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Cube Alpha

Cube Alpha v1.0.15.0Score
  • Cube Alpha! Check out the latest arcade
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Game introduction

Cube Alpha! Check out the latest arcade game by Fazbro Studio.

A simple pretty goal is to reach at the top level by passing through multiple shapes or hurdles and Conquer the territory of shapes in this cube alpha game.

It looks like a simple jumping game adventure of box challenging games at first, then game becomes very easy after passing many hurdles. Practice hard to handle the brain puzzles games but be careful it could be hard to master.

A best Time killing game for lovers of free arcade games like square games who love to play time passing games. Cube master can provide you hours of fun. You have played many square games free like peak games, rectangle games, magic pop games and time pass games. But our time passing game stands the best cube game which provides you joy of time killing games just like endless games. Cube games free are on store to enjoy and play endless games based on geometry game, crash cube game & cube jumping games. If you are getting bore, then grab your phone and download this box adventure cubes game or enjoy matching block games while passes through many hurdles by cube master in box adventure - brain puzzles games. Crazy cube game is available on stores for android mobiles and tablets with challenging cube adventures. What are you waiting for??? Just Tap on toy cube game & start addictive cube challenge journey today.

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Cube Alpha


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