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Game introduction

Proud to introduce survival battle of zombs.IO games creator, Clown Games, invites you to join zombs io game arena and become the strongest among them!

Do you love axes as much as we do?Stop what you are doing now and start playing

Pick up the axes, throw them and beat zombs brains out!Scared to starve?Kill as many as you can and loot scattered brains to level up.More levels you have, more axes you can carry.

Have an eye on zombsio fire!Stay in the action, fill the rage bar and become one of those deadly creatures!Feel the hunger for the axes!Don’t starve for them to survive longer in the battle!

In zlax io zombs don’t talk much and let their axes do the talking for them!When they spit out a few words, all we hear is zombs.IO games publisher of landix, twix, blobie, jellies, shooters and pikes is incredibly happy to present Zlaxio!

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