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Jump Drive

Jump Drive v1.0.55.0Score
  • Jump Drive is a semi-endless space survi
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Game introduction

Jump Drive is a semi-endless space survival game, where you use the ships hyper jump capability to dash forward at incredible speed. Avoid laser traps, rotating force fields, moving barriers, energy saws, and all kinds of deadly hazards.

A set of power-ups will ease your progress, but be alarmed of the Zone Gates - challenging defense segments that hold your key to the next Zone.

Collect Energy Cells to progress further in the game and reach the Final Zone to test everything learned.

- 5 distinct unlockable Zones
- Gather Energy Cells to advance
- Over 260 deadly Hazards
- Use various power-ups to get even further
- Overcome 5 challenging Zone Gates
- 20 ships with different capabilities
- Unlock the Final Zone and test everything learned
- Diverse achievements and leaderboards
- NVIDIA Shield 4K UHD support

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Jump Drive


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