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War Heroes

War Heroes v2.05.0Score
  • Battle players from all around the world
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Game introduction

Battle players from all around the world in this free, multiplayer action game!

Discover, collect and upgrade 25+ cards with different troops and weapons, from the destructive fighter aircraft to the treacherous landmines that will explode your enemies!

Define your strategy and choose the 8 cards that you will use in the combat. Your decision will make the difference between victory and defeat in this clash!

Game Features:
- Real time strategy: no more boring turn by turn battles
- 25+ different cards: fearsome troops, weapons and gun turrets
- Upgrade your troops to make them more effective in combat
- Clash against your opponents and climb to the top of the rankings
- Pick the best general to lead your troops to victory in this war
- Have the best army: soldiers, snipers, tanks...
- Player vs Player combats online (pvp)
- Play in 5+ fun arenas: each with its unique layout
- Ideal for all types of players - kids and adults, girls and boys

Start shooting your gun to fight and kill your enemies! Are your ready for the battle and adventure?

Get your army ready and start the action! Play now for free this multiplayer card game! And may the best general win the war!

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War Heroes


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