Raft Survival:Ocean Craft 3D  v1.0

Raft Survival:Ocean Craft 3D
Raft Survival:Ocean Craft 3D
Raft Survival:Ocean Craft 3D
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Game description: Ever dreamed about the big water adventure? Then this game is made exactly for you! Explore this infinite oceanic water on your little raft, expand it gathering different resources and have fun playing Raft Survival: Ocean Craft 3D and surviving!

Welcome to the most unusual surviving simulator ever! Here you’re swimming at the raft through the endless water, maneuvering between wild thrive islands, collecting different resources with the one mission – survive! Gather metal, stone, wooden plank and other important things to enlarge your raft and feel more comfortable and safe! Craft different weapons, make the walls for your so-called ‘shelter’ and go fishing down the surface water!

Catch chest during your adventure and find carrot seeds to make your own raft garden and provide yourself with plenty of food! Swim to the different islands, but beware of each animal predator, ‘cause it’s going to kill you and eat without any sense of mercy! Protect yourself with different crafted weapon, attack them first and have fun playing Raft Survival: Ocean Craft 3D!

Don’t forget to mind your personal health, hunger, energy and especially thirst indicators – if one of them drops, you’ll become ill, faint and find yourself in a real trouble! Replenish fresh water and food, sleep when you have a low level of energy and become the best survivor ever!

Raft Survival: Ocean Craft 3D features:
• Unusual sea survival simulator
• Wide range of interesting resources to collect
• Amazing craft systems
• Realistic 3D graphics

Explore the infinite ocean, find vital chests and resources, craft tools and weapons, fight and just have fun playing Raft Survival: Ocean Craft 3D!
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  • Language: English
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  • Updated: 2017-3-18 17:56:31

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    Good game

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