...

Spin circle Free

Interest games

Spin circle Free v1.1.6

Spin and dodge. Spin around the circle and avoid oncoming projectiles.Red and blue squares shoot in from the outside, bouncing off the inside square. Move clockwise or anti-clockwise around your circle to dodge them, collecting points and increasing ...

Spiky Circle

Interest games

Spiky Circle v1.2

A high addictive game, where you have to tap left or right to rotate the circle, avoiding the spikes and scoring points while you get the coins....

Blown Away: First Try

Interest games

Blown Away: First Try v1.0

Hendrik is a schlimazel! One last hair on his head, and a pair of teleporting shoes, are all he has left. Everything else was blown away by the wind.Let yourself get carried away and and find the scattered remains of Hendrik’s house. Charge your batt...


Adventure games

Pichon v1.0.1

Pichón is a puzzle platformer where you play as a chubby bird thats constantly bouncing. Fast reflex and good timing will allow you to sort obstacles, activate secret passages and collect the necessary gems to be able to open the door at the end of e...

Gold Miner Cardboard

Interest games

Gold Miner Cardboard v1.0

The official Gold Miner® franchise comes to Google Play for the very first time - reimagined for on the Go! Mine for gold in 57 exciting levels, from familiar locales like Australia to the all-new Amazon Jungle. Encounter creatures from the original ...

Parrot Moto

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Parrot Moto v1.24

Parrot moto, challenge your driving skill and speed! Driving your moto across a variety of scenes, Realistic physics based motorcycle game! Race your way motorbike across challenging levels. Battle against your high score, try and beat your times....

Grand Theft Seagull

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Grand Theft Seagull v1.2.4

LOOK OUT! There’s a raging seagull on the loose! STEALING food from upstanding citizens and causing chaos!Take flight!You are a seagull! Feel the wind blow through your feathers as you conquer the skies!Poo like you mean it!Seagulls are all about cha...

Stick City Run Dark:Running

Interest games

Stick City Run Dark:Running v1.1

STICK CITY RUN: DARK - A special Stick City Run spin-off game for all the fans of the first game! As in Stick City Run, you run and jump trough a bunch of stylish tracks! One of the most challenging running games ever made! Google Play Game Services ...

Rabbit Frenzy:Easter Egg Storm

Interest games

Rabbit Frenzy:Easter Egg Storm v1.0.0

Its raining Easter eggs! A shower of Easter eggs has driven the cute little Easter bunny into a frenzy, and he plans to make a mad dash across the 7 continents to grab them all! Help him collect all the Easter eggs while avoiding crazy obstacles in t...


Interest games

Dudeski v1.3

Race down Shred Lord mountain as an avalanche chases after you. Ski between gates, dodge obstacles, discover the secrets of the mountain, and try making it all the way to the bottom....

Run Terrio Run

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Run Terrio Run v1.0.10

Join TerRios biggest adventure yet!-Lil TerRio just got caught playing Ding Dong Ditch! -RUN as fast as you can! -Dodge the oncoming cars, buses, and rollerbladers!Help TerRio run away from the Grandpa door he was ding dong ditching.-Colorful and viv...


Interest games

Collrun v1.6.1

Your task - to control the car and collect the neon cubes of different colors!After 3 missed cubes - you lose!Beware big black cubes!The game has beautiful music!Beat your record!Good luck!!!...

Escargot Kart

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Escargot Kart v1.12

Race downhill while performing aerial acrobatics in Escargot Kart, the original stunt kart action platformer. Creatively rocket, jump and parachute your way across dozens of cartoon physics playgrounds. Mix and match equipment to jump higher, fly far...

Deserter Simulator

Interest games

Deserter Simulator v1.11

Escape from the battlefield! Escape! Escape! Get back the peace! ■ What is Deserter Simulator?It is a 3DCG simulator game where combat soldiers escape from the battle field on bikes.Obstacles repeatedly appear on the battlefield with the use of physi...