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Hypersensitive Bob

Hypersensitive Bob v1.115.0Score
  • Hypersensitive Bob is roguelike sky-plat
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Game introduction

Hypersensitive Bob is roguelike sky-platform crawler where Bob fights his myriad forms of allergies. Some extreme situations may require Lobotomy or Surgery - even Laxative may prove to be necessary for Bobs survival. Loot vaccine vials, discover crazy item combos & encounter waves of enemies.

- Roguelike gameplay with 64+ items to make every run different
- Tear allergies apart with InhaGun 2000
- Loot vaccine and boost Bob to epic proportions
- Discover overpowered item combos
- Various enemy types, nasty minibosses & fierce boss fights!

Bob has an allergy of everything. Bob also has friends that share the same unfortunate destiny.

Bob’s madly insane engineering skills combined to his frustration to his isolated lifestyle have bred a weapon never seen before; InhaGun2000

Bob & his friends have had enough - It’s time for some serious desensitization.

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Hypersensitive Bob

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