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Russian Mafia Real Gangster 3D

Russian Mafia Real Gangster 3D v1.0.15.0Score
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Game introduction

Build reputation of a villain to cause mess and rampage in San Andreas empire city. Become toughest mobster in Russian Mafia Real Gangster 3D simulator game. Scavenge your rivals from slum and rebuild your terror on citizens.

After spending long time in slammer of Las Vegas county prison, people see you as saints. Ghetto Crooked gangs of criminal mafia and urban cops forgot you. Use treachery and exploitation, start earning reputation as crime boss of underworld. Capture rival turf, rule the hood and expand your territory. Steal cars from streets, drive to enemy neighborhood and shoot down enemy gang members. Master in melee attack to bring down opponents soldier. Put your fear in the hearts of dangerous mobsters and cops in town.

Appoint thugs and thieves for drugs delivery and smuggle cargo packages in California city. Multiple criminal case are filed against you in police station. Play as most wanted criminal and escape chase from crime stoppers and armed forces. Stay away from police drivers and vehicles or they will pull over and arrest you for shooting and killing people. Park your vehicle far from cops car. Refuel your car from the gas station and visit repair shop for repairing.


?10 action-based gangsters missions rising from soldier to godfather
?Challenging first person and third person shooting experience with pistol and assault rifle
?Driving missions with multiple cars to drive and commit crimes in empire
?Real police squad A.I for extreme car battle missions
?Amazing city environment with realistic ghetto lifestyle
?Smooth controller for driving and shooting

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