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Night Speed Racing

Night Speed Racing v3.1.05.0Score
  • In this night racing, drive the car to s
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Game introduction

In this night racing, drive the car to speed up to the limit, and turn at the corner to complete difficult drifts and night racing !
Remember not to turn the steering wheel easily, continuous steering will slow you down!
Race with more cars for continuous racing to meet your desire for speed! ??

Game features:
?5 top sports cars allow you to choose:
Five of the worlds top high-performance racing cars are waiting for you to drive, can you drive them beyond your speed limit. In addition to the distinctive cool exterior, the driving performance of each car is not the same, there is a racing car that focuses on speed, and a driving car that is biased towards control performance. Dealing with different tracks, using different cars can be more handy;
? 8 games waiting for you to conquer:
In 8 games, 5 cars are competing on the same stage in each game. You must win the remaining 4 cars to win the game. Note that the maps for each game are different, and of course your opponents are different. Your opponent will get stronger and stronger, so in order to win the championship, you must be familiar with each track;
? Easy to use game operation:
Tilt the phone, control the left and right turns of the car, click the throttle and brake button to accelerate and decelerate; the map of the upper right corner shows the shape of the track and the opponent and your relative position; the left nitrogen acceleration button will gradually accumulate over time. , can achieve super acceleration after reaching a certain amount;
? stunning background music and perfect 3D game screen:
The background music throughout the game will hit your soul, and the most realistic 3D track will bring you into the world of absolute racing and the unstoppable racing world.

Are you ready to accept the challenge of speed racing in night racing dodge traffic ?

Challenge the final night racing champion with better techniques!

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Night Speed Racing


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