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  • BotHeads just wanna fly fast.Maybe do so
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Game introduction

BotHeads just wanna fly fast.
Maybe do some loops and bounce off a spring.
Spin around to a great song and rack up some points!

BotHeads is an atmospheric and physics heavy arcade adventure game by the creators of Hanger & Hanger World. Guide your little flying robots through a beautiful handcrafted world filled with things to fly past, bounce off or dash through!

"Its like an amazing dream where Sonic The Hedgehog?, transformed into a flying robot, is trapped in badlands filled with weird monsters and cats with laser eyes."

As you keep playing the game your old paths will light up the world and help you find your way - creating a unique background for every player.

Oh – and it features a brand new soundtrack by Boy vs Bacteria.

? Handcrafted atmospheric world with amazing physics!
? Game Services Leaderboards!
? Simple two button controls!
? Soundtrack by Boy vs Bacteria!
? Cats with laser eyes!

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