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Clawbert: ToyTown

Clawbert: ToyTown v1.0.1_2385.0Score
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Game introduction

Manage a city filled with the cutest and most amazing toys!

Your favorite claw machine character of 2017, Clawbert, is back in action! You are the manager of ToyTown, a fantastical world where you build amazingly cute toys!!!


Construct all your favorite toy characters from the original Clawbert classic, including: Toby, Poopy Muffin, Mr. Nanner, Pio, Quartermelon and even everyone’s favorite spud, Sad Potato.

Visit ToyTown HQ and take Clawberts toy orders. Constructs toys and deliver them to Clawbert and get awesome rewards!

Clawbert: ToyTown and the Clawbert franchise is made by Bow3, a division of HyperBeard Inc. (makers of KleptoCats & Chichens), and based in Santiago, Chile.

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Clawbert: ToyTown

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