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Barren Lab

Barren Lab v1.7.05.0Score
  • Barren Lab is a Physics Puzzle Adventure
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Game introduction

Barren Lab is a Physics Puzzle Adventure game inspired by Limbo.

Developed by the makers of Jungle Adventures 2, Barren Lab is a atmospheric Puzzle-Platformer game. Joe is on his journey to find what he has lost. He finds himself in numerous traps and danger. He gets some friendly help in his journey. Find out if Joe can escape dark shadows and secrets of Barren Lab. Explore a strange and fantastic world of Barren Lab with Joe and uncover hidden secrets on his epic adventure.

-Simple controls & Addictive Gameplay
-Smooth animations
-Realistic graphics
-Physics-based Gameplay
-Solve puzzles, explore things and avoid traps
-Tons of Challenges
-Realistic Sound(Headphones Recommended)

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Barren Lab

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