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Game introduction

MechaNika is an adventure game that you will enjoy with Nika, an intelligent girl that doesn’t fit the world in which she lives. Perhaps it’s the chocolate shake with a shot of cognac which she carries in her backpack which makes her different. Or maybe it’s the fact that at 7 years old her favourite things are the transfer of energy, magnetic fields and electrical engineering! But being the odd one out doesn’t matter to Nika. She doesn’t care that her parents don’t understand her, that her teachers ignore her or that her friends are completely nuts. She has a plan to solve everything. A really… odd plan.

· Join Nika in her quest to destroy the Psychotic world!
· Extremely cool and colorful visuals.
· You will face many puzzles with different ways to be solved.
· Cool references to many other videogames, movies and music.
· Seriously, you shouldnt skip the chance to play this game.

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