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Saras Cooking Party

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  • A foodie adventure that surpasses all ot
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Game introduction

A foodie adventure that surpasses all others! Throughout the game Sara will be your cooking sensei, showing you how to create mouth-watering dishes and throw great dinner parties. Start to witness guests enjoying your delicacies more and more as you gain confidence in the kitchen. Become one with the stove and indulge in a realistic cooking world to become the ultimate foodie sensation!

? Cook delicious meals!
? Train and improve your cooking skills!
? Decorate your table and throw awesome dinner parties!
? Receive feedback from your guests!
? Share your scrumptious creations on your blog!
? Unlock 40+ recipes from 9 international cuisines!
? Complete gastronomic quests!
? Collect super cool achievements!
? Play anyplace, anywhere, anytime!

Prove your worth as a great host and most of all, an awesome chef, as you create palate pleasing dishes for your dinner guests to enjoy! They are your most important customers and nothing less than perfection is expected in your dishes.

Being passionate about food means sharing your culinary passion with others! Share your amazing dishes with foodie audiences worldwide, by displaying them on your food blog! You’ll be the talk of foodie town in no time!

Are you chef enough to have guests line up at your front door for your sweet and savory dishes?

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