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Stickman Run 4D

Stickman Run 4D v3.05.0Score
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Game introduction

Join Stickman in one of the most exciting run adventures ever.
Stickman is a Ninja character that has been sucked in by a mysterious vortex while meditating at a temple. At the end of its journey he had to realize that, he ended up in another dimension (parallel world).
Since the day he has been sucked into the tornado his only thought is to try and get home as fast as possible.
The problem is that he has to find another inter dimensional portal, that will hopefully teleport him back in his dimension.
Along his path he will encounter countless obstacles, pitfalls, dragons and despicable monsters that will require all of his ninja skills to be overcome.
Help Stickman to get through all his battles and reach the next portal that could bring him one step closer to his home.
Run on al 4 sides of the tunnel by skipping sideways quickly to avoid obstacles you cannot jump over.
Use the sword to cut down the clumsy monsters that you will encounter on your path and all the paper obstacles that obstruct your way. Also collect special weapons that can help you accomplish your mission.

3, 2, 1 go! Start a unique running adventure game with the most skillful Stickman ever seen.

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