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All Right:Line Up Free

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All Right:Line Up Free v1.1

All Right - Line Up! is a puzzle game in which you will have to fling all the circles in their right place.You must be clever, to guess which is the c...


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Just flick the AMEDAMA in the hole!Different colors are worth different pointsAnd the rainbow ones are …?...


Puzzle games

EXITs v1.0.4

This is a free room escape game.You are locked up in a strange room.Explore the room, find hidden items and solve riddles.Then you will be able to esc...

Cube Survival

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Cube Survival v1.5

Feel like a blocky man awakening on strange cube island, don’t remember who you are and how you got there! Where your home is? Escape from this strang...

Laserbreak 2

Puzzle games

Laserbreak 2 v1.04

asereak 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the very popular Lasereak - the highly addictive and original puzzler that has hooked millions of players ...

GyroSphere Trials

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GyroSphere Trials v1.3.0

Join the fun and test your ability to master the GyroSphere!It’s a fast-paced race through endless, unpredictable obstacles and time is running out! R...


Puzzle games

Amaze v1.1.1

Ever been to a real life maze and thought it wasnt big enough? Well, now you can get literally lost on multiple levels. Experience and find your way t...

Cat Hotel

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Cat Hotel v1.0.13972

Manage your very own cattery:Mrs. Miller has to go on an urgent business trip and the Smith family are looking for accommodation for their house cat w...

Have you seen CAT

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Have you seen CAT v1.0.3

Please be sure you are bored and have a lot of time really! Because Have you seen CAT? will kill your time too much!Have you seen CAT? is the SIMPLEST...

Arcane Knight

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Arcane Knight v2.1

A MOUNTED COMBAT CHALLENGE!The horde has returned! They are here, marching on our lands, plundering villages and cities, lying in ambush on roads and ...

Fight Kub

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Fight Kub v1.2

Aim and shoot your enemy. In Fight Kub, you play your Kub in a real time pvp game. Fun and Innovative gameplay.GEAR UP: With hundreds of additional it...

Retro Rat Race

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Retro Rat Race v1.1.2.0

Some users are having problems entering their names into the first screen due to the keyboard not appearing. ...

Speed Night 3

Sports games

Speed Night 3 v1.0.3

This is a simple mobile platform racing game64 different stages, raising difficulty. Ultimate high-speed racing experience, getting better carsSimple ...

Ball For All

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Ball For All v1.0.6

Do you like ping-pong? Hmmm, anyway you should try!What if we combined ping-pong, jo-jo and basketball in one game? Yeah that is epic but awesome!Abso...

Fat City

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Fat City v1.3.27

Use your cunning and ain power to plan and execute heists and getaways to rake in the big bucks in the city that never sleeps. Lead a crew of former s...

Pharaohs Lock

Puzzle games

Pharaohs Lock v1.0.34

Pharaoh’s Lock is a difficult and addictive puzzle game. Play the first 15 levels for free, without ads! The free levels will last you a while, but pl...

Magic Academy:hidden castle

Puzzle games

Magic Academy:hidden castle v1.6

Magic Academy is a hidden object game with a mysterious mix of puzzles and adventure! A sorcery detective story, magical items and mystery are woven t...