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Toy Shop

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Game introduction

Calling everyone who has dreamed of having a toy shop: Candys shop is now ready for you!

Open the shop and walk into the fantasy world, where all the toys youve been longing for could be found. If you get any inspiration of designing something and want to have some DIY fun, this is the right place to bring your idea to life! We know girls always cant take their eyes off the doll, then design a doll and make it one of a kind! Boys love the car, so assemble the best racing car and go for the racing game! And never stop to find more fun items that would make you jump for joy in the store!

- Its fun to run a store with Candy
6 DIY games plus 6 challenge games equal endless fun and joy.
- Lots of cartoon-inspired outfits for the role
Dress up the little girl any way you like.
- Collect loving hearts to upgrade the store
On Bonus Day, youll get double the amount of loving hearts. Earn more to make this place better!
- Show your talent on the drawing board
The flower, animal, ice cream…Pick a picture and add some colors to brighten it up!

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Toy Shop


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