Blocky Road Racer  v1.0

Blocky Road Racer
Blocky Road Racer
Blocky Road Racer
Blocky Road Racer
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Game description: Endless racing down Blocky Road!

Hit the gas and speed down the road, dodging taxis, cops, ambulances, fire trucks and more.
Collect the power-ups, coins and even smash down the fire hydrants to get a bonus score.

No two games are the same, so keep your eyes wide open and head for the gaps... or perhaps the sidewalks!

- Blocky 3D graphics
- Smooth, entertaining and entirely unrealistic car handling to maximize the fun
- Random driver behaviors, item drops and pedestrians to ensure every game is unique
- Pursuit mode with the Blocky Road police when racing over 100 kph
- 12+ player controlled cars that you can drive into the obstacle of your choice
- Different environments: suburb, beach, city, rural ... more coming soon
- Huge variety of traffic including trucks, buses and emergency vehicles
- Online Leader boards and Achievements

- Tilt or Touch to steer
- Touch the Gas Pedal to accelerate
- Touch the Brake Pedal to slow down
- Pass close by cars to score, pass between cars to get an even higher score
- Passing cars quickly, one after another triggers combos to boost your scores
- For the brave, driving 60 or above generates bonus points
- For the insane, driving 100 or above doubles the points... but you wont last long at that speed!

- Collect the wrenches for a temporary +20 speed boost
- The faster you drive the easier it is to generate combos
- Nitro Pack gives a PERMANENT +20 speed to ALL vehicles on TOP of other boosts
- When driving over 99 kph, bonus coins are dropped
- Buy faster cars and accessories in the garage
- You can login to Games Services manually OR turn on auto-login via the options

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