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NBA 2K16
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Game description: his season the new series of NBA 2K16 is playing big as they have just revealed the companion app for iOS and Android devices will be coming this Fall 2015. MyNBA2K16 app will enhance the gaming experience with new features, new cards, and bigger events.

There is great news for all those who have used this companion app for NBA 2K15 last year, their collection will not be left behind, as they will be rewarded with loyalty points to carry in the new NBA2K16 app. One will receive the loyalty rewards solely based on the amount of the Greats, The Greats Pros, Playoffs, and Playoff Pro cards that one possess in his MyCard Collection.

Game features: data packet(1990M):
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package path:Android\obb\com.t2ksports.nba2k16android
  • Type: Sports Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: 2K games
  • Tariff: Free
  • File size: 13868 KB
  • Downloads: 34475
  • Updated: 2015-10-16 14:28:13

NBA 2K16 reviews

  • Kendrick
  • RodZ
    Hinde nga gumagana
  • JhonnyCanares
    I don't know 2k 16 is running
  • short boss
    Dis game is fukin shit
  • Timmalog
    Paano idownload
  • fresh
    this shit barely work
  • so worst
    this is the most stupid game i had ever played its logging on my android so stupid so worst
  • Lizardo
    Me encanta
  • Lizardo
    Me gusta
  • dhiczy
    Tangina ayaw naman gumana
  • dodoy
  • Smoker234
    Fuck this game . It won t work !
  • Lisa
    Like s
  • Titèmon
    Puta bulok namann Mamatay na nag gawa nyan maputol sa tité nya hahaha...
  • Fuvk u androidgamesroom
    Gago hinde nagana fuck u
  • Leek2LiTT
  • Crispyc
  • lik Kris
    That game is cold.
  • krieirving123
  • ZJovuch
    do not download it.. its a virus.
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