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Give it up 3

Give it up 3 v1.0.85.0Score
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Game introduction

*****Recommended by millions of fans of 《Give it up!》 & 《Give it up! 2》*****
*****Dominating the top grossing and paid charts in different countries for long time******
Increased the difficulty to challenge your limit
Intensified the rhythm to intrude your pace
Don’t believe me? Dare you try it?
Join the escape of a little black dot, Blob. Let the game stimulate your nerves.
Classic challenging game “Give it up” comes again! Grasp your phone and ready to go!
?【Game Features】:
1. Alert! This game is hard to complete!Very hard!Extremely HARD!
2. However, it’s easy to play. One finger is enough for you to play (????)??!
3. Fancy 3D game scene and the strong beats from background music will bring you brand new experience!
4. Yes. I’m just a black dot, but I’m classic and classy.
5. Try the PVP mode and see who has the last laugh.
?【Art Style】:3D black-and-white animation style
?【Global Real-time PVP】:Play with friends or try PVP. It’s time for a battle!
?【Contact us】

Special Description


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Give it up 3


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