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Chop It

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  • In this game you have to do different ki
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Game introduction

In this game you have to do different kinds of work.
You can become a woodcutter and start cutting wood. Chop it! You can become a builder performing a simple job that requires precision work with a hammer. Nail it! Or you can become a miner - take a heavy pickaxe and start spliting stones. Break it!

You will come across a variety of bonus items. Cut down the stars to spend them on new tools in the store. Break hearts and get an extra opportunity to miss. Split the clock to slow down the time.

Be careful! After all, in addition to bonuses, you can also come across dangerous items that do not like to be beaten with a hammer or pickaxe. Tap them once - and the game will end.

Download "Chop It" for free!
Have a good game!

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